How long does methadone withdrawal last

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Avatar n tn My partner and I have been together since we were 13, when he was 19 he started using Heroin, he has been in 3 dif rehabs, none have worked, he has spent the last 10 years on methadone, over the last 2 years he has tappered himself down and now he is 8 weeks clean, and hasn't touched a thing, he has been brilliant and I am so proud, my only worry is that its been 8 weeks and he is still suffering, not as bad as before when he first started to come off it but he still can't sleep, his legs are
Avatar f tn For four months I was on Oxycontin, methadone and percocet 50 mgs a day for the methadone. I took my last pill lasy Sunday morning because I just couldn't take the sweats it gave me.I was put on a newdrug that was a morphine type but the 3 days I thought I was going to die. My husband took me to the emergency room, to be told I was withdrawling. I was given 2 weeks worth of Clonidine patches and sent home. I haven't not slept going on 75 hours. PLEASE how long before I will fall asleep????
Avatar f tn It may not be too bad with methadone having such a long half life but you'll certainly be ready for your dose on Wednesday. How are you feeling now?
Avatar f tn diarrhea, restlessness, BAD leg cramps, lack of sleep... Is it normal for methadone withdrawal to last 8 weeks? I am starting to think I can't do this!
Avatar f tn You need to do this now before your withdrawals set in because methadone withdrawal is as bad as heroin if not worse and 2 times as long. I think your Dr is a clueless bit#h and it pisses me what she is about to put you through. I've been in your shoes I know how it feels. I wish I could help you. I wouldn't wish withdrawals on my worst enemy. It's a terrible feeling. I will keep you in my prayers. If it gets real bad before you can get a solution go to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn I did make it though and it has been 2 yrs. How long has your daughter been on methadone? She will have w/ds for at least 6 weeks .Hopefully the mental health facility can help her with that. I would say that it is definately possible for her to be having those things happen because of the intensity of w/d from methadone. Please keep us posted..
Avatar n tn I didn't think humans could endure that kind of pain. Does anyone know how much longer this should last. Im going out of my mind but trying to stay strong. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Check it out and see if they can help you. Keep us posted on how you are doing.. I have heard the last couple milligrams are the hardest.
Avatar m tn Plus I just want to be done with it, even when tapering I still get withdrawals and I sick of feeling like this for months. So anyway I guess my question is how long does methadone wd take? I usually start feeling very sick after a day and a half or so and then it continually gets worse, I get a lot of bad symptoms, cold sweats, hot flashes, stomach cramps, runny nose, watery eyes, restless leg syndrome, it feels like the worst flu!
Avatar n tn I have said my goodbyes to my dealer (the one who said he was MY FRIEND) and am using this vacation away from work to get control. How long does this last, do you know?
Avatar n tn HI is there any of you who might know how long this withdrawal will last. I walked off metadone at 3mgs I took over a year to get from 75 to 3. I was suprised to still feel sick after a week. Any suggestions for feeling better quicker?
Avatar f tn deleted numbers out of my phone. My question.. How much longer does the sweats last?? I'm doing okay during the day.. Talking about it with family has helped so much! I can deal with anything but the sweating is about to drive me crazy!!! I can't sleep bc of sweating. During the day it's just a constant uncomfortable feeling of being sticky! The sweats at night are my main prob right now!! Can anything help with the sweating??
Avatar f tn I was prescribed methodone for 15 years. 10 100mg & 8 Loratab for breakthough pain a day. One thing is for absolute certain...You will feel it. The withdrawals from heroin are more intense then methodone,but only in the beginning stages& the withdrawals do not last as long. Methadone is synthetically made, while heroin is not man you body can break it down faster. Depending on the dosage,how long, is it daily. You body gets use to a regiment.
Avatar f tn the suboxone will rip out what it can of the methadone from your receptors, and instead of the suboxone filling your receptors, and stopping withdrawals, the suboxone and the methadone (in a sense) fight each other off leaving your receptors empty, causing immediate intense withdrawals...
Avatar f tn 5 years because I got off heroin and on the clinic but now I feel like a string out junkie trying to get clean again cause of how the methadone withdrawal has me feeling. And now I'm also feeling like methadone was a HUGE mistake. I didn't have many options when I got on it...I got pregnant in suboxone in 2007 and the made me switch. However when I relapsed in 2012 I wish I had quit the clinic and my job and gone to treatment for 30 days instead. This *****.
Avatar f tn You will have to go much slower and drop smaller doses for the last 12mgs. Please let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn anyway now i know theres nothing medically wrong with me, i know the symptoms are methadone related (thank god) I just wonder how long this is gonna last, i never thought it would take this long, i came down off meth and had no problems, but thinking about it, my body has had so many chemicals pumped into it for 8yrs (heroin and meth) and now all of a sudden there is nothing.
Avatar f tn ☹️️ My heart goes out to you. You can do it though def. how long have you been on methadone again? I've been on almost 5 years so I think my withdrawals are going to take awhile to go away. That's good that with your councilor they will give you something for the anxiety hun. That's been one of my biggest issues the anxiety. Donyou think you may slow down the taper a little if you start getting really sick? Like to 2mg a week or every other?
Avatar f tn ) because of the amount of methadone that the script was for (3000 mg). I can only imagine how long that would get him put away for? He is someone who really wants help and has just started seeing a new doctor to get off methadone and then step down off of subutex. I was told by the police officer on Friday that he would be put in a medical ward because of his withdrawls. When I went to see him today for his 15 minute constitutional visit I found out this did not happen.