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Avatar n tn Also I’ve read that many musicians were admitting it they take beta blockers occasionally because performance anxiety. If you fallow what your doctor tells ok for you, then you will be fine. Good luck!
443862 tn?1238003039 And its not Metoprolol that helps anxiety. It's actually Propranolol that treats stage fright and performance anxiety, which is a b2, not a b1 blocker. Just some thoughts.
Avatar f tn I have been on metoprolol for 15 yrs yrs . I take 100 mg 2 times a day . For heart palpatations and pvcs pac"s . For me it is not helping my B/P or heart rate that much . I am at 100 HR now . Something changed With that . It never really did help my BP . The docs always say I have anxiety. I was born with a heart defect ( They just found after all these yrs) but as for side effects . Yes I have lost hair ,weight gain Feeling glued to the bed couch etc .
Avatar f tn Zocor 10mg Topiramate (Topimax) 50mg 2 q d. Wellbrutrin 300mg 1 q d. I would appreciate any help.
405614 tn?1329147714 Interesting - I hadn't heard they were prescribing Metoprolol for tremor. I looked it up, and Propranolol is more commonly administered - the thingie I just looked at said that 'beta1-receptor antagonists' are not as effective as 'beta2-antagonists.' Do you have a pulmonary condition or asthma?
Avatar f tn I'm a 33yo guy, in overall good health, I've been on a low dose of Metoprolol for about a year for benign tachycardia. I've cut my dose down to 25 mg a day since I noticed I began having trouble maintaining erections more than I'd like. Used to never have that issue. I've gotten prescribed Cialis 5mg, haven't taken it yet, is it safe for the heart to take? Like it won't trigger any dangerous rhythms or anything? Really wanting to get my sex life back.
Avatar f tn You are loosing your erection because you are watching yourself -- performance anxiety. The way to overcome this is to take intercourse off the menu for a while. But to do this your will need to have a regular partner.
Avatar f tn I still have some performance anxiety, and I did get hard a couple of times on it, but nothing major like I was expecting. Haven't felt much all day. I take Xanax for anxiety, and also Metoprolol for tachycardia. I get nervous when I anticipate sexual activity because of fear of not being able to perform. I also have some ED issues. Question..I'm on a 30-day trial of 5mg a day of cialis.
Avatar f tn The normal range is 63-77% for males and 55-75% for females. It reflects the pumping capacity of the heart. There could could be a cardiac arrest due to ventricular arrhythmias, but unlikely to be due to bed rest. Don’t venture to discontinue your antidepressants without consulting your doctor. The symptoms could be the side effects of the medications. Discuss your symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
116881 tn?1189759423 HE doesnt have me taking it daily because somethimes it drops my BP too low but I have read that it isnt a good idea to start and stop metropolol -- but then again, some people take it for performance anxiety and even anxiety in general. THoughts please?
Avatar m tn In my experience, nonselective beta blockers are better to manage anxiety-induced palps, and they also remove some anxiety. Selective beta blockers (like Metoprolol) only works on the heart, have less side effects (such as SOB with heavy exercise because the lungs don't open as much as they should, propranolol blocks this effect to some degree, this is not heart failure by the way).
692515 tn?1228898831 , if you have low BP they may lower it to levels that cause some dizziness when rising for a resting position. I take Metoprolol, 100 mg a day, to control my HR. I have taken higher dosage.
Avatar n tn 50mg per day. I was also taking xanax for anxiety due to an episode of SVT that sent me inot anxiety hell. After three months I got off of the xanax and went through a month of withdrawls, I was over xanax. Everyday I took the Toprol, it made me sick, flutter heartbeat, double beats, pounding heart,etc. My hands and feet stayed cold and I started to experience memory loss and tightness in my head.
Avatar f tn Many of us find that drug therapy doesn't do much to prevent episodes. I was on Metoprolol for 6 years, and although it helped converting them, it did nothing to prevent them. I was getting 3-5 episodes per month. Until you can see someone, log your events, date, time of day, heart rate, and duration; any other symptoms. This data is valuable in helping your doctor diagnose you. Typically, an EKG will usually show nothing if you aren't in SVT at the time it was taken.
Avatar m tn That in itself was no problem for me, but my max heart rate went down from 180 to 145 which made it hard for me to exercise. I am a fanatic bicyclist. After discussion with my cardiologist, the dose went down to retard 50 which raised resting pulse to 40 and max heart rate to 165. This is acceptable for me. It seems as if my heart is more efficient now as I can output almost the same power level at 165hf as I used to do at 180hf! I only lost a bit of my short interval power.
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Avatar n tn I'm taking 75 mg of metoprolol daily, I was a bike racer for years. I live in Phoenix, it was 113 degrees, my BP gets down to as low as 75/50 after a long ride in the heat. Ever since going on metoprolol, my legs have been like lead, my training response sucks, and when I go to altitude, it's like I've never been on a bike before. But, if I look at my training performance, it's not really so bad, my real performance is only down about 10% or so. You just have to work through the fatigue.
1298588 tn?1330322581 Inderal is supposed to help not only with arrhythmia's but it's an anti anxiety med or anxiety performance (mushy brain today so I can't remember) and my cards dr said there were 5 or 6 that do can with both.
11671086 tn?1420330602 I didn't want to use any medications that would hinder my performance, or that could be called into question, so I just didn't use anything. It wasn't until I was around 10 years ago that I started the beta blocker Metoprolol for a reason unrelated to my SVT. I was experiencing elevated and pounding heart rates nearly every evening during my sleep. This turned out to be the result of severe sleep apnea which was corrected through CPAP.
Avatar f tn But this month I have to give three public speeches and I worry about my adrenaline from performance anxiety starting up the PSVT and making me look like a fool in front of hundreds of people. Hope that doesn't happen.
503727 tn?1210442710 Hey dizzy that's %100 anxiety for sure. The thing with xanax is it only last for a little while, if you have to take 2. But the main thing is to stay calm if being alone scares you just go where there's a lot of people and some friends, like the beach or something. And just always remember that anxiety CAN NOT kill you!
Avatar f tn It sounds like anxiety, however, I would see a cardiologist for all this. You said you had seen one in 2006, well, I think I would see one again as your symptoms are not getting better and you are describing things that really only a qualified cardiologist can help you with. Good luck and please keep us posted. I know how scary these things are, I have them, and at times, you really DO feel like you are going to die, it is the worse feeling ever, in my opinion.
Avatar n tn Skipintime, Thanks for the post. I appreciate that you are scared and troubled by your PVCs, but your major risk for death is your poor exercise tolerance of 5.4 METS. Any risk from the PVCs pales in comparison to the risk posed by the deconditioning. However, the septal enlargement needs investigation. Specifically, did the cardiologist that interpreted the echo evaluate for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Avatar n tn The number you were given for what your HR should have been may have come from the target HR formula that uses 220-age for your maximum rate. That formula is an average and does not hold for everyone--maybe you're just someone who has a higher max HR. (Personally I think that formula should be defenestrated--if you don't know what that means, look it up). What did the physical fitness test involve? I would be curious to know how strenuous it is.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have been a chronic flusher for years. I get a red blotchy anxiety rash on my neck & chest area when nervous or anxious. I have tried many vitamins & herbs to help this & nothing has really stopped the rash completely except beta blockers. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I resumed most of my activities in 6 weeks, and a year and a half later, I can't tell from my athletic performance that I ever had any problem. I take 150 mg of Avapro and 75 mg of metoprolol daily to lower my BP and peak arterial pressure, I notice only minimal issues (lower HR, slightly lower VO2max) from the drugs. I do not lift any weight that is heavy enough to make me really strain hard (e.g.
Avatar n tn I have read that anxiety attacks can include all of these symptoms and that they can be purely physical with no real cause for the anxiety, or no conscious awareness of having anxiety. I know that anxiety-inducing situations can cause me to get stomach aches, even if I don't FEEL anxious, so let me know if you think this could be a possibility.