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Avatar f tn I am nor sure I understand the question regarding the methadone and the oxycodone. is he prescribed both? is he in a methadone program and taking the oxycodone and benzos? It is very important for him to talk to his Doctor and tell him honestly what he has been taking and what dosage so the Doctor can help him ween off at a safe rate. it is not advisable to do this himself, he really needs the Doctor's assistance in tapering off these medications.
Avatar n tn I'll keep you posted. Please do the same on your end. Someday you and I will be high 5'ing our victory together!
Avatar f tn , should I take my oxycodone then later on a 10 mg methadone? I realize of course that any feedback is opinion only and not medical advice. I say this BC I don't want to hinder a members reply BC they are worried bout my interpretation of replies... Follow me ? either way....all suggestions, opinions and experiences are not only welcomed, but eagerly encouraged. In advance, thanks people.
Avatar n tn Her doctor changed her medicine to 30 mg. of Methadone a day. I read everything on this website about Methadone and was under the impression that it works great for pain and it doesn't get you high. My mother seems like she is in another world, will she eventually get used to the medicine and start to act normal again? I am very worried because she is doing crazy things, walking outside in her underwear and so on. Is 30 mgs. a lot? She is driving on this medicine, I don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn well they basically told me to stop taking the methadone and then the next day start taking the oxycodone. Is this safe?? Anyone know if these drugs can be taken together or if they can be taken that close together (within a 24 hour period)?
662972 tn?1270169901 Listen please dont go on methadone ! i'm an x addict ! my doc was lortabs ocycotin oxycodone and any other pill i could get till i was introduced to methadone (illegaly) When i started taking it i did know sever people in the methadone clinic and they told me to start with 20mg and build myself up to a point where i no longer have urges to use ! This did not help me quit drugs ! this was just another drug !
Avatar f tn one 8 mg of 'Sub' is NOT equal to 30-40 mgs of methadone. it is actually equal to 150 mgs of morphine! which is just about equivalent to methadone!
Avatar m tn Now my RLS was temporary as it was part of withdraws, but it helped nonetheless. Methadone, and even oxycodone, to manage RLS sounds a little extreme to me (man they are addictive!) but what do i know--im not a medical professional! Congrats on listening to your body and intuition, recognizing what's going on, and taking action. Best of luck to you and remember, we're always here for support!
Avatar f tn Oxycodone to morphine to hydromorphine to fentanyl to methadone to oxymorphone to morphine to oxycodone to hydromorphine, round and round. Oxycodone is no longer effective for me after a month or two. Talk about tolerance -- mine is amazing. Until oral fentanyl is approved for non-cancer use, I can't use that one anymore either -- I require too many patches. So, I've got a pool of four medications to use for pain, and every year or two, I change partners.
Avatar m tn the 40mg OxyContin, the presciption is ready for pick-up every month at the pharmacy and I could easily have a weak moment and go and fill the scipt. I'm aware that seeking medical care is best, but given the circumstances (my career for example) I'd like to avoid this at all costs. Does anyone have any experience with oxycodone for approximately the same amount of time I've been taking it? I'm curious to know how long I can expect withdrawl symptoms.
Avatar f tn Most here will discourage methadone as it's highly addictive and withdrawals are long and severe. However, it doesn't seem you have too many options. I've heard of Suboxone used to treat pain, but doubt it's usefulness other than just a replacement drug. There have been a few members in this forum who were in pain management that when detoxed found that their pain threshold was compounded by the pain medication and became managable with over the counter medication.
Avatar f tn They treat many women addicted to opiates and will be able to refer you to a physician who will be able to manage you on Suboxone or Subutex and will over a few months taper you off. You and the doctor will need to work together to aggressively get you off the meds by the time you are ready to deliver the baby. Subutex is the best and safest way to manage addiction during pregnancy. It allows you to taper yourself (and the baby) safely and quickly off narcotics with minimal withdrawals.
Avatar f tn I felt better than I have in a very long time considering my severe withdrawals started 17 days ago as I was tapering off methadone very fast. I took 3 hydro 10s and 1 Xanax and the chlonidine (along with the healthy vitamins and fruit). However, nothing stops the nerve pain that shoots up my spine into my brain stem and clenches up all my muscles in my neck and back when I'm trying to sleep. Makes me kick my legs and want to rip my own spine out of my body.
Avatar m tn I wish u all the best and really hope that you don't let your confidence in your ability to pull off your duties at work effect your self reflection, b/c like you said, this will destroy your life. and oxy's a re no joke. I am also trying to stop using oxy's and methadone- and it's so much harder to stay clean than i thought it would be. but you sound like you are on the right track, hopefully we can both find the strength to beat this.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if u can take citalopram and methadone together? I am on 30mls of methadone and comin down gradually but have just been prescribed citalopram and have heard u cannot mix the two. Or u can but it can cause irregular heart rhythms etc which can be life threatening.
994981 tn?1249567628 ( Me and the boyfriend have een together for 4 years now and have had a horriable last yeear in a hlf! It started out on vicoden, and perks. he started taking them because he has an extra bone in his knee and he has to go get surgey in like 2 months away still, but anywayz he started taking them to get the pain to go away in is knee and then he said he felt pretty good on them as well and he was a partyier so it made him feel better!
Avatar f tn Maybe after he gets better and gets his life together you can get back together. Maybe not. You are young and you have a life to live. Its time to move on and let things take there natural way of happening. Do not let him hold you back and dont stay. Get ouyt as soon as you can and dont look back. If he calls answer but once he becomes mean and threantening which he will if you leave pull away. Do not let him hurt you because its not him its the monster inside him.
994981 tn?1249567628 well i have been on oxycodone heavy for about 4 years and am ready too get off... i still have a few pill's , but for the last couple of day's i have been thinking hard about quitting. i am sick of my life revolving around doctor's and pill's. i eat them like they are m&m's... My doctor did prescribe me some saboxen..
Avatar n tn Methadone and oxy isn't a deadly mix in as far as interactions go. Basically, it sounds as if the person overdosed. Methadone in itself is very dangerous for anyone who is not used to it or opioids in general. It is a very strong opioid. I know of a couple people who take methadone for pain and the oxy on top of it as a breakthrough med. Even though it is like someone peeing in the wind for them to be taking oxy on top of methadone, they do anyway.
Avatar f tn So here I am.... day 1 without Oxycodone. I could just go ahead and give up now, go have a pill and give up almost before i started, or I can see this through. My husband thinks I am coming down with something.... my cover story... the hours and days ahead will tell the tale of how far down I am going to come. It's unfortunate that I've put myself in a place where I have to come clean without really coming clean.
Avatar n tn Well I decided over the last few months its time to get off this controling drug, Ive been clean and sober for years and Im gonna start weaning off the methadone this month and as Ive said before I have zero support, thats where you guys come into the picture, Im hoping if I have any questions or concerns you will be there. Oh and as far as the ex-boyfriend goes, he did,nt live thru his addiction, he died in August from drinking himself to death.
Avatar n tn With the controlled release of the med I'm taking now, things seem to be on an even keel compared to the abrupt ups and downs of the shorter acting narcotics like hydrocodone and oxycodone. As I've said time and again, all I want is a state of equilibrium in my life where everything seems to be safe and secure....and pain free! I suppose that's a lot to ask for as a human being? Somebody said above that they went fifteen years in hell before discovering a med that offered some relief.
374225 tn?1269902862 Can you possibly relate a comparative for me that might rank dropping off the oxycodone vs. the methadone. Right now my methadone dose is 10Mg 3 times a day. For them moment I'm taking 10Mg twice a day and 5Mg at bedtime. I have severe sleep apnea and I don't want to die from not breathing in my sleep and since even at 5mg I woke up sweating last night it's a concern. A real one. Oh it's a wondeful life of pain for sure...
218451 tn?1274998152 WD should last about 7 days with lingering RLS, lack of appetite, sleeplessness and fatigue for another week. Depends on how long you've been using subs and opiates all together. What were on before? Your dose? and frequency of dose? what is your age? is this the first time you will be going through WD?
Avatar n tn I'm still on this amount of oxycodone and nearing my 31st week of pregnancy. Of course my doc would like me to slowly ween down as i would i MORE THEN ANYTHING, but its been so hard trying, the further along i get the worst my back gets, so trying to take less of my meds is causing extreme pain. I'm so worried about my baby having withdrawals and i just cant help but to think with the amount I'm on (my dosage) that its a guarantee my baby is going to.
Avatar n tn I cut down from 80 mg a day to 15 mg, then stopped methadone. I'm now on the Morphine and have Oxycodone if the pain gets to bad to use PRN. I wish I could get by with nothing, but that's not to be, I was injured 25 years ago and have been in pain ever since, on narcotics the last 12 years, methadone for about 1.5 years. I'm doing fairly good, but still feel like crap. Is there anything beside vitamans (which I'm doing) that can help me get the drug out of the fat in my body?
Avatar f tn I have never herd of them doing it like this but I also know in the physician desk reference guide it says not to induse sub untill a person drops down below 30 mg of methadone and if they induse and there is methadone left in his system it will send him into persipatated withdrawals or the 7 level of hell thats why the doctor wants to wait 14 days bettter to error on the side of safety im just really surprised the doctor cares how he feels till then this is a compassionate doctor or a "&qu
Avatar n tn Virginia Pact, MD has sold her practice and she really knows very little about how to withdraw someone from methadone anyway. I use to be on 15 mg daily and I took myself down very slowly from that dose to about 7 1/2 daily about a year ago. I was afraid to go all the way down in case my pain became severe again. I got the withdrawal information from the local methadone clinic at that time. (My doctor thought I should just stop taking the dose...very bad idea.
Avatar n tn Yo Bro, I have been on Methadone for 1 year and I NEED and want to be off of it. They had me at 100Mg a day for awhile and I now have it down to 20Mg a day. Can you help me with how I might go about tapering more and more than to none ??