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Avatar n tn There is another message board I post to and many people have complained about the same thing, especially when it comes to generic Toprol XL. I take the generic. It's call Metotoprol ER (I think that's the spelling). It is not working very well so now I'm wondering if it's because I'm taking the generic. I plan to ask my Dr. about it.
Avatar f tn He has put me on 100mg metoprolol - I'll be taking the 2nd dose (50mg) in a few minutes. He wanted me on the brand name Toprol XL, but the pharmacies are having a hard time stocking it right now so I'm on the regular (not extended release) version, taking it in the a.m. and again in the p.m.
Avatar n tn I have read many posts on this forum where users indicate that switching from Toprol XL to metoprolol er still report having problems. The generics are not always as good as the brand name ones. For example, I took the TEVA's generic version of Tenormin (atenolol), but when I switched to MYLAN's generic Tenormin, I had the most vivid dreams ever. The generic drugs are not always as good.
Avatar m tn I have taken Toprol XL 50 for several years, not to control high blood pressure or other cardiac condition, but because I have had 4 serious public speaking related crash and burn episodes (one landed me in the ER) that my cardiologist said was likely a-fib. My pharmacy switched me to the Sandoz generic in Sept 2007 and all seemed to be going well until January 2008 when I started having arrhymias, mostly at bedtime (lying flat), causing me to sleep in a chair a number of nights.
Avatar m tn Since I had definitely had an elevated HR (witnessed by EMT in ambulance), the ER Doc felt compelled to prescribe me Toprol-XL 50 mg 2X daily, to eliminate the chance of another high HR, until I meet with my PCM. As stated, I rarely exercise & my resting HR is probably around 75-85 (before Toprol XL) & since I was able to easily reach 140-170 bpm by just walking/pushing a golf cart, I'm pretty sure that means I'm out of shape.
Avatar n tn PVCs since the 80's, I am 29 yr old F, have gone to ER many times for SVT/ doc put me on Toprol XL 50 mg., I started meds 1/30/04 (I waited so long because I was more afraid of the meds than condition until recently when 1) I learned SVT can lead to clotting & 2) I started suffering horrible chest pain w/them). (Noraml echo.) I've had more problems ever w/the meds, I am very sensative to meds.
Avatar m tn I have gone in step fashion from 200 mg a day to 100 mg and to 50 mg. All of Toprol XL (or generic). My cardiologist had no problem having me make sudden changes. Assuming you are protected from blood clots, you might want to consider taking a half dose of Sotalol for a couple of days before dropping it completely in favor of Multaq. Or, better, discuss with your doctor.
Avatar n tn The cardiologist put me on 50 mg of toprol XL daily. The cardiologist sent me for an echo and it came back normal. When I went back to the cardiologist for a followup, I asked if the toprol could be giving me a funny feeling in my chest. He suggested that maybe I was now hypersensitive and I told him I didnt think so. In fact, I asked if I really needed the medicine, since I had only one episode and it might not happen again.