How long does methadone withdrawal take

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Avatar m tn How long does it take and what to expect after you get down to 5 mg of methadone and stop how long will it take to detox that when will you start feeling better
Avatar n tn How long does it take to detox from methadone cold turkey? Is there any way to do it and work a regular job?
Avatar n tn My partner and I have been together since we were 13, when he was 19 he started using Heroin, he has been in 3 dif rehabs, none have worked, he has spent the last 10 years on methadone, over the last 2 years he has tappered himself down and now he is 8 weeks clean, and hasn't touched a thing, he has been brilliant and I am so proud, my only worry is that its been 8 weeks and he is still suffering, not as bad as before when he first started to come off it but he still can't sleep, his legs are
Avatar n tn sorry I don't know much about methadone except that it's hard to come off of. I believe that hellc can help if he's around and reading. Anyway, there are others that know alot about the subject so stick around and Im sure someone that knows will get back to you. Good luck with everything and take care.
Avatar n tn I did make it though and it has been 2 yrs. How long has your daughter been on methadone? She will have w/ds for at least 6 weeks .Hopefully the mental health facility can help her with that. I would say that it is definately possible for her to be having those things happen because of the intensity of w/d from methadone. Please keep us posted..
Avatar f tn You need to do this now before your withdrawals set in because methadone withdrawal is as bad as heroin if not worse and 2 times as long. I think your Dr is a clueless bit#h and it pisses me what she is about to put you through. I've been in your shoes I know how it feels. I wish I could help you. I wouldn't wish withdrawals on my worst enemy. It's a terrible feeling. I will keep you in my prayers. If it gets real bad before you can get a solution go to the emergency room.
Avatar f tn You need to find out if they will keep you on it when you leave there? If so for how long will you take it?
Avatar f tn Can anyone please tell me how bad his withdrawal maybe and what advice can you give me as should he still take methadone but drop slowly or stop altogether.He hates the stuff .
Avatar n tn Darvon N seems to help, but does anyone know if this is just making me drag out my withdrawal? What can i take for the leg cramps? Anyone that has withdrawn from methadone knows what i am talking about. I have to work so it is hell not sleeping much and waking up with leg aches all night.
Avatar f tn the suboxone will rip out what it can of the methadone from your receptors, and instead of the suboxone filling your receptors, and stopping withdrawals, the suboxone and the methadone (in a sense) fight each other off leaving your receptors empty, causing immediate intense withdrawals...
Avatar n tn I have said my goodbyes to my dealer (the one who said he was MY FRIEND) and am using this vacation away from work to get control. How long does this last, do you know?
Avatar m tn Plus I just want to be done with it, even when tapering I still get withdrawals and I sick of feeling like this for months. So anyway I guess my question is how long does methadone wd take? I usually start feeling very sick after a day and a half or so and then it continually gets worse, I get a lot of bad symptoms, cold sweats, hot flashes, stomach cramps, runny nose, watery eyes, restless leg syndrome, it feels like the worst flu!
Avatar f tn I have almost 4yrs in and I finally have the best energy I have had in a very long time..NOW, that does not mean it will take you this long. I had a Heart Attack and have 2 stents put in and I lost most of my Family when I had 18 months in, so that right there set me back mentally & physically. Just stay in the Day!! You are getting better each and every day, but we want BIGGER results because that is the Addicts thinking.
Avatar n tn I wish I was hooked up with an accupuncturist, because I'm sure that would help. No one can tell me how long this will take. I've been smoking a lot of pot, which is making things suck less. I have plenty of klonipin (relative of valium), and I picked up some of the recommended vitamins and stuff. I'm going easy on the doses because my stomach gets burned easily.
Avatar n tn Or am I just setting myself up for withdrawal at a later date? Do the homeopathic remedies actually work? How long can I expect this to last? Thanks for sharing guys & gals.
Avatar f tn well if your doing like that up and down your body never really get adusted to the dose we have no practical time line for you methadone is a hard one to kick you just have to grind it out... how long have you been on it ?? it is hard to tell how bad it is going to beyou CANT use narcotics to try to make it better. keep posting for support..........................Gnarly..........................................
Avatar f tn The MD told him to take another tablet and that he may feel better or may feel worse. How long should it take for the subutex to help him? Is it normal to feel worse before you feel better? I know if he had gotten suboxone there was the risk for induction of withdrawals, but his doctor gave him straight buprenorphine without the naloxone blocker. I just want him to get some relief!!
Avatar f tn And believe it or not, I actually only went one night without sleep, albeit the other nights I only got about 4 hours but that was a miracle considering how mad methadone withdrawal is. I was able to get my hands on several Elavil, its an anti depressent that works wonders for sleep, I would take only one Elavil at night along with a few benadryl. I also took my prescription for Klonopin which helped a lot, and some nuerontin.
Avatar f tn I have had 4 different doctors prescribe methadone. The last one I've had for about 3 1/2-4 years,and she was my pcp. She would only do 1 thing at each appointment and not very well, if I got sick the day before my meds refill and asked her to look in my throat or ears, she would say" Do you want your pain meds, or for me to look at your ears?" She found cancer in my paps smear in Oct of 09 and has done nothing about it, including doing my mammogram.
Avatar f tn ☹️️ My heart goes out to you. You can do it though def. how long have you been on methadone again? I've been on almost 5 years so I think my withdrawals are going to take awhile to go away. That's good that with your councilor they will give you something for the anxiety hun. That's been one of my biggest issues the anxiety. Donyou think you may slow down the taper a little if you start getting really sick? Like to 2mg a week or every other?
Avatar n tn CHINESE HERBS and ACCUPUNCTURE seem to be two of the best ways to treat withdrawal syndrome, and the long-term "post accute withdrawal syndrome" (or "abstinance syndrome"). Methadone has a long-term post accute withdrawal period - sometimes it NEVER goes away. I've heard of people getting off of methdone for a few years, and after being miserable the whole time they get back on methadone - why be miserable when a medication allows you to feel "normal" again?
Avatar f tn I feel like I have a body of a 80 year old women and I'm 33. I would rather withdrawal from heroin than methadone. It's the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Everyone keeps saying everyday will get better and every week that goes by I keep praying for this to all be over with, but it still isn't and it's like I'm in a nightmare only I can't sleep! I wish I could sleep so I wouldn't feel this way, but I can't stay asleep for longer than 30 minutes.
Avatar f tn ive been clean from herion for 45 days but im taking 20 mls of methadone a day im reducing the meth by 2 mls every week i just wana no how long does the rattle last an how long do you feel depressed for?