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Avatar f tn Hi! I've been on Metoprolol Succ ER 50mg for a couple of months but I'm still having palpatations. Night time seemed to be the worse, but now I'm having sweats and nausea it passes but my heart pounds out of my chest. My dr said something about going thru my groin and burning the crazy part of my heart. My father's family all had heart problems. Eight kids eight heart problems. I don't know if my brother has had any problems with his heart and don't think I'll be able to find out either.
Avatar f tn I am on 200 MG of Metoprolol Succ er! The Pharmacist at CVS gave this to me instead of the Toprol-xl my Doctor had prescribed. I think the dosage is too big and I have had more trouble with the pill than without. I took myself off it for a while, to get some sleep and to stop the headaches. The CVS Pharmacist gave it to me AFTER the drug was recalled. It is the big pills that they are talking about.
Avatar n tn Last month I had a 24 hr, halter monitor and the dr. said I had episodes of a fast heart rate. She put me on metoprolol succ er .25 mg once a day. This has helped but I am very anxious about taking meds. When I started the meds I was working in school and didn't think much about it, but now that I am off for the summer, I am a little more anxious and have been having an occasional skipped beat when I am not busy. Could this be a result of anxiety? My heart does not race .
1717715 tn?1318300895 Hey guys, I take Metoprolol SUCC ER 50 mg once a day for what they THINK is mostly just inappropriate sinus tachycardia and a bit of anxiety that probably grew from that. At normal, my hair was probably the richest and thickest you would have ever seen but now, its getting oily much quicker, and has gotten SEVERELY more thin and light. I'm only 22 and good hair genes runs in my family, its not like im genetically pre-disposed to hair loss. Does anyone think it can be the medication?
Avatar f tn Thanks for responding! I’m taking the Metoprolol succ er. Not sure what the difference is from the Tartrate. I am only taking it once a day. My bp read that low yesterday around 6 pm when I had taken it at 7am. I’m not sure if it helps too much with slowing down my heart because it still gets up over 100 and higher easily just walking around my house.
Avatar m tn I am quitting Metoprolol Succ cold turkey because after being on it for five weeks, my heart rate and blood pressure have been good, but I had an anxiety attack so bad it sent me to the ER yesterday. After takiing 325 mg of baby asprin I went home fine. I am feeling withdrawals today, but my blood pressure is down. I developed severe insomnia and anxiety, and severe tingling in all my extremeties. It is hard to get in to see my doctor but I will ASAP.
612551 tn?1450025775 Over the weekend I reached the on-call cardiologist and he put me back on Metorprolol SUCC ER 100mg 2xdaily. No side affects; however, heart rate still remains between 88 and 93.I have no other symptoms. I'm on Atorvostatin 20mg once per day; one Lasix 20mg once a day and a baby aspirin. That's it. I exercise at PT 3 x wk and am losing weight, badly needed. I hope to get off the statins. No answers for why heart rate won't come down. BP is normal. I am 83, female and very active.
Avatar m tn I take Metoprolol Succ ER 50 MG a day. I sometimes suffer Panic attacks and take Lorazapam .5 MG I suffer PVCS & Panic Related Blood Pressure. I recently have air way infection and was prescribed azithromycin and ProAir Albuterol Sulfate. My question is is this combination safe together and with my PVC"S ?
Avatar m tn Is it ok to use a herbal body cleanse while taking my metoprolol succ er 50 mg in the morning.
Avatar m tn I was still feeling dizzy and I wanted to stop the Diovan or the Metoprolol Succinate. My cardiologist said I should continue the Metoprolol succ and I can stop the Diovan. I was OK for a week or so, then suddenly, I felt the same pressure in my head again and I woke up at night. My BP was 150/100 and I got scared again. In the ER, they kept me overnight and I was admitted. The doctor put me on Metoprolol Succinate (25 mg) twice a day and observed me for 4 days.
Avatar f tn just wondering if i can drink while taking metoprolol succ er 25mg? when is the best time to take this med? I have just been given this rx for anxiety....which I have never had issues with before,but my doctor seems to think I am mistaken heart issues for anxiety attacks....any advice,someone can give me it is scary,and i feel like I am having heart issues.feeling tingly in hands, very panicy,sweaty,and left side of my chest uncomfortable,and if I get worried it gets worse...
Avatar m tn I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure from the stress of a job and it also made me start having acid reflux, im on metoprolol succ, er 50 mg once a day.
Avatar m tn I have just been diagnosed with high blood pressure from the stress of a job and it also made me start having acid reflux, im on metoprolol succ, er 50 mg once a day.
Avatar m tn I am a 29 year old male who was recently diagnosed with a 65% blockage in my lad artery in my heart. They prescribed me metoprolol succ er 25 mg to take once a day, I was on that for about 20 days then I started having symptoms like depression, and a suffocating feeling. A few days ago they switched me to a different beta blocker carvedilol 3.125mg again to take once a day, it has been 3 days and now I am having the same symptoms plus random heart flutters.
1679876 tn?1304747215 I have been given Advair to take for my copd, but one side effect is fast and irregular heart beat, chest pain and increased BP----I take Metoprolol succ er for my PSVT--- -Will the Advair Diskus work against my metoprolol meds? I am alllergic to Penasylin, tetrocycoline, decadron, dyphahidromine, and benedril. My other meds I take are: zolof, welbrutrin, seroquel xr, gabapentine,tizanidine hcl and pravastatin sodium----will there be any adverse reactions to any of these meds?
Avatar m tn detected by a Holter monitor two days ago prompted my cardiologist to take me off metroprolol succ er (50 mg. tablet once a day) cold turkey, pending further evaluation. What withdrawal symptoms, if any, might I experience in the coming days?
Avatar n tn referral-Since Monday he has had no pain in chest but still has excessive belching and not much of appetite-when he gets up in morning has excessive saliva and flem in throat and terrible test in mouth.
Avatar m tn Since my pace maker, difib implant, I started using metoprolol succ er. When we changed to bisoprolol I have experienced ankle pain, now severe knee pain, and pain in implant area when trying to do bench presses. We have changed back to metoprolol starting today. Befeore implant I could run 25 miles a week without pain. Ater implant abot 10 -15 miles a week, less miles, slower pace with added days to rest in between. This is the first time I am experiencing pain ever. what should I do?.
Avatar n tn 5 and Metoprolol Succ ER 50 mg Tasan. Off and on for a while I have been waking up in the middle of the night or early AM and experiencing a sensation of a slight vibrating or buzzing feeling throughout my body. If I change body position it generally subsided. If I get up, it goes away. Sometimes it comes back if I lay back down. I have taken my BP at the time it happens and it is usually slightly elevated.
1746907 tn?1311554801 MEDICATIONS 1. (NORVASC)AMLODIPINE BESYLATE 5MG 1 IN AM 2. (TOPROL) METOPROLOL SUCC ER 100 MG TAB 3. EXOGYL 2AM 1PM 16MG 4. HUMALOG (MIX) 75-25 PEN 34 units am 32 pm 5. CLONAZEPAM 1mg (Klonopan)1-2 evenings 6. PROVIGIL 200MG TAB 2xdaily 8. DIOVAN HCT 160MG/12.5 1 daily 9. SYMBICORT INHALER 160-4.5 am & pm 10. PROAIR HFA INHALER ACTUATOR when needed 11. OMNARIS NASAL SPRAY 50MCG am & pm 12. ACIPHEX 20 MG TAB 1 OR 2 daily 13. SPIRIVA 18MCG 1 IN AM 14.
Avatar m tn Ramipril 5 mg once daily (Altace) Simvastatin 20 mg Once daily (Zocor) Metoprolol Succ er 50 mg tasan Once daily (Toprol) Ecotrin 81 mg Once daily (ASPIRIN) I additionally take Centrum Vitamins Of late I have observed that I am lacking general focus and concentration (like my brain goes to sleep). I feel mental tiredness. I have to tell my brain to be alert when I make mistakes counting money bills etc. I have a suspicion that this is due to the side effect of one or more of the above drugs.
Avatar n tn Found out that metoprolol 25MG SUCC ER extended release tabs. are wearing off around 7 or 8 at night letting my heart start to race and anxiety build up. Thus heart beating crazily. Doctor just redid my medicine now take one at morning and one at night. Also put me on atavan to help relieve anxiety. I hate having to go through this. I feel like I am following my fathers shoes. He had 4 bypass surgeries and died at age 59. But thank God I serve a god who has helped me through this.
Avatar f tn Have taken Atenolol and Metoprolol SUCC ER. Atenolol did nothing for me, Metoprolol would help for a few days and then would have to increase dose. When I got to 125mg of Metoprolol, I had trouble breathing. Was switched to Bystolic, started at 5mg, then 10mg. At 10mg I could no longer feel the PACs or PVCs, but again was unable to breath. Turns out I am alergic to Beta-Blockers, but the Bystolic may help you with your symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am on metroprolol succ er 50mg 2x day for pvc's and blood pressure. When u mentioned the otc is that the prilosec with the magnesium in it.? My dr. has me on omeprazole ( script) which is cheaper with my co payment. Do they have this with magnesium in it? The over the counter costs 40.00.. I am only on xanax because my anxiety is over the top and every antidepressant they try me on makes me nuts and makes me more anxious.. I am super sensitive to them.
1903111 tn?1333216654 If not maybe you could be switched to a calcium channel blocker instead and still achieve the desired results? Are you also on an antiarrhythmic such as Rythmol (propafanone)? I am on metoprolol succ er 25 mg 1 x daily. It is working great for me. I was started on cardizem first but encountered some edema w/it. I'm also on the Rythmol to maintain a normal heart rhythm.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. Pho, I have had Type 2 Diabetes for the past 5 years. I am on Metformin (500 mg. > 2 tablets A.M. 2 tablets P.M. & Glipizide ER 5 mg > 2 tablets A.M. & 2 P.M. I am also aking Diovan HCT 320 mg / 12.5 mg. > 1 tablet A.M. & Metoprolol SUCC ER 12.5 mg > 1 tablet A.M. My recent Fasting Blood Test showed glucose of 193 and my ALT 98. My Trygliserides were 219. My doctor is concerned with the ALT level of 98. How bad is this?
Avatar m tn I was tested for Phoecromocytoma (test came back negative) I was told Node was an incidental finding. Endocronolgy was all normal. I was given Motoporlol ER succ. and the dose was gradually increased until my symptoms subsided (100mg twice a day) I still have mild episodes of tachycardia while taking the beta-blocker. My resting HR will vary from 60's to 90's and sometimes my hr will jump into the 120 range during normal daily activity.
Avatar n tn He won't really talk to me , just seems to get angry he is on three blood pressure medicines and he insists on taking it all together, diovan320-25mg ,metoprolol succ er 100mg teth,and amlodipine besylate 10mg tmyl If anyone has any idea's as to his meds or whats going on it would be appreciated.