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443862 tn?1238003039 Is anyone taking metoprolol? It's driving me nuts! I do have anxiety disorder. And of course knowing they gave me this to lower my heart rate makes me nervous. And with my anxiety disorder I am taking my blood pressure every hour. I know that doesn't help. But dealing with the metoprolol, it has dropped me to 88/55 at times, today 112/73, then 93/55 then 142/70. I get hot flashes, shakes, tingling arms, a general feeling of panic when I see my reading is low or I feel the shakes....
Avatar f tn I really feel that the combination of metoprolol and interferon (both of which can contribute to anxiety/depression) has been bad for me and at last feel that some of my old spontaneous self is returning.
Avatar n tn , and I don't feel a blood rush any more. I have been on generic Metoprolol XL 50mg for 1 month, and now 25mg for 1 month. As I said, there were significant side effects, especially on 50mg. The side effects on 25mg seem to be slowly lessening, and they sure beat the nagging, incessant PVC's and tachy.
Avatar m tn Since I am 38 only what would be its long term effects. That is taking the drug for over 30 years? Finally whether the dosage may be changed? Please help.
116881 tn?1189759423 Main point, it is prescribed by a medical doctor, I would then assume it is reasonable. I think the dose level you are taking, 25mg or less, is so low that there is not "shock" to you body by stopping, or starting suddenly. If you were on 50mg or more per day for a period of time (how long, I don't know but suggest more than a month) it may be necessary to cut back by half until you are at 25 mg for a few days before stopping completely.
Avatar m tn 1 mg of Paxil send me to the ER and same for Lexapro, didn't had problem with both drugs before and took them for my anxiety for years. I'm on a high dose of clonazepam 7 mg day, I'm addicted and do a very slow tapering withdrawal... Will take years to get off the clonazepam. I also deal with many panic attacks every day, can't get out th house, can't stay alone, everything trigger heart related symptoms like tachycardia or chest pain, a loud sound, music, too much people's around me...
Avatar n tn 5mg 1x a day is considered a low dose). b.) What is the likelihood that metoprolol can be helpful for the aforementioned symptoms, especially in such a low dose? c.) Is 12.5mg minor enough to be able to stop taking fairly easily? Could taking it actually make my conditions worse? Thanks for any considerations and responses.
1464004 tn?1384139333 If one goes in for an electrophysiology study, they will be told to discontinue Metoprolol (just) 3 days before the procedure as it's quickly removed from the body. So in your case, within 12 hours your original dose of 25mg has been greatly, but not completely metabolized when you take another 25mg. Slowly, you build up a therapeutic level.
Avatar f tn She switched me to 100mg ER Metoprolol to take in the morning and 20mg lisinopril for the night. I had to take my bp every day and went back every week. Every week it would be high at the dr Office and she would increase the lisinopril. Mind you, I didn't take prescription anything prior to this except maybe an antibiotic when needed. Now I'm on these high doses of bp meds. Initially I thought well I'll get used to them, there's always an adjustment time.
612551 tn?1450025775 Following are my observations on day two of substituting Atenolol 25 mg twice a day for Metoprolol 25 mg twice a day.. both are regular, for Metoprolol it is called Tartrate, I think the Atenolol comes in only one normally longer lasting form. Today in the early afternoon, following my third 25 mg dose of Atenolol at about 9 AM, I noticed some dizziness when I rose from a time sitting.
Avatar n tn Recently diagnosed w/ PSVT. I underwent brain CAT Scan, heart ultrasound, ECGs, & blood testing; all were normal. Only after a Holter was PSVT diagnosed. Cause unknown and I do have blood tests scheduled to check for adrenal / thyroid problems. My heart rate is normally 60-70 BPM resting & BP 120-130 Systolic / 80-86 diastolic (w/o medication) but at times it goes to 100-130 BPM & 150-160 Systolic / 90-110 Diastolic. Sometimes I noticed it & sometimes not but Holter showed it.
876405 tn?1243511886 Here's the question- I am wondering if these PVC's and PAC's that I have been experiencing in the past 2 months have to do with suddenly stopping the metoprolol that I was on for my high blood pressure. I don't recall ever getting them before and now they occurring constantly..I was taking metoprolol 25 mg twice a day and then my dr discontinued it because I found out that I was pregnant. Now I am taking something else for the blood pressure that is safe to take in pregnancy.
Avatar m tn I've taken metoprolol for six days for high blood pressure, it made me feel lousy, groggy and gave me headaches. I want to stop it cold turkey, my doctor says its ok with such a small dose but I am a huge worrier and would like to know if anyone had any side effects when stopping even after taking it for such a short period of time??
1243620 tn?1274794297 Trust in his decision, it does work for anxiety and may be best for you. Your doctor is your best resource. Hope it makes you feel better and take care!
Avatar n tn My anxiety has been crazy for the past few days. I've been shakey and nervous and can't sleep 'cause I'm afraid that I'm gonna die! My blood pressure has been anywhere from 122/61 to 144/86. When it goes low like that it worries me. My pulse has gotten better, though. It was anywhere from 39 bpm to 40's and low 50. NOW, it's in the 50's, 60's and 70's. They haven't put me on any other meds yet. I have to go back next week, unless ofcourse, I'm dead.
Avatar f tn I have been on metoprolol for 15 yrs yrs . I take 100 mg 2 times a day . For heart palpatations and pvcs pac"s . For me it is not helping my B/P or heart rate that much . I am at 100 HR now . Something changed With that . It never really did help my BP . The docs always say I have anxiety. I was born with a heart defect ( They just found after all these yrs) but as for side effects . Yes I have lost hair ,weight gain Feeling glued to the bed couch etc .
Avatar f tn I called my cardiologist 3 days ago and he suggested I just take the 12-1/2 mg of metoprolol in the evening and then nothing in the morning. He says I should do that for one week and then stop the metoprolol completely. The first day of not taking the meds I felt pretty good but pulse was the same. The second day I had loose stool and was fatigued. The third day (today) I am not fatigued and the loose stool stopped this morning.
Avatar m tn mri, bloodwork, stool test, ct, etc. only other medication I am now taking is xanax, and that's for anxiety related to what's going on. I thank you for your time.
968908 tn?1274874715 This will likely resolve your current symptomatology that you are experiencing with Propranolol. Dosage equivalency for Atenolol to your current Propranolol dosage is 50 milligrams once daily. In the interim (until you can visit a physician), I would suggest heading for the emergency department if you feel the situation warrants it. Such symptomatology is generally progressive with this drug. Everything you have described suggests intolerance.
Avatar m tn The metoprolol just has seemed to make my anxiety worse which I have read one of the side effects of metoprolol is increased anxiety. I lowered my dosage because of the side effects I was feeling and it was taking my resting heart rate is the low 50's and made my breathing feel very low and shallow.
Avatar f tn And should I be worried about any bad side effects since all together I would only have been on metoprolol for a total of 21 days? I am also going to start an event monitor just to be sure I do not have svt on Monday. We are hoping that I was diagnosed with that because of a panic attack. I have never had issues with tachycardia nor high bp. I had my last physical on 12/20 and my Dr didn't mention any concerns besides me having to loose some weight. which I am in the process of doing.
Avatar m tn So I talked to my regular doctor and he diagnosed me with General anxiety. I was put on Lexapro 20 mg I believe. I was fine on the medicine for about a year and a half. At the time there was no generic so with the cost and lack of libido I stopped. I was fine controlling my stress and anxiety for a few years. Then I started having pounding and what felt like my heart was stopping and restarting.
Avatar f tn I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well. Are you having any councelling for your anxiety and deppression because it helps to share your fears with an empathetic listener.
Avatar f tn I'm a 44 year old male with a history of sinus tachycardia, PVCs and PACs, and terrible anxiety and panic disorder. In December of 2016 I was started on a lose dose of metoprolol and in May of 2017 the dose was upped to 25mgs in the morning and 25mgs at night. I have been a little lightheaded and tired since the dosage was increased and I understand that this can be normal. Within the last 2 weeks I have become VERY lightheaded 2-4 hours after taking my morning dose of metoprolol.
Avatar n tn As for your tremendous anxiety, I know exactly why you are feeling that. When a person gets anxious, be it from being actually fearful to being physically goofed up somehow, the heart will always beat rapidly in conjunction with anxiety. And it works both ways, you see. If you heart starts racing for whatever reason, you WILL GET ANXIOUS.
15256956 tn?1439428831 I'm new to these forums so let me give you some extended Cliff Notes. 39 year old male who has been struggling with Anxiety for 20 years, High Blood Pressure for 13, Diabetes for 3, and now, Sleep Apnea. Currently taking: Metoprolol 150 mg (AM & PM), Diovan HTC 320 / 25 mg (AM), Lovastatin 20 mg (PM), *Citalopram 40 mg (PM), Terozosin 2 mg (PM), Metformin ER 1000 mg (PM), Men's Multivitamin, Omega-3 Fish Oil 1000 MG (AM, NOON, PM), BuSpar 5 MG (AM & PM), Ativan 1 MG as needed.
Avatar f tn I’m losing my mind over here due to these pvcs that I’ve been having for a month and a half now! I do suffer from anxiety mainly health anxiety! These heart palpitations started over a month and a half ago like I said and have happened in the past , 3-4yrs ago I wanna say. I went to the cardiologist back then and wore a Holter for 48 hrs I believe and was diagnosed with benign pvcs.
Avatar n tn This spring and last (at the same exact time, when oak pollen was strong) I got the constant burping and anxiety. For me, taking some Tussin product helped somewhat. Anxiety and allergies seem to go hand-in-hand for me and can produce some weird symptoms. Sometimes it helps just to know that's all it is. Hang in there!
Avatar f tn I have been thru the various tests, worn the monitors and am on a beta blocker for my PVC's; but I can't increase the dosage because it makes me too lethargic and I don't think I get them often enough to take flecanide (sp) or anything like that. Besides, the side effects for antiarrhythmia drugs scare me worse then the PVC's. Everyone keeps telling me it's anixety, but I just can't believe that anxiety can make me feel like THIS. I know the "usual" signs of anxiety, i.e.