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443862 tn?1238003039 After hearing of the FDA findings on Metoprolol Succinate ER, it could be this med causing your problems........Call your doctor....
Avatar f tn I am on 200 MG of Metoprolol Succ er! The Pharmacist at CVS gave this to me instead of the Toprol-xl my Doctor had prescribed. I think the dosage is too big and I have had more trouble with the pill than without. I took myself off it for a while, to get some sleep and to stop the headaches. The CVS Pharmacist gave it to me AFTER the drug was recalled. It is the big pills that they are talking about.
Avatar n tn go to the fda website and do a search .
Business man2 is the drug METOPROLOL ER 100 MG the same as or a replacement for TOPROL XL 100mg?
Avatar n tn My father-in-law is 76 years old and has been having fainting spells along with stomach upset and dizziness. His previous doctor had him on Nifedipin XL 60 mg and Metoprolol ER 25 mg. He takes the Nifedipin at night?? and the metoprolol in the morning. All his fainting spells occur at night. They hospitilized him for one week but found nothing wrong with him. Is it possible they didn't consider the drug interactions or the dosing schedule as responsible for the fainting?
Avatar n tn I stopped coreg 12.50 mg daily abruptly and substituted Metoprolol succinate er 50 mg daily. At first I was concerned about stopping the coreg abruptly and substituting Metoprolol once daily in AM. Now I am concerned that the Metotrolol works in the AM but in the PM, the upper BP number is up around 145-160 and the lower is in the 60s and fluctuates up to the mid 80s. I have been on this new med only 3 days.
Avatar f tn Hi! I've been on Metoprolol Succ ER 50mg for a couple of months but I'm still having palpatations. Night time seemed to be the worse, but now I'm having sweats and nausea it passes but my heart pounds out of my chest. My dr said something about going thru my groin and burning the crazy part of my heart. My father's family all had heart problems. Eight kids eight heart problems. I don't know if my brother has had any problems with his heart and don't think I'll be able to find out either.
Avatar f tn I have been on metoprolol 25mg for two 1/2 years. Then my doctor put me on metoprolol er 50mg. I have been having shortness of breath and minor chest discomfort; i'm only 45 years old and i want off of this medication totally. Has anyone ever wean themselves off of this medication with no problems? If so, how did you do it? Any advise is helpful to me. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hey, Just wondering how others got off metoprolol er? I was on 50mg for about 6 months, then was on 25mg for 6 months and my doc wants me to come off of it completely as I have had a reduction of PVC episodes over the months. Frankly, I'm looking forward to getting off of it as well, but have concerns. Anyways, what did you do to get off of Metoprolol ER?
Avatar f tn Funny that you mention the Ativan thing in the ER. I went the ER where I worked and my heart rate went up to 170 out of the blue after they gave me some medicine for a headache. They did an EKG and of course, it was sinus tach, so they gave me Ativan.....long story short, I was admitted for the high heart rate, the Ativan bottomed my blood pressure everytime I stood and I too, slept for over 24hrs. I was put on Metoprolol succinate 12.
Avatar n tn I am taking metoprolol tartrate 25mg twice and day because my heart rate was a little high when I saw my doctor 122 bpm. I was on 50mg twice a day, but my doc cut it due to side effects. I'm still suffering side effects, stiff arms, legs, and depression. I am also having some difficulty with my blood sugar, stays low. I feel like all I do is eat, when I asked my cardiologist he said to talk to my general practitioner.
1933354 tn?1323366434 Keep in mind that when you switched from Toprolol ER (Metoprolol Succinate) to Lopressor (Metoprolol Tartrate), you lost the timed released advantage. If you were taking 25mg. pills of each medication, you are loosing a great deal of the latter drug's effectiveness as the day wears on. The half life of Metoprolol Tartrate is only 3-7 hours. So you must take it at least twice a day for it to be effective the entire 24 hour period. Also 25mg., once a day is a a very small dose.
Avatar m tn About 6 months ago I had a brief spell of a-fib that caused a chain reaction of doctor visits, cariologist visits, tests that all came out normal. My cardiologist put me on metoprolol tartrate 25mg twice per day. Although he told me it was a benign drug I have many side effects including fatigue and drowsiness, some dizzyness, and loss of sex drive and ED problems. The side effects were really hampering my ability to function throughout the day.
Avatar n tn 5 hours later. Just a few days ago, my cardiologist decided to put me on metoprolol. I am not sure about this. Any thoughts?? Also, i enjow having a few alcoholic beverages regularly, What should i be concerned about when combining metoprolol and alcohol?
Avatar f tn I recently have been prescribed Metoprolol ER for high blood pressure and a "skip " in my heart. I took a EKG test and pressure went to 184/112. He prescribed that I take it at night. Can I take it in the morning instead? Especially the first few days to make sure how it might effect me. At least, I won't be asleep if something happens. Will drinking alcohol effect it if I have a drink at night and then take the medicine. Thank you....
Avatar f tn I have been on Metoprolol ER for 4 wks at 25mg per day. No doctor can figure out why my heart rate was higher than 100 before taking the beta blocker....except for the fact that I am bed ridden from an auto accident for the past 18 yrs. I notice now that its not keeping my heart rate down for the last 2 days like it did in the beginning. I went to the ER last night. I fear that my heart is weakening or I have heart failure. They gave me ativan which made me weaker and my heart go faster.
Avatar n tn is it safe to take metoprolol 50mg er lisinopril 10 mg and hctz 25 mg all once a day
Avatar m tn I have suffered with taking diltiazem(180 mg ER) AND metoprolol (50 mg ER) for atril fibrillation for the past two and a half years. The side effects have been debilitating.. Both drugs have the same side effects and together and one or the other or both create what I can only describe as chaotic turbulence in my chest and pain in my left arm when the second drug kicks in.. My cardiolgist now wants me to add a blood thinner (xarelto) to my meds menu.
Avatar n tn Last month I had a 24 hr, halter monitor and the dr. said I had episodes of a fast heart rate. She put me on metoprolol succ er .25 mg once a day. This has helped but I am very anxious about taking meds. When I started the meds I was working in school and didn't think much about it, but now that I am off for the summer, I am a little more anxious and have been having an occasional skipped beat when I am not busy. Could this be a result of anxiety? My heart does not race .
Avatar f tn I've been on Metoprolol ER for about three years now and was wondering what it is like to get off of it? Knowing that my heart rate, blood pressure, pvc's and pac's are being controlled by the meds, I didn't know how hard it would be to get off of it. Also, has anyone gained weight as a result of taking Metropolol?
Avatar m tn I am 38 year old.I was diagnosed of high BP(170/105mm/hg). I was prescrbed metoprolol 50mg and amlodipine 5mg. I have been taking this medine for a year. I have been regularly checking my BP ever since. It comes to 130/75mm/hg within a month. But Still I am taking the same dosage. My worry is : Is metoprolol and amlodipine safe to take?Since I am 38 only what would be its long term effects. That is taking the drug for over 30 years? Finally whether the dosage may be changed? Please help.
1717715 tn?1318300895 Hey guys, I take Metoprolol SUCC ER 50 mg once a day for what they THINK is mostly just inappropriate sinus tachycardia and a bit of anxiety that probably grew from that. At normal, my hair was probably the richest and thickest you would have ever seen but now, its getting oily much quicker, and has gotten SEVERELY more thin and light. I'm only 22 and good hair genes runs in my family, its not like im genetically pre-disposed to hair loss. Does anyone think it can be the medication?
443862 tn?1238003039 I actually was found to benefit from Toprol XL (also called Metoprolol Succinate ER). For me, the combo. of my Toprol and my benzo (Ativan/Lorazepam) have proven highly effective in my treatment for my panic disorder and panic attacks. I have never heard of it causing/increasing anxiety....most either get some relief, a lot of relief, or no relief from it for heart problems and panic attacks. I will look into this for you if you want, as to why it is causing your anxiety and panic.
Avatar f tn I have just spent a week of horrible side affects, increased heart rate and increased BP, tingling, numbness in feet and fingers, bloating and nausea and basically, so tense that my chest and back ache. This switch was from Metoprolol ER 50 by Wockhardt which worked beautifully, to the one by Dr. Reddy from India which caused the above. Spent the day getting my doc to put me on Brand Toprol XL.
9870921 tn?1481262567 I am on 100 mg of metoprolol tartrate twice a day, and yesterday I have stepped it down to 75 mg twice a about dizzy...whooo.. anyway I am going to have a ablation on wednesday for SVT. I was told to hold my meds the night before and morning of the procedure, I wasn't sure how safe that was, called the pharmacist and he said that was perfectly safe..the doctor also said after the ablation I may not need them at all, so yes I am confused.
Avatar f tn I had no symptoms, they begged me to see a dr asap and so I went to the ER that night. My bp was 213/109 at that point and for whatever reason the doctor that evening initially said there wasn't really anything to be done as I had no real "symptoms" even though the attending nurses kept emphasizing it was the "silent killer". Eventually someone came in and randomly put meds in my IV without saying a word. My bp came down only to shoot right back up moments later.