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Avatar f tn I recently was pregnant and made it to my first US at 8 4/7 weeks. Unfortunatly I was told it was not viable. I had no out of the norm cramping..(or what I thought was normal) and no bleeding up to that point which made the news even more devastating. I had a D&C shortly after. I was told that this is fairly common. I know many have had this loss and I would like to hear about their experiences. How long were you told to wait until you could start trying again?
Avatar f tn I had to have a d&c my doctor didn't give me the option. My baby just didn't grow I didn't have any signs at all just when we went for the u/s the tech seen it. Then my doctor had to do a biopsy for any cancer.
Avatar f tn I had a d&c with my first pregnancy, I had a missed miscarriage at 11weeks..then I got pregnant again 3.5 months after and had a healthy little boy!! Now here I am pg again :) Don't loose hope!!!
Avatar n tn Took me 4 weeks after my d&c to stop showing positive on a pregnancy test and another 2 after that to get pregnant. If you are worried contact your doctor and have them check her levels to see if they are rising or falling.
Avatar f tn Has anyone here ever had the D&C procedure done after a miscarriage? Did You become pregnant again? How soon after?
Avatar f tn What is a d/c iv seen it mentioned a few times here and I just would like to understand what people are talking about ?
Avatar f tn Like if... Your baby dies and you have a miscarriage. They dilate you then clean ya up there.
1128483 tn?1277340286 Hi, I had a miscarriage on Nov. 27th, natural, no D&C. I was almost 19 weeks. I have had ovulation symptoms as well over the past day or so. I did bleed up until recently, mostly spotting. I hope that it is ovulation, I am desperate for my cycle to get back on track. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Those of you that were told you had a miscarriage and the dr suggested a d&c (but was completely wrong) can you share your stories. What made you not go through with the d&c? At how many weekd did you hear a heartbeat?
Avatar f tn they would probably give your the choice of having a D&C done ( which I had.. 2 weeks ago, b/ c i mc my baby on Thanksgiving day. I was about 6 wks) or you can pass it naturally.. it's your choice, but if you chose to pass it naturally and everything doesn't come out you would probably end up doing a d&c. I chose to do a d&c b/c I didn't want to wait b/c who know how long it would take to pass it naturally.
Avatar f tn My qustion is that D&C is necessary for every women in order to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn I'm very sorry for your loss. I don't know much about D&C as I had a natural m/c, but if things still don't feel right, it can't hurt to call your dr. Have you gotten your first period yet after the procedure?
Avatar f tn Has anybody gotten a d&c done and got prey afterwards and had a super healthy pregnancy?
Avatar f tn You could very well be pregnant again, or it could still be the same pregnancy, 2 days is quite a short time to bleed with a miscarriage, was it a d&c or did you have a natural one, if it was natural did you pass a sack, or have you had a follow up u/s or bloods to confirm that it was indeed a miscarriage, also if you didnt fully pass everything, some of the pregnancy symptoms can carry on.
1881195 tn?1324272720 I had to have a d&c, I was 11 weeks but measured 5 weeks. They dont usually insist on d&c unless your past 10 weeks and haven't passed it. I would think there is nothing wrong with waiting a little longer, and seeing if it comes out naturally. Im very sorry for your loss. My miscarriage was a few months ago and my first pregnancy.
1105753 tn?1374287348 If you are starting to cramp than that is a good sign that you might begin to pass the tissue naturally. I would only wait a few days though and if you dont start bleeding I would go to the hospital and get the D&C. I cant speak for everyone but it was a painless procedure and you dont even realize it was done after waking back up. This might be your best route as even sometimes when it is passed naturally some tissue can remain.
Avatar n tn I am 8 wks. pregnant and just got home from the dr's office. She said I am going to miscarry and had three options: Let the baby pass naturally or take some cytotec and help it along, or do a D&C. I don't know what to do. It's my first miscarriage and I'm scared. Does anyone have any advice on what they did? Was it really painful? I would appreciate any information anyone has. Thanks...
Avatar f tn Im sorry for your loss. Your cycle and body will be abit off after a miscarriage and d&c, its very normal, your hormones are leveling out. Depending on what your hcg level was before the d&c will depend on how long it takes for your cycle to return, the weeks doesnt matter so much. Say your hcg level was 45,000 then it could take a month or more to drop back to 0, if it was only 500 then might only take a week. Bleeding and cramping are normal after a d&c.
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed twice in the last year (December and July) with a missed miscarriage, both at 11 weeks. One was completed by d&c a few days later, the second I started to finally miscarry naturally a week after being diagnosed (four weeks after baby stopped growing) but ended up being an incomplete miscarriage (placenta didn't separate properly resulting in hemorrhage) and therefore needed another d&c. In short, my body is desperate to hold on no matter what.
Avatar f tn I didn't have any signs with either of mine. With my first miscarriage in December I went in for my first big prenatal appointment at 11 weeks and the midwife couldn't find baby's heartbeat so they sent me for an ultrasound right away and there was nothing there, just a sac - it's what's called a blighted ovum. I had to have a D&C to basically have my uterus cleaned out, remove the sac and all that.
Avatar f tn I didnt do anything about the miscarriage thing. I guess it was a natural m/c. I had my menses on the 17th oct n it just ended on the 21st of oct. Does that mean that I'm totally clean n can get pregnant soon? I hope to get pregnant soon..
Avatar f tn Hey there, I am sorry to hear about your loss :( I didn't chose either initially, I wanted to miscarry naturally at home, However, I did not get my wish, Some women including me have trouble passing all the tissue and then ALOT of bleeding occurs, this happened to me twice which ended up with me passing out in hospital and having to have the D&C anyways, the D&C procedure itself obviously carried some risk but these are minimal, the risk are that you may have scarring inside, or tha
Avatar f tn If I was you I would go get checked!!! Its possible you didn't pass everything. If you had a d&c done than yes it is normal. After my d&c I was n pain for about a wk!
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage and D&C on August 6, and I didn't get my first period after until September 15. There is not a consensus on when you should start trying again, so we waited for one cycle and are currently ttc. I just ovulated this week, so we will see what happens. I am sorry for your loss, and I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hello I had a miscarriage and the d&c done on Jan. 25Th it's a month later and I haven't had my cycle. Is it usually this late after the d&c?
Avatar m tn i had a missed miscarriage without knowing it and i think i may have conceived during my missed miscarriage but 6 days after i had intercourse i had a d&c surgery...i am having different symptoms of pregnancy than i did when i was pregnant. Could i be pregnant? was it too early for it to be termanated? or did the d&c termanat it? does ANYONE know the ansers to my questions???