How long before methadone withdrawal starts

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Avatar f tn Yes and no. After multiple attempts at "replacement tapers" I've come to the personal conclusion that they do not work for me. Maybe if I could turn back time and do a short 5-day Suboxone taper after my mild hydrocodone addiction it would've been possible, but not after long-term maintenance with a long-acting opiate.
Avatar f tn It is a very addictive drug and taken long term can be as addictive as oxy or heroin. But methadone stays in the system a long time. It could take quite awhile before the residual effects are fully out of your system. So he may want to do the full three months and hope for the best (and prepare for the worst. If you do that, even the worst won't be that bad.
Avatar n tn k to travel ,ha ha its been close to 2 weeks since last dose and im sicker than ever before i stayed home while my family went to new york,i couldnt go, i cant sleep, still, not even doze,my legs are killing me its like the worst of the heroine withdrawal but it doesnt stop, what can i do? how long before it even starts to subside? im crying like a baby at night what will make it easier? HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn 15. I don't know how much worse he has to get before he starts getting better but it is making me nervous and I don't know how much I can do for him. He is now laying in bed where it is dark and silent. He took two benadryl, two tablets of melatonin and 600 mg ibuprofen to hopefully help him get more comfortable and be able to sleep. The lorazepam he got at urgent care is now all gone as it was only a 5 day supply.
Avatar f tn ☹️️ My heart goes out to you. You can do it though def. how long have you been on methadone again? I've been on almost 5 years so I think my withdrawals are going to take awhile to go away. That's good that with your councilor they will give you something for the anxiety hun. That's been one of my biggest issues the anxiety. Donyou think you may slow down the taper a little if you start getting really sick? Like to 2mg a week or every other?
Avatar m tn Plus I just want to be done with it, even when tapering I still get withdrawals and I sick of feeling like this for months. So anyway I guess my question is how long does methadone wd take? I usually start feeling very sick after a day and a half or so and then it continually gets worse, I get a lot of bad symptoms, cold sweats, hot flashes, stomach cramps, runny nose, watery eyes, restless leg syndrome, it feels like the worst flu!
Avatar n tn Im curious since my fmly dr has no clue about methadone, why would i be having withdrawal symptoms if its still in my system? i always thot it would be so easy to slowly get off it and wouildnt be nearly as bad as oc withdrawals, im afraid im wrong aftr reading horror stories. I could go back to my dr for "one more" scrip, but then i feel i will never finally stop this awful drug.
Avatar n tn The doses have always been very low but I can't do it anymore/ Friday other doctor gave me clonipin, phenergen clonidine, and lomotil for withdrawl. I don't even know what day it is or how long its' been because I have hardly slept. I think the clonidine is lowering my BP too much I have zero energy,can barely move around during the day. My daughter is here to help me. I thrash at night don't sleep till around 6am then for a few hours finally. Can you tell me about Buprenorhine.
Avatar n tn HI congats on wanting to take your life back i know how methadone detoxing works you have to be in it for the long haul it will take you around a year to come iff that amout safly slow is the best advise i can give you go up to walmart they have a 3 in 1 vitamin that will cut your withdrawl in 1/2 i will chek in with you or you can write me threw the messenger i am forced to use a libray computer i lost my home internet access but I will get back to you so send your questions my way go
Avatar n tn We will probably never know how close he was, but i told him that i want him to be around for a long long time (with me). I'm counting on him not to leave in this world all alone!!!! I want him to watch his kids guaduate and marry, and have babies, so we can become grandparents together. I want to be here to watch these things!!!!! I'm too good to leave this world just yet, there's too much left to do, too many people left to save (just kidding!
Avatar n tn Anyone have any thoughts on what this withdrawal will be like or how I can educate myself on methadone withdrawal??? i just being co-dependent and should let him do what he wants to do??! Thanks for any thoughts and insight.
Avatar f tn The people here that have transitioned over from methadone to suboxone....what mg. were you at and how long did you wait before taking the sub? Also, were the precipitated w/d's worse after just taking the suboxone than just going cold turkey....or were they not as bad? I know people here have said that if you are on methadone and take suboxone the precipitated w/d's can be awful. This fear is keeping me from taking the jump. But as of tomorrow I will have no more methadone until Thurs am.
Avatar n tn She has been using xanax and alcohol and suboxons' to tru and get thru. How much longer before she starts to feel better? She has a problem with Xanax, but her doctor has prescribed them to her, a low dose, of which she finishes in a week or less. and then has to find something else. She is out of control when she drinks, goes on the train to the city, goes home with strangers, or to parties with who ever, gets mad at me for worrying about this.
Avatar n tn I'm up to 10 to 15 a day now and take five just to get me moving in the morning. This is no way to live. How long and how hard are the with drawals from it? I don't want to live my life around this drug anymore. Just a word of encouragment some times is what I think I need and to know that I am not alone.
Avatar f tn well the other opiets just masked it methadone withdrawals last a around 10 days to 2 weeks then recovery has a lot to do with how long you where on it at what dose and your age all factor in it took me a good 90 days to see the light but today as bad as it was it was a small price to pay to be clean and free of the ''liquid handcuffs'' just hang in there it wont kill you vent all you need to here get to a N/A meeting as soon as you can you dont have to go threw this alone .................
Avatar f tn I have take Lyrica before but not for withdrawal so I am not sure how that will work but I hope you keep posting and let us know how you are doing. I am basically in the same boat as you right now at 27mgs but am not sick as I have only been tapering one mg/week. All the best, and once again please feel free to message me anytime..........
1794671 tn?1338798991 I was hoping to do it around 7 months so if anything happens the baby will have a chance of survival, seeing as how withdrawal has a high chance of preterm labor. Well with my wonderful Kaiser (not good) doctor, the one that prescribes me ALL my diabetic supplies and pain management prescriptions, informed me that there is a lapse in my insurance and she won't be giving me anymore medication.
Avatar m tn I am SO Proud of you..It really su*ks how long that darn Methadone hangs in our brain/body. It is so synthetic like a few more Meds that the Detox just seems to go on & on..I will not even tell you how long it took me. But I came off of 2 other meds with it..One being a Benzo..Ekkkk Keep up the Great Job! I just Love this Positive Thinking!!!
Avatar f tn I am going to stop cold turkey tomorrow. Does anyone know how long my withdrawal will last and how bad it will be? I have heard withdrawal from Sub is milder than say.. vicodin or oxy. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
1181804 tn?1333406405 I was taking percocet - probably about 75 mg (5 5mg) a day. If I didn't have any, I'd take the suboxone to get through the day - about 1 - 2 mgs. a day. Once I quit the percs (about a month ago) I was taking suboxone, from maybe 3 mgs a day and tapered down to .5 or .25 a day. So I was probably taking the suboxone for about 3 months straight.
Avatar m tn and I STILL feel like crap...will I EVER feel better??? The point I'm making is that this is the consequence. How long were you using? 17 days is a great start but you didn't become addicted in 17 days, you're not gonna feel better in 17 days, physically or emotionally. Time and patience. Time and patience. And exercise. That's right, exercise. Get up, get out into the sun and walk to the mailbox or down the block. You have zero natural endorphins and you have to "regrow" them now.
Avatar m tn my mind keeps trying to tell me i'll never make it, but i keep fighting it and think of what my mind has clouded with the 2 years on oxys and 10+ years on methadone. readytogetmylifeback is definitely how i feel. 28 days seems a year away but i can't wait to get there, major kudos are due i can only imagine what it must feel like to finally break the chain. thank you!
Avatar f tn The weaker opiates definitely made the methadone withdrawal somewhat bearable (in hindsight) but I think it extended my overall w/d. I am suddenly feeling much better this afternoon....although I know detox can be an up and down process, I am certain I'm through the worst of it. Still have infrequent chills, sweating, stomach stuff, but I'm HUNGRY again and interested to see how I sleep tonight. Just some words of hope to those of you going through this.....
Avatar n tn I wish there was a way I could detox at home and it wouldn't take so long. I am so lost............ Can anyone out there help me before it's too late?
Avatar m tn the energy thing is not as much from the clondine but part of the methadone withdrawal depending on how long and how hi a dose will determine how long it will last ....get to walmart and pick up some stuff called whey protein shake mix its loaded with essential amino acids as well as vitamins and protein ....all of witch the brain needs to heal the chocolate flavor is good drink 2 a day,.....I only wish I had found out about it sooner...
Avatar n tn How long and how much can you take before addiction sets in? I can not go through another withdrawl... A week????
Avatar m tn I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg on what to expect on my long road to being clean. The questions I have are, how long will the urge to take a pill or two last? Does it ever really go away?