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Avatar n tn Beta-blockers affect the heart and circulation (blood flow through arteries and veins). Metoprolol is used to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension (high blood pressure). It is also used to treat or prevent heart attack. It seems to me if you have high blood pressure the medication should be taken regularily and not as needed. I don't know the effect it has on chest pain.
443862 tn?1238003039 Is anyone taking metoprolol? It's driving me nuts! I do have anxiety disorder. And of course knowing they gave me this to lower my heart rate makes me nervous. And with my anxiety disorder I am taking my blood pressure every hour. I know that doesn't help. But dealing with the metoprolol, it has dropped me to 88/55 at times, today 112/73, then 93/55 then 142/70. I get hot flashes, shakes, tingling arms, a general feeling of panic when I see my reading is low or I feel the shakes....
Avatar f tn You can look on drug info sites and see that anxiety is an infrequent side effect of metoprolol and other BBs. Same with weight gain, and even a reference to increasing any pre-existing depression. When you have rare side effects, it can be difficult to convince anybody that the effect is real and does come from the drug. I'd identify what web sites he would consider to be as authoritative sources, then print web pages from those sources that list your symptoms as rare side effects.
Avatar f tn I have been contemplating pregnancy for a while now and wanted to try to wean myself off of the metoprolol so my cardiologist just said that the dose was so small I could just stop taking it. I also have very bad panic disorder. I didn't take it fot the past 3 days and I felt really tired and my heart would race when I would get up just to walk across the room. I woke up today and because I had to come to work I went ahead and took it this morning.
Avatar n tn I have very slightly elevated blood pressure and some anxiety and rapid pulse, which the beta blocker was helping. I felt fine on the metoprolol, but started having a rash under my arms that the doctor and a dermitologist could not figure out. I took it upon myself to stop taking the beta blocker and a day and a half later had a pulse of about 95 - 105 at times. It was not serious, but I did not feel good.
Avatar f tn I don't like to take pills at all but I am at the point I have to take something for this anxiety because I am barely functioning! I have health anxiety and the PVC's don't help. When I take the Metoprolol it does slow my heart rate so I am afraid if I take the Xanax it's going to slow it even more (heart rate is between 63-75 with med). Please answer as soon as you are able-THANKS.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 years old and prescibed Metoprolol for my heart palpitations, which happens everytime I eat food. After all cardiac tests came back normal, she mentioned that it may be stress related. I'm now being prescribed 20 mg Celexa for aniexty. I only take 6.25 mg of Metoprolol, cutting it into quarters, but are scared to take the two in combination. There are so many warnings about not mixing them. My heart rate has slowed down with the Celexa, but I still get the pounding sensation.
Avatar n tn I hated the Toprol XL due to the severe depression and nightmares. I switched to the generic form (metoprolol) which wasn't the extended release... more immediate effect and doesn't last as long in the system. This approach does not cause me nightmares or depression. I am 36 and mine started suddenly as well... very disconcerting. Good Luck! On a side note, we're neighbors!!! Hello from Carroll County MD!!!
Avatar f tn She switched me to 100mg ER Metoprolol to take in the morning and 20mg lisinopril for the night. I had to take my bp every day and went back every week. Every week it would be high at the dr Office and she would increase the lisinopril. Mind you, I didn't take prescription anything prior to this except maybe an antibiotic when needed. Now I'm on these high doses of bp meds. Initially I thought well I'll get used to them, there's always an adjustment time.
Avatar m tn Overall, the doctor said I was fine but hypertensive, so he put me on 10mg of Ramipril for my BP. Recently, I've had continued issues with anxiety during exercise and palpitations. So I was told to come in for another stress test. I took it and they saw ST depressions. The doctor (not my regular cardiologist) stopped the treadmill, but after he looked through my file, we resumed. Overall, I was fine and he suspected a false positive, but I still had to go in for a nuclear stress test.
Avatar m tn Overall, the doctor said I was fine but hypertensive, so he put me on 10mg of Ramipril for my BP. Recently, I've had continued issues with anxiety during exercise and palpitations. So I was told to come in for another stress test. I took it and they saw ST depressions. The doctor (not my regular cardiologist) stopped the treadmill, but after he looked through my file, we resumed. Overall, I was fine and he suspected a false positive, but I still had to go in for a nuclear stress test.
Avatar n tn I take metoprolol and its giving me anxiety attacks often.I had a cardic ablation 4 days ago still feel weak,tingling in the legs.can someone shade some light on this?
443862 tn?1238003039 And its not Metoprolol that helps anxiety. It's actually Propranolol that treats stage fright and performance anxiety, which is a b2, not a b1 blocker. Just some thoughts.
Avatar m tn My Cardilogist at first said it was dysautonomia and POTS and blame also my severe anxiety and was put on a beta blocker, propranolol 20 mg day. At first it was working on to stop the tachycardia but with time the effect wear off and had to increase my dose and then it was lowering too much my blood pressure so my Cardiologist switch me on another beta blocker... I try several ones, bisoprolol, nadolol, timolol, pindolol, acebutolol... All of those fails to control the tachycardia.
1717715 tn?1318300895 At normal, my hair was probably the richest and thickest you would have ever seen but now, its getting oily much quicker, and has gotten SEVERELY more thin and light. I'm only 22 and good hair genes runs in my family, its not like im genetically pre-disposed to hair loss. Does anyone think it can be the medication? Has anyone had anything similar happen where they think its the blood pressure meds? can it be reversible? who should I see about this?
Avatar m tn My cousin is a jazz sax player, and takes tiny doses of Metoprolol to control anxiety before performances, and it works for him, but he sure sleeps well after taking the drug. I'd ask your doctor if you could try HCTZ, quit taking beta blockers, buy a blood pressure monitor, and take your BP twice a day, and track it. He/she may have a strong reason to continue taking the medication, but why not ask the question?
Avatar m tn If I try to exercise my heart rate will increase to 140-160 even on 75 mg day of metoprolol and just after 20 seconds. Is it's normal to have a normal heart rate but with a very strong and forceful heart beat, I mean when I'm sit, my heart rate will be normal but it's very strong and pounding so I can feel each heartbeat and even my body is moving from the very strong heartbeat. At night it's impossible to sleep cause my bed move because of the very strong heartbeat...
Avatar n tn I just had open heart surgery to remove a myxoma and they sent my home taking 25mg of Metoprolol (half in the morning and half in the evening) I had some problems with afib and they have upped it to 100mg a day 50 in the morning and 50 at night. For the first few days I was very tired and didn't want to do anyting but now I am getting better. I stayed out for almost 6 hours running around with my wife and kids yesterday.
Avatar f tn I have a beta blocker for use when needed, but that one is propranolol and not metoprolol (slow release). Propranolol works better towards anxiety, stress and other factors that may trigger a rapid heart rhythm. From time to time (generally stressful times) I can take 12,5 or 25 mg metoprolol in addition. But I guess this is something that your doctor should decide as we are all different.
Avatar m tn Is metoprolol and amlodipine safe to take?Since I am 38 only what would be its long term effects. That is taking the drug for over 30 years? Finally whether the dosage may be changed? Please help.
Avatar n tn I took 2 different versions of metoprolol, Toprol (metoprolol tartrate) and Toprol XL (metoprolol succinate). The second one is the extended release version. Toprol made my symtoms worse but Toprol XL worked fairly well in controlling my conditions, PVC's and PSVT. I was taking 50 mg a day in both cases. The only thing that affected me was a slight feeling of dizziness at times and some mental fatigue.
Avatar n tn Why do doctors persist in denying that Metoprolol and similar beta blockers cause hair loss? Do they really NOT KNOW or are they just oblivious and uncaring to the devastation that these meds cause?
1464004 tn?1384139333 Now I am back on full Meds regiment however about 3 hours after taking Metoprolol, I get Dizzy and almost in a "Fog" like condition. Especially in an office enviroment, a conference room etc. This doesnt really happen if I were sitting peacfully at home. My thought is that it is the Beta Blocker which causes slight dizziness, then of course a bit of fear and anxiety Exasberbates the situation tremendously!. Does anyone else get this at all?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had anxiety before and during pregnancy? If so what was your treatment like?
Avatar n tn In the last two months, it has been discovered that my free T3 and T4 levels are high (6.0pg/mL and 2.43ng/dL, respectively). These levels were normal 18 months ago. Within the last 6 to 9 months I have experienced random occurrences (couple times a month) of an accelarated heart rate which lasts from about 5 to 30 seconds (I do not get dizzy or short of breath). My cardiologist got the readings from an event recorder, and told me it was SVT (about 150bpm).
Avatar f tn This works well to control my tachy....but, has bad side effects of anxiety, restlessness and agitation. I lookd up Bystolic..and it has none of these type side effects listed. I was going to ask my doctor to change to Bystolic. Has anyone here had any success in changing over to Bystolic from Metoprolol ?