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Avatar m tn You need to prepare yourself for Methadone withdrawal. Is it possible to give us a little bit more info on how much and how long you have been taking it for? That way you will be able to get much better advice and help. Keep posting there are lots of people on this site who will try to help you.
Avatar m tn How long does it take and what to expect after you get down to 5 mg of methadone and stop how long will it take to detox that when will you start feeling better
Avatar f tn Every part of my body hurts so bad. I'm tempted to go back on the methadone. What should I do and how long is this going to last?
Avatar f tn This is my fifth day without any and I am starting to go through pretty bad withdrawals. How long do the withdrawals usually last and do you have any suggestions to help ease the withdrawals.
Avatar m tn It really depends on how long you used methadone. If 40mg was your highest dose, you haven't gotten in too deep yet. You should be over the worst of it in 3 weeks, then the energy level gets a little better over time. If you take a calcium/magnesium/zinc 100%RDA x 4 twice a day, it helps a lot with the symptoms. Multivitamin/minerals, amino acid and B complex help alot as well. I drank Emergen C for electrolytes and drank ensure protein shakes when I couldn't eat.
Avatar f tn Yes and no. After multiple attempts at "replacement tapers" I've come to the personal conclusion that they do not work for me. Maybe if I could turn back time and do a short 5-day Suboxone taper after my mild hydrocodone addiction it would've been possible, but not after long-term maintenance with a long-acting opiate.
Avatar n tn How long does it take to detox from methadone cold turkey? Is there any way to do it and work a regular job?
Avatar n tn How long the methadone? Coming from larger dose at clinc or doing it by yourself? Not beein' nosy - - it just makes a little difference. If you havent had higher prior doses you are in prettty goos shape to quit. Otherwise you mat still quit but its just a ltlle harde.....give people some more info and we will be glad to help you -!!
Avatar f tn i want to come off it but i really am scared and dont want to get sick...i was gonna taper off but i dont know how long i should take to come off...i also have tramadol and i was wondering if i could take that now or when im done the methadone just to take the edge off cause i did it before when i came off perks and it really helped..please help asap...i dont know what to do...
Avatar m tn If you stick around they'll be by soon. How much are you on? And for how long? If nothing else the ER might be a good option if it's too intense. I know wd from meth can be scary. Hang out and help will be on the way.....
Avatar f tn But, will the Nucynta keep me from withdrawing? Any help is appreciated!!
Avatar m tn My last dose of methadone was 2 mg today how many days when I feel sick or will I even feel sick I went from 200 mg down to 2 mg in six months
Avatar f tn diarrhea, restlessness, BAD leg cramps, lack of sleep... Is it normal for methadone withdrawal to last 8 weeks? I am starting to think I can't do this!
Avatar f tn It may not be too bad with methadone having such a long half life but you'll certainly be ready for your dose on Wednesday. How are you feeling now?
Avatar n tn I did make it though and it has been 2 yrs. How long has your daughter been on methadone? She will have w/ds for at least 6 weeks .Hopefully the mental health facility can help her with that. I would say that it is definately possible for her to be having those things happen because of the intensity of w/d from methadone. Please keep us posted..
Avatar f tn You need to do this now before your withdrawals set in because methadone withdrawal is as bad as heroin if not worse and 2 times as long. I think your Dr is a clueless bit#h and it pisses me what she is about to put you through. I've been in your shoes I know how it feels. I wish I could help you. I wouldn't wish withdrawals on my worst enemy. It's a terrible feeling. I will keep you in my prayers. If it gets real bad before you can get a solution go to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn You're probably feeling methadone withdrawal plus the long-term effects of your heroin/methadone use on how your brain perceives pain without the presence of opiates. Remember, opioids (includes synthetics such as methadone), are received by the brain as endorphins, and over the course of a habit, the brain scales down its production of endorphins in response to what it perceives as an endorphin surplus.
Avatar n tn As I said he was 19 when he started using heroin, and for the last 10 years been on methadone, he is now 35 and 8 weeks clean, but how long does the pains last until he can live life with no pain of it all?
Avatar n tn 200 a month isnt to bad no when some people drink the same amount too. Goodluck 3mg is nothing not far to go now really what was your maintanance dose?
Avatar f tn Today I'm not doing too good. How long do the withdrawals last and is there anything I can do to get through it?
Avatar f tn Hi- I sincerely hope you receive good news when you get those results... Methadone should be tapered. The withdrawal is awful and given his already compromised condition, he'll get very sick. A long taper is in order here. Xanax can be dangerous in combination with Methadone. He needs to be very careful there. I wouldn't do it. It decreases respirations, causes increased drowsiness, along with confusion and sometimes coma. Maybe something more natural for anxiety...
Avatar n tn id also like 2 offer my support 2 u and u,i hav personal experience(2 embarrassed 2 admit how long)with mdone and may be able 2 help.i know u can help me so id like 2 reciprocate.neways,good luck folks.
Avatar n tn I wish I could tell you a date or even an aprox date but its different for everyone my withdrawal was long and fairly hard the energy thing took months for me to get back to normal but like I said your withdrawal was minor so should be your recovery time count your blessings good luck and God bless......
1209851 tn?1266012541 I stopped last week and have now for one week been taking 40mg of methadone. I want to stop this now so I dont get hooked on it for too long. How bad will it be after one week at 40mg a day?
Avatar f tn my partner was prescribed methadone for withdrawal from heroin in march 2008, he was on 225mg to stabalise him a day. Now he is down to 12.5mg per day and has decided that he wants off. the problem is he is epileptic and has to take medication for this daily. Can anyone please tell me how bad his withdrawal maybe and what advice can you give me as should he still take methadone but drop slowly or stop altogether.He hates the stuff .
Avatar n tn HI is there any of you who might know how long this withdrawal will last. I walked off metadone at 3mgs I took over a year to get from 75 to 3. I was suprised to still feel sick after a week. Any suggestions for feeling better quicker?
Avatar f tn the suboxone will rip out what it can of the methadone from your receptors, and instead of the suboxone filling your receptors, and stopping withdrawals, the suboxone and the methadone (in a sense) fight each other off leaving your receptors empty, causing immediate intense withdrawals...