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Avatar m tn The conversion to Methadone varies wildly given many different factors. Methadone is a very very tricky and difficult to convert. Methadone and another med that isn't used much (Levorphonal..sp?) have extremely long half lives on the order of DAYS. In other words it takes 2-3 days for the initial dose to reduce to 1/2 the amount.
401095 tn?1351395370 Meperidine (Demerol) 10-20mg.........Methadone 30-60mg.........Morphine 20mg..............Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet) 10mg..............Oxymorphone (Numorphan) 200-300mg.....Propoxyphene (Darvocet) 150mg............Tramadol (Ultram, Ultracet) a guide only...
199177 tn?1490502134 Levorphanol (Dromoran) 300mg............Meperidine (Demerol) 10-20mg.........Methadone 30-60mg.........Morphine 20mg..............Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet) 10mg..............Oxymorphone (Numorphan) 200-300mg.....Propoxyphene (Darvocet) 150mg............
168732 tn?1311715679 Recently become tolerant to fent and docs feel moving to methadone would be best course of treatment. Have studied some and know that conversion can be tricky and is less toxic to liver (have stage 2 cirrhosis), so hoping it will be the right decision. Will it be a rough ride, up down, during change, will methadone be as effective helping pain and what different side effects can I expect. I now have plenty nausea, fatigue and usual restlessness on all the opiates.
Avatar n tn i have now been on Methadone since March of this year. the Methadone is the only thing that has worked for my spinal nerve damage. i am on 50mg/day of Methadone now. before i was on 75MG of the duragesics (3 patches at a time, and then rotate) 6 (800Mcg) Actiq lollipops a day, and oxycontin, morphine sulfate for breakthrough pain. unfortuneately after five years of the duragesics and Actiqs, my body assimilated to them and they stop working - thus, going on the Methadone.
Avatar m tn I'm really not sure of the exact conversion but I do know methadone is a good deal stronger than oxycodone. I do believe that it would be possible to take methadone with oxycodone for break-through pain if your doctor prescribes it at your next appt. One of our Community Leaders posted a medication conversion chart in her journal. It's handy for getting an idea of the equivalency of different pain meds.
Avatar f tn but it is not really the effect they r comparing//but the strength...i do believe there is a conversion chart in avisg's journal...
Avatar f tn If you were to calculate the equianalgesic dose of methadone using the usual conversion tables, you will massively overdose the patient. Therefore, in an opioid rotation to methadone you calculate the equianalgesic dose and divide by three, usually, or at least by two. Methadone is different. It breaks down to methadone which is not a hyperalgesic substance.
Avatar f tn An example of this would be switching from oxycontin to methadone for a few months, or from methadone to mscontin, etc. The only trick to this is to make sure the correct dosages are prescribed via a reputable conversion chart. I would simply talk with your doctor about prescibing 3 tablets of your long acting medication (oxycontin in your case). If your doctor isn't willing to do that then ask (nicely!
3949693 tn?1370820195 My guess is that you are on to low of a fentanyl dosage, compared to your oxycontin (oxyneo is the same I think) and percocet dosage. They have conversion charts available on most medical websites. You can check it yourself before going back to the doctor. I wouldn't be afraid to tell him the patches aren't working, and that you think the dosage is to low, especially if the conversion charts "back you up". just don't "demand"a dosage increase, let the doctor be the doctor.
Avatar m tn I am in pain management x 1 year and currently on Mylan Fentanyl Path every 48 hours along with Oxycodone x 30 mgs. a day. I was the victim of a drunk driver. I am always here to help answer questions from any member and ask a question if I need information.
198154 tn?1337790865 This is given as a possible alternative to therapies such as methadone, buprenorphine, etc. Good luck to all of those attempting to rid themselves of addiction. The intensity and length of opiate withdrawal will depend on a few factors. The larger the dose, the more intense the withdrawal. The longer you have been using, the longer and more intense the withdrawal will be. If you did it once a day, it might take a few days for the withdrawal to kick in.
Avatar f tn In other words, this is not the only place to get the conversion information. Now, I will not provide conversion info for methadone...ever! That opioid is completely unpredictable as it builds up in your system and even the conversions that are out there are very risky to go off of as everyone's metabolism is different and with methadone, the conversion is not straight forward at all.
Avatar f tn I was on oxycotin 80 mg 4xd for since 1995,then iwas switched to Oxymorphone 40 mg 3 xd which by conversion from endo I needed 1 mg of oxymorph to every 2 mg of oxycotin the dr did not see it that way but the mfg endo says so to get the same they just basically left me to whatever.
Avatar m tn I'm afraid that your suffering from opioid withdrawal because today's conversion tables to methadone are too conservative. For over 50 years, oral methadone was considered to be 3/2 the strength of morphine.That means that 20mg of methadone is equivalent to 30mg of morphine. (All opioid strengths are based on the so-called "gold standard" of analgesia, morphine sulfate.) This means methadone is 150% the strength of morphine.
3039221 tn?1340464800 3 months ago an MRI revealed buldging discs (L4/5 and S1) and I have been taking Oxycodone and receiving epidural injections (which do not help). The pain is only getting worse all the time. My Neuro said I cannot be helped by surgery, but I have made an appointment with an Ortho to confirm that opinion. A few weeks ago he added Morphine to my meds, but the pain is simply increases every day.
13440552 tn?1430171097 So don't know why they told you that? You can down load the conversion chart. Oxycodone is at the top. Then subs and methadone. I'm sorry you're going through this. Have you considered the option of just quitting c/t? I know you have kids,I also do. It was hard,but it was only a week of real physical w/d's. You must have been sick with the flu well having your kids? Just think of it like that. Everyone always tries to skip this part,but it's not possible. It's really the only way to get clean.
Avatar m tn I had been on oxycodone and the new-oxy for about 12 years and this October 13th decided enough was enough. I too live in chronic pain, relatively high levels of pain which were there regardless of the medication. I have now been "off" all narcotic medications completely, for over a month....I did a weaning process which was still difficult, but necessary. Now it's a matter of getting my guts back in order. If I can do this, you too can do this. The support here is fantastic!
Avatar m tn a good NEW behavior, eh?...however, have a look at this conversion chart, ok? Conversion table other drugs equivalent to sub/bupe Jul 24, 2008 - 8 comments #Pain Killer Equivalent Doses (Oral) 1.2mg.............Buprenorphine (Bupe) 200mg............Codeine (Tylenol 2, 3, 4, etc) 30-60mg.........Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) (orally it = morphine, IV/IM/insuffilated it's 2x as strong) 100mg............Dihydrocodeine 30mg..............Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lorcet, etc) 7.5mg............
Avatar f tn As promised per my PM, I am responding to your post. The opioid conversions involving methadone or fentanyl are trickier than converting other opioids so I use an online calculator most of the time to do these conversions. There is a fabulous brand new state of the art opioid conversion calculator online here: http://opioidcalculator.practicalpainmanagement.
981443 tn?1250119402 It is approximately 6–8 times more potent than morphine, and is related to morphine in the same fashion that oxycodone is to codeine (being a derivative of thebaine). It differs from morphine in its effects in that it generates less euphoria, sedation, itching and other histamine effects. Depending on the individual patient, it can be either more or less nausea- and vomit-inducing than morphine.
Avatar m tn Ask your doctor to do a liver function test (AST/ALT and ALP) while everyday on paracetamol and see for yourself. On the other hand, morphine, hydro/oxycodone (without paracetamol) in the doses you're taking, are highly unlikely to cause any liver toxicity.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl every 48 hours, 30 to 45 mg. oxycodone every four hours, 1 mg. Ativan 3 times a day, 800 mg. ibuprofen every 6 hours, 90 mg. Cymbalta a day, 10 mg. Robaxin 3 times a day, .1 mg. clonidine 3 times a day. Tapered the Fentanyl from 75 to 50 without much trouble. Then went to 37.5 mcg and had a tough time. Couldn't get a refill as the pharmacy I have to use only had higher dosages. Talked to the doctor and we switched to MS Contin 30 mg. twice a day.
356518 tn?1322267242 eg, codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, methadone, buprenorphine, tramadol, and fentanyl. Individual patients may have genetic variants of the enzymes, or may be taking inducer or inhibitor drugs, that strongly influence opioid metabolism and, hence, their detectable presence or absence in urine (or blood, or oral fluid if used) [see, Carlozzi et al. 2008; Smith 2009].
Avatar n tn I hear methadone and ultram are the worst from what Ive read here. Currently Im addicted to morphine and Fentanyl. I have a taper schedule ready, now I just need to get _me_ ready.. Also I hear Soma is addicting.. well thats another favorite of mine.. but Ive never had w/d from it, and Ive been up to 12-20 a day (4 at a time). When I run out, thats it. It does have a tolerance though, used to be 1 or 2 would get me messed, now I take 4 and not really feel a thing.
356518 tn?1322267242 While I was there, rather than continue with possibly not being able to get part of my prescription (until they finish ironing out the wrinkles with the oxycodone liquid) my doctor just decided to switch me to Methadone 10mg (1 tab every 4 hours) with oxycodone 15mg (2 tab every 4 hours) for breakthru pain.
Avatar f tn If you were getting adequate relief from the percocet, I don't know why he switched you to morphine to get away from tylenol, all he had to do was give you pure oxycodone in the immediate release form. It comes in dosages as low as 5mg, it's not like oxycontin, which is the time-release version. If I were you I would ask him about it. There is no point to taking something that isn't giving you any relief.
Avatar m tn im on higher dose now and in conversion it says i need like 40 80 mg oxycontin to substitute?? i tried oral dilaudid but it gets me to nauseas. im worried if i use oxycontin ill end up on both. also is mscontin better to sub. for withdrawl than oxycontin. i figure i have to drop the dilaudid lower and take an extended release drug. any help on the best way to taper off this high dosage dilaudid by substituting. one person said use fentynol patch.
Avatar m tn How did it help relieve your pain? I was on Methadone and Percocet for breakthrough pain and recently stopped Methadone and I'm looking for a suitable ER med and my PCP suggested the patch.