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Miscarriage bleeding expect

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Avatar f tn C, but now I just need to know how much bleeding should I expect and how much is too much? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
14710642 tn?1436669260 when I was six weeks I had a very light bleeding the first days, a couple days later it was awful I was like a waterfall, I would go get checked out as if it is only light it could still be bad news, I know it's awful to hear but I wish I had someone to tell me this when I didn't know what I was going through, hopefully everything will be fine.
3198629 tn?1367038423 I had a miscarriage 8 days ago and I was wondering when the bleeding will stop, because three days ago the bleeding completely stopped, I went to sleep and when I woke up I had bright red blood. It's brown now, but yesterday the same thing happened as three days before. I just want to know, is this normal? For it to keep stopping and starting up again. And if so when can I expect it to stop? I just want to be able to try to get pregnant again.
Avatar f tn The doctor thought it was better then letting the mc pass on its own... because i was bleeding a lot.. I was about 4 weeks.. He did not give me antibiotics just pain killers for the cramps. What should i expect for recovery... I'm a lil nervous ..
Avatar f tn Me an my fiance got bad news at the doctors they said i was going to miscarriage. It was our first baby so we are both taking it pretty hard. We had an ultrasound last Thursday an i was suppose to be 11 weeks along but the baby only measured at 7 weeks an had no heartbeat; so they drew my blood that day an had me come back Friday to have it drawn again. On Monday we went back for another ultrasound an to get our results back from the hcg level test.
Avatar f tn How long should the bleeding last? I feel like the bleeding is already almost down to nothing, which is odd to me. I'm going back to the doctors on friday, so should I bring that up? Not sure what the normal length of time is. If it's a short amount of bleeding does it mean I didn't expel everything.
Avatar f tn m not sure what to expect. I dont feel any symptoms of miscarriage. No cramping or bleeding. Is it going to be just like another period or will it be longer? I had my last period on April 3rd (which lasted for about 3days,which is normal) and met the Dr on April 14th, which is when I tested positive for pregnancy.On April 19 my miscarriage was confirmed. My period cycle is 30 days long, I had done a home pregnancy test on March 30 and it came back negative.
Avatar f tn If i am miscarrying when can I expect the bleeding to stop completely? Why did he pregnancy test say positive like an hour later (I bought the first response kind too like I used Saturday)? Is there any way possible I could still be pregnant?
1935851 tn?1332348173 t find out for a long time, does happen but is much less likely than a complete miscarriage. With a full miscarriage, you would expect fever, strong headache, severe pain/cramps in the front of your lower abs, sudden heavy bleeding, nausea and tissue/clot passing. A very sharp pain on one side of your back accompanied by bleeding should be reported to your doctor immediately in case of ectopic pregnancy.
1249400 tn?1272502667 i have experienced the below expect i have no bleeding or spotting. which is scary. could someone help? why haven't i been bleeding nor spotting? i dont think i am pregnant but yet i feel as tho i have had a miscarriage. i need some advice!! please help me out.
Avatar n tn Yes the best thing to do is go get checked out light bleeding is normal more heavy bleeding could be a miscarriage not to scare you just to be honest..
Avatar f tn Unfortunately I miscarried at 14 weeks. I was just wondering how long I should expect to bleed?
Avatar n tn I still have not gotten a period. Is it possible the light bleeding was my period? When should I start counting the 4-6 weeks to expect my period on the 5th or the 15th? Thank You!
Avatar f tn About 3-4 weeks after my miscarriage I got my period. I only bled for about 3 days for my miscarriage too. I think youre normal!
374593 tn?1257879950 the next day i was still bleeding then later on i went to the doctor bleeding pretty bad and pain was imbarable for me.But like keyan said pain is diffrent from person to person.i had another US and it didnt show anything but they went ahead and gave me a d&c.So I would just wait everthing out i read some places that people was told they had belighted ovums and then had healthy pregnancies just wasnt showing up good on US.Hope the best for ya in ever way..
Avatar n tn I had some light spotting and the ER told me to expect a miscarriage. My midwife then told me 2 days later that everything looks fine but to just take it I am bleeding heavier with some very small clots but no pain. So it has been a total of 8 straight days of losing blood. I don't know whether to plan on things being normal or to plan on another excruciating miscarriage....8 days? That seems a little too much to me. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn I went thru a miscarriage in February and am now 10 wks.. Physically i had no pain.. Just bleeding and a little pressure.. Mentally all i could do was cry for weeks, it was hard, but it'll get better, time heals..
Avatar f tn I recently had a miscarriage, The bleeding started on November 6th, Found out I was miscarrying on November 13th & the bleeding stopped November 16th. I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant... We've had sex once while I was pregnant on November 5th (Day before I started bleeding, The first time), Had sex after my miscarriage on November 18th & 23rd. My levels the first time I went to the doctor was at 486, 2 days later my levels were at 200.
1661682 tn?1313135396 I never had bleeding after sex, but I was told to expect this... The cervix is very tenderduring pregnancy & can pleedafter sex or vaginal exams. Try not to stress. You had a miscarriage before?? how long ago? do you have any children now? I have a 6 yr old. I also miscarried in oct 2009. I'm now almost 36 wks pregnant. I have heard that a seccond time miscarriage is less common.
1500043 tn?1289272603 My first miscarriage was very painful with a lot of cramping and bleeding. The second miscarriage was nothing more than a regular period. I was around 8 weeks with both of those miscarriages. The second miscarriage gave me false hope that I was just bleeding during pregnanc, but I did a hpt about 5 days after the bleeding began and it was negative. My Dr. confirmed the miscarriage w/an u/s. I happened to be on a family vacation when I miscarried, so I wasn't able to see my dr.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks pregnant. My last period would have been 10 days ago and I missed it completely. No blood at all. Small small amount of pink discharge. We went to the doctor a week ao to confirm that i was pregnant. today I am 5 weeks 1 day pregnant. I am bleeding. It started about half hour ago. I called and talked to the nurse and dhe said all I can really do is make appointment for monday. The bleeding isn't terrible but it is blood red like a period.
2206560 tn?1354296704 I am going through a miscarriage. on Monday I lost the baby. that night I went to the er I stilll had the sac. My Dr said it was on its way out so no d&c was needed. I stopped bleeding today n stopped cramping I thought I was not supposed to be like this. this is my first miscarriage I do not know what to expect...
Avatar n tn I haven't had an ultrasound yet, but my doctor is thinking I'm going to miscarry because my hcg level isn't doubling like it's suppose to. It increased, but only a little. I was told to expect more bleeding, but it's been three days and everything is the same. I hope everything turns out ok for you. I see my doctor Thursday so I'm hoping for good news.