Can you have a miscarriage without pain

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Avatar f tn Just because you still have a positive test does not mean you didn't have a miscarriage it can take weeks for your hormone levels to drop to test a negative it will also take longer if not all the tissue was passed go get checked out only way to know forsure
Avatar f tn Ur far enough along that if you had a miscarriage you would have alot more than just a little tissue that passes I'd think. Spotting is ok as long as it's not heavy or bright red.
7764088 tn?1423168555 Can you get prego the day your iud is removed nd have intercourse the same day? Ob said your fertile right away. Anyone got pregnant the same day?
1553572 tn?1301948665 I had the same troubles with tampons as did my mother and my sister. We were all cursed with hymens of steel - not exactly fun when it came to first sexual experiences. :-/ After going through many, many attempts with various tampons, I found that it was easier to use one without an applicator like OB. Yeah, it can be kind of gross but you have more control over where it goes. Use the smallest ones you can find and if necessary, use a little lubricant like KY jelly to help.
Avatar f tn Totally Agree Amanda, this is my third week of suffering :/ I had to go through all the labor and pains, infection meds Norco I haven't been myself for 3 weeks, but little by little I'm recuperating. I didn't get a D&C because my Gyno said it's a possibility she could scar my uterus being as to I had a MC last year aswell and had a D&C then :/. So this was the worst experience ever :(. Not giving up though, God has my 2 babies well taken care off, gonna keep trying.
1430215 tn?1283187549 Firstly, I am sorry. I had two myself and it wast horrible! If you plan on using contraceptives, you can have sex now. Unless you have a D&C. With surgery, you have to wait a few weeks and it hurts the first couple of times. The most important concern is to make sure you dont get pregnant again until you have 1-3 normal periods. This way your doctor will know exactly how far along you are later. Good luck in life and stay strong.
542445 tn?1215132963 I was wondering if you can have Graves without the Hyperthyroidism? I had other symptoms of Graves but not the hyperthyroidism and my thyroid labs would come back "in normal range". I had a lot of symptoms of Graves without the hyperthyroid, but over the last 18 months some symptoms started getting worse and 3+ wks ago the hyperthyroid kicked in with a vengeance. It was right before a surgery I was really nervous and stressed about I noticed the hyperthyroid symptoms starting.
Avatar m tn It is possible to have an early miscarriage without knowing it. However, if there is no longer a fetus inside her, then she would have had to bleed. Based on the information you have provided, she should have bled approximately 4 - 5 weeks ago. Now if the fetus is still inside of her it's possible she could have had a missed miscarriage..
Avatar f tn If you're having crampa while your belly gets hard, chances are they are contractions. BH aren't associated with pain.. But you can also have cramps without contracting, just like you can contract without dilating, especially if your body isn't ready. But fingers crossed that your starting to progress!!!
Avatar f tn 3rd is that the embryo has implanted deep in my uterus. I have been reading and they say if you are having a miscarriage you bleed alot, and i am no. The bleeding was like my reg period. Lasted off and on for 3 days. Today no cramping and no bleeding. I am so confused with everything going on. I am still in shock that i am even preggers after being told 7 yrs ago that i could never get pregnant again. Anyone else have this? Anyone who can help plz.
Avatar f tn So I'm 29 weeks in and my emotions and hormones have been everywhere, I would start crying off of things I wouldn't even care about and all I have been wanting lately is sex but I'm not sure if it's okay, how many times can you have sex without hurting the baby and what's a good position?
Avatar f tn Crazy...I have fibrocystic breasts too, I was sent for a mammogram in my late 20's..also have always had pain when putting my head under water!! There is definitely something going on with you as well..The pain you describe is so much like mine the way it travels and even with the elbow pain after being bent for awhile. I was dx with Chiari and had surgery in Dec but I still have a lot of these problems.
Avatar f tn Did you miss any periods? If you did you probably did have a miscarriage although it is sad to hear most miscarriages are caused due to defect of the fetus, whether by having a genetic defect of abnormality alot of times if the fetus is not in pristine condition it will naturally expell its self causing a miscarriage. I too had a miscarriage a few years back and the symptoms your explaining seem to almost mirror the same that I had.
Avatar f tn It could be a very early miscarriage, also known as a chemical pregnancy, depending on the date. I would suggest making sure that you don't drink a lot right before your appointment (ideally, haven't emptied your bladder in 2-3 hours) so they can get an accurate result, or they might opt straight for a blood test.
Avatar m tn Have you had a miscarriage yourself in the past?
1626928 tn?1378850167 just make sure you check with your doctor first). As for baby aspirin, you probably could use that, unless you have a medical condition that puts you at a higher risk of bleeding. I was on baby aspirin while TTC (it was suggested to me by my RE after my first miscarriage) and many others on here have been in baby aspirin too. But check with your doctor just to be sure. Good luck this month!
Avatar f tn i was told if I took a test at this time it would still be positive even tho I had had a missed miscarriage until my hormone levels had returned to normal. I was in a lot of pain for a long time before I started bleeding properly and the only time it was extremely heavy with a lot of blood clots was passing tissues and for a couple of days after. I passed tissues on 2 occasions with a week in between after medical management.