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Avatar n tn but i will be taking 30mg methadone for only a week, then i am going cold turkey. will it be easier withdrawaling from the week of methadone than it would be to just quit now and withdrawal from the lortabs?
Avatar f tn I just came off Methadone cold turkey so I totally understand what he's going through. I did it with virtually no meds, but if he's nearly 60 it's gonna be harder on him than me. I'd say he should start feeling alittle better in 3-4 weeks after the acute withdrawals. Then after that he's gonna have some ups and downs and still have trouble with sleep. Have him drink tons of water, and eat a good three meals a day. It also helps to take a good multi-vitamin.
Avatar m tn I am starting cold turkey vicodin withdrawal due to running out of my prescription early yet again. In the past I would have just gotten some from a family member, but I cant bring myself to do it anymore. I had surgery after breaking my back and while the back is mended, the pain has not changed. I have been on pain meds (vicodin) for about 4 years now. I am working on losing weight in hopes that will help out with the pain.
1746872 tn?1311552656 We've talked about the standard treatment options here many times-- but with your high dose of morphine, it is unlikely that you will maintain motivation long enough to get all the way through a taper or a cold turkey withdrawal. You can try... but if it doesn't work, get to an addiction doc, and either go to detox or get on buprenorphine, or even methadone.
401095 tn?1351395370 I have gone 11days cold turkey off high dose methadone. Thinking of trying suboxon to ease the length of this. If I don't do it daily will it send me back in to heavy withdrawal or is it a thing I can use for the next week or two off and on to ease the withdrawal I am in?
Avatar n tn First of all, you should be under the care of a doctor, even for withdrawal. Secondly cold turkey is the wrong way to go off, you have to wean yourself over a three week period.
1986130 tn?1326770895 im on day 3 from cold it ok to take lyrica for wd symptoms? wouold nuerontin b better??
Avatar n tn Help, I quit methadone cold turkey at 80mg 10 days ago and im still in hell. I tried suboxone after 2 days and that took me to the 7th level of hell for 24 hrs. I didn't think humans could endure that kind of pain. Does anyone know how much longer this should last. Im going out of my mind but trying to stay strong. Thanks.
Avatar n tn He plans on quitting cold turkey. Aware of all the side effects, my husband is very stubborn and is tired of the liquid handcuffs. So far so good... though today he is sleeping most of the time he seems to be ok. I went out and bought some multi vitamins and boost drinks to help him a bit. is there anyone else who has done this cold turkey before and if so can you help me as to what to expect?
Avatar n tn How long does it take to detox from methadone cold turkey? Is there any way to do it and work a regular job?
Avatar n tn I have decided to stop methadone cold turkey. I am currently on 120 mg. I have awful side effects like, double vision,swollen legs, irregular heartbeat. I hate having to put this poison in my body everyday just because I am afraid of the withdrawal effects. I would like to know what to expect. I have missed one dose so far. Also I would like to know what I can do to help the effects.
Avatar f tn 5 and took many weeks at that level. I have read many successful cold turkey stories on addiction substance abuse which is on this website just a different community.
Avatar f tn Withdrawals can be mild to severe. Like a really bad flu. Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, leg cramps etc. Generally on a taper it is very mild. They may not feel well, but should be able to function. If it is more severe, the taper may be too much or too fast.
535152 tn?1215018769 Even then they don't usually cut off cold turkey! Hand with him. He'll need some help. I'm glad you're there for hom!