Metoprolol grapefruit interaction

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Avatar n tn can I drink the juice of 1 grapefruit a day, if I am taking metoprolol and fosinopril for blood pressure? My blood pressure is completely controled.
Avatar m tn Citrus juices, specially grapefruit, CRANBERRY and orange juice, interact with heart and blood pressure medications. By inhibiting the same enzyme that metabolizes the Metroprolol, the juice raises the levels of the drug in your blood and it can cause an overdose. Your doctor should have known that. Page 6 talks about the interaction of medications with cranberry juice......
Avatar n tn I was prescribed i for the anxiety i get from the PACs. My cardiologist gave me metoprolol for the PACs. The xanax doesnt do anything to help the PACs. To be honest, the metoprolol I take doesnt seem to be working for me either because i still get the same amout od skippd beats as i did before. KAREN.... I feel your pain, I dont know if i could ignore or try to live with the PACs. the beta blocker doesnt seem to be doing anything, the xanax dosnt do anything but make me a little tired.
Avatar f tn I know this question is asked a lot and I'm sorry to add one more but I'd like to know a little more of what I'm getting in to. Also, why is drinking Grapefruit juice not recommended when taking Xanax? Thanks!
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Avatar n tn Also seperate and never take your vitamins at the same time as any medications. Never take any medications or vitamins or herbs with grapefruit juice or antacids. Grapefruit juice can litterally incrase the strength of medications. Antacids can render them ineffective. Its not enough to hear or see natural. You have to know what your taking and how, when and what to take them. READ YOUR LABELS! DO NOT DOUBLE OR TRIPLE ANY VITAMIN, MINERAL OR HERBS!
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