Miscarriage symptoms during pregnancy

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1355431 tn?1369975306 She was very diligent about testing for that every time I came in and always told me if I had any symptoms to contact her.
525223 tn?1212412801 heavy bleeding is not supposed to happen during pregnancy. it can be a sign of a miscarriage.
20922415 tn?1661860103 During the reproductive years, the pituitary gland in the brain generates hormones (follicle-stimulating hormone [FSH] and luteinizing hormone [LH]) that cause a new egg to mature and be released from its ovarian follicle each month. As the follicle develops, it produces the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone, which thicken the lining of the uterus called the endometrium.
970430 tn?1254321197 Ok I'm in the middle of going through a miscarriage and my pregnancy symptoms started to deminish, the past few days I have had very tender boobs, and really bad heartburn (I only get heartburn when I'm preg.) I'm just curious if this is normal and how long does it last after the miscarriage is over??
971577 tn?1304711266 Hello everyone! I am new to the pregnancy forum. I had a miscarriage & D&C done in June this year. A week later my fiance & I started TTC again. July I got my period but it was mainly spotting with a few normal cycle days. Then in August I got my period again but it was mainly spotting again with a few normal cycle days just like in July. I started getting a lot of pregnancy symptoms so this past Sunday the 6th of Sept. I took a pregnancy test that morning & it was positive!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, Ya sure , I will have a doctor check up in another two weeks or so. Also I'm read the symptoms of type II diabetes here and see that I have the same symptoms like., frequent urinating, thirsty but so often, fatigue, etc etc., so I will have a diabetes check up as well....I think I have that too...:( Regards, Priya.
Avatar n tn Some women still have pregnancy symptoms through a miscarriage, you'll be fine mama (: take advantage of not having any symptoms! I loved those days!
Avatar f tn t always mean a miscarriage but the doctors calls it a threatened miscarriage. No sex and I went to the er they said everything was fine no bleeding around the baby and the baby has a good heartbeat. They also said that my cervix was still closed so no active miscarriage. But you should contact your doctor as well because who knows u better than your doctor. This is what I did. I am going through what you are. Only when I wipe I have some very light blood. I am 13 weeks as of today.
Avatar n tn can i bleed heavily for five days during pregnancy and still be pregnant, 7weeks pregnant,
Avatar f tn I just wondered.. is it still possible to have light bleeding during pregnancy.. If I remember rightly when i was pregnant with my son 21 years ago; I didnt even realise i was pregnant for three months cos.. I still had light periods during that time. they did stop after then, and i took a test and was told I was three months pregnant.. Just wondered if that is likely to happen again, or if any other ladies have experienced this?
Avatar m tn Hey, I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant last week (YAY!) so I would be in my 7 weeks tomorrow. However, I don't really experience much pregnancy symptoms at all, other than frequent urination and light cramping (mostly last week, it's pretty much gone now). Is this normal? I'm worry that I had a miscarriage but didn't know it as I know there are a lot of women that has miscarriage without knowing it. Oh and my first prenatal is not until March 9, ugh!
Avatar f tn I ovulated on June 22, and TTC on this day a few days before and after this date. It is now July 7 and I am having pregnancy symptoms I think. I have felt like I am getting a cold with a sore throat, but do not have fever. Also on 8dpo my gums started bleeding when I brushed my teeth, this has never happened to me..
Avatar f tn With my first pregnancy before a miscarriage. I felt my symptoms right before my missed period. Sore boobs and fatigue... craved tacos too. But everyone is different!
Avatar n tn doc even told me to treat my body like i am still pregnant because some women bleed during pregnancy and everything is fine.. so now it is a waiting game like you.. i have to wait 2 weeks and then he is going to repeat the HCG to see if it is negative. .. what torture... i have searched every where on the internet looking for a way to expalin it other than miscarriage.. unfortunately everywhere usually said bleedign for more than 24 hours with clots is not good..
Avatar n tn t remember the name) had a miscarriage rate of 1/3 as opposed to the normal miscarriage rate of 12-15%. Call your doctor to talk about your situation as only they and a pharmacist will know best. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Cramping during pregnancy is very normal. It is your body making room for your little one. Congrats momma!
Avatar n tn With my first daughter I had terrible morning sickness but thankfully this time around... nothing! This pregnancy has been so different, I thought I was having a boy. When they say every time is different, it's a true statement-Lol-We are having another girl.
645220 tn?1233764146 I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks last September and I was pretty sick up until the day I miscarried. My first pregnancy when I had my son I felt normal until the day he was born except for the belly.
Avatar n tn what colour are the clots? chances are that its a miscarriage with clotting that early... i know my cousin had some heavy bleeding a bit further a long than you but it was due to her placenta you will have to wait for the results are you still bleeding now just try and take it easy are you having any pain?
Avatar n tn I laid in bed all day and then finally remembered my OB gave me a paper with a list of medications I can take during my pregnancy. I saw Robitussin DM and sent my fiancé after some... But once he got home with it, I was apprehensive to take it.. I googled and called pharmacist and then finally broke down and took HALF of the recommended dosage.
Avatar n tn My first I had all the symptoms... I then had 2 miscarriages and this pregnancy I had no symptoms. My breast weren't sore at all. Not everyone get symptoms and I think the statistics is 57% of women have tender breast so the comment above is completely incorrect. The statistic of miscarriage is also for every 5 pregnancies only 2 result in a baby. A lot of women don't realise they are pregnant and miscarriage unless they are testing regularly. So again, the comments above are incorrect.
Avatar f tn Just want some feedback. My HCG levels were in the 500's and I was told that I was anywhere from 4 - 5 weeks pregnant. I followed doctors orders and went back in 48 hours for another blood work. My results came back yesterday and my levels are now in the 200's. I was told on the phone, by the nurse, that my body had miscarried. I had my last blood drawn on Friday and here we are on Tuesday and still no symptoms of a miscarriage. Can my HCG levels rise?
1432632 tn?1283369405 I agree with smjmekg, it doesn't matter how big he is as long as you're not told not to. It might not be very comfortable, though, as the cervix is more sensitive and changes some. I recommend using a lubricant if it's uncomfortable as that seems to ease the penis past the cervix. I don't have any medical basis for my recommendation, though, just my opinion and experience.