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Avatar n tn so for a very long time people have been shaking addiction off very strong narcotics 131 days now, off a norco mixed,methadone washed down with beer. what you used, and how long you used it will determine how bad the wd's will be, and how long the long term wd's are. and the'done is known for long ones,unfortunately. but many people have done it........
Avatar n tn since i was informed i cant ask a question in this forum the thing is i was addicted to heroin for 3 years and moved out of nyc to florida and detoxed in a week or so unfortunatly without counceling ever, i was clean for 4 years then i had a severe back injury and was prescribed 1st vicodins which i never heard of ,realy, i never took any pills to get high(in my past) but when i started abusing my meds it kept going and they kept em coming so when i told my doctor that i was an addict again
Avatar n tn Believe me I have been down the oxy road and will NEVER go back.I was also a 12 pk. a day beer drinker before methadone and now I do not drink at all. Believe it or not methadone took away my craving for alcohol. If all you are wanting to do is detox off of oxy's keep doing what you are doing if it helps you, but if you think you might go back to the oxy's you might consider going to a pain mgmt doctor if you have chronic pain or to a clinic if you need help staying off the oxys.
Avatar n tn I am a beer drinker. I drink light beer only, and I usually drink about 1 case of beer on the weekends. I am currently trying to limit that to 12 beers every other weekend. My question is; what are the harmful side effects of light beer compared to hard liquor or even regular beer?
Avatar m tn — with two cans of beer, a down payment on a salary paid mostly in alcohol. He gets two more cans at lunch and then another can or, if all goes smoothly, two to round off a productive day. "I'm not proud of being an alcoholic, but I am proud to have a job again," said Mr. Schiphorst, the grateful beneficiary of an unusual government-funded program to lure alcoholics off the streets by paying them in beer to pick up trash.
Avatar n tn no drugs, tablets and alcohol. Anyway methadone and beer is not a lethal combination for one who used it every day, but much alcohol and methadone over time is not good for your brain. Many people stop to take methadone after a while. I stop after 1 year and start to take Subutex which is nicer for your body and brain, libido and more. I want to stop with everything soon. I know many people who stop with methadone after few years, but they have to want to stop by theme self....good luck.
Avatar f tn there are now 3800 methadone related deaths per year..up from 400 methadone related deaths for the year 2006...and NO, theses are not all overdoses...a lot of them are first time users, they take 1, 5 or 10 mg methadone tablet and they die!! this is no joke...i will provide you with the information if you would like to see it...just shoot me a PM... do not take this path...and if your an addict your chances of getting addicted to methadone are very high...
569676 tn?1315644758 Hey guys, I just saw a post about legal possesion and it reminded me of an issue I had while on methadone. A buddy and I were driving through a really nice neighborhood in a not so nice car.... I had just gotten a new cell phone with a full keyboard on it and received a text message. I pulled over to reply cause I wasnt used to texting on it. A cop drove by and when I proceeded up the road I was pulled over.
Avatar n tn Methadone and oxy isn't a deadly mix in as far as interactions go. Basically, it sounds as if the person overdosed. Methadone in itself is very dangerous for anyone who is not used to it or opioids in general. It is a very strong opioid. I know of a couple people who take methadone for pain and the oxy on top of it as a breakthrough med. Even though it is like someone peeing in the wind for them to be taking oxy on top of methadone, they do anyway.
Avatar n tn My friend has been on clonipins for 10 yrs and was going to a methadone clinic about 3 yrs ago and both we're legal and her Dr. knew so I'm not 100% sure if it's ok, but I do know she was taking both by presciption...You could also try contacting a pharmacy and they may know or call poison control and ask them they may only tell you if you've already taken it.
Avatar n tn I don't know about methadone. But I wanted to say well done my friend. I'm working my way off of hydrocodone, and that's hateful enough. But my heart goes out to you, and I've added you to my prayers. Go with God, and stay strong. Many of us here love and care about you.
Avatar n tn I have not touched a bag of dope since my first dose.I loved oxie's and beer and I'm happy to say that meth helped me quit drinking also.I don't want to push anything or any way of life on you but IMHO methadone is the only reason I'm alive.I have Hep C and cirrhosis so now I have the strength and willpower to work on those problems when before I never cared.It's a decision only you can make and I honesly believe when addiction rules your life it's the only way......
Avatar n tn thats a stong amount of methadone she is on, its about the same as taking 2 oxies a day or 3 bags of herion, i more concerned for you not many people can be around someone on these drugs, and when they do it affects them, unless you are also on methadone the best bet would be to start going to alonon and try to get her into treatment, this is ofcoarse if you are not on drugs wish you the best, i was on methadone and suboxone for a long time, my spouse stayed on sub my first year clean, i told hi
Avatar n tn due they have shorter methadone programs, she also said they want cash and you can try to get your ins to reinburse you. i have no experence with these programs. any input would help.
Avatar n tn Sorry we are not allowed to give medical advice. Personal experience yes. Alcohol is a depressant the same as Methadone is. I have a beer now and then and maybe a shot occasionally. I wouldn't recommend gettting shitfaced. One drink never killed me however. More people will post. It's your decision no one elses. Lucky you 30 day take homes, of course I've only been in methadone treatment for 1 1/2 yrs.
Avatar n tn If I were you I would tell the doc or clinic that you go to that you want to come off Methadone can be very dangerous to come off of cold turkey so if I were you I would taper off this.
Avatar f tn Hi kimmypach, how are you? You are probably under too much of stress and need to relax. Do you remember of any factors that has triggered the sleep deprivation off late? Have you been under care of a physician and was Methadone prescribed to you? "Methadone is now primarily used today for the treatment of narcotic addiction. The effects of methadone last longer than those of morphine-based drugs.
Avatar m tn hey dude if your on the pills stay on them just start taking 1 less each day, and your right about the withdrawal its way less then with methadone im coming off 150 mg om at 4mg now and it has been tuff to say the least I havent sleep decent in a week gut cramping and high anxiety at times to my advise is do your withdrawal from the pills and STAY AWAY FROM THE METHADONE im sorry i ever went on it...
Avatar m tn The first day was 30ml, 2nd 25, 3rd 20 then i said no more meth and stopped at 20ml. it has been 48 hours with no methadone or any opiates, and 5 days with no heroin and I've had sore muscles and teary eyes, depression, but nothing super bad. Should I expect to get my *** kicked in the next couple days or is the worst over?
Avatar m tn I have read a lot of these forums and can only say everyone is different,people keep saying all this stuff about methadone staying in your system for months but hear are FACTS, in 72 hours u should have no methadone left in your system even with the half life now after 72 hours the demons start and I have no clue how long withdrawl will last because I was able to go cold turkey from methadone after being on 90 mg for a year and the only withdrawl I had was a little fatigue and lack of sleep witc
Avatar f tn I was searching for help online and came across this forum. I'm 29, engaged and mom of 2, and work 50 plus hours a week. I stopped taking methadone almost 2 weeks ago, I tapered down myself. Went from 50 mg's down to 2 mg's but had to take norco to replace the withdrawals which weren't terrible but I can still feel the effects that drug. It made me such a mean and irritable person. Been taking norco for over 6 years. Chronic back pain started it all from an accident.
Avatar n tn As she was there a methadone user overheard her concerns and sold his methadone prescription to her. You can put the rest of it together from here.... It been two years now. I did find out that when she went to get medical advice they did stabilizer her at 100 mg a day. She says she is now down to 50mg a day and trying to ween 5mg at a time. Mind you I talked to her before about weaning and I thought she was much lower than that.
Avatar n tn However, in March of this year, another body, SAMHSA, or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, will have the authority to authorize physicians to provide methadone and LAAM maintenance and/or detox to patients, as long as the physician is affiliated with an Opioid Treatment Program-based organization and gets SAMHSA certification.
Avatar n tn is, will taking methadone instead of oxycontin detox me from oxy,and how long till i can stop taking methadone and not feel any withdraws from oxy? 2nd how long does it take to become physically dependent on methadone? im **** this myself no doc im getting it off the street. my goal is to stop physical dependence(withdraw) to oxy but not take methadone long enough to get physical dependence. i was taking 160mg of oxy a day, now im taking 30mg. methadone for the last 4 days and no oxy.
417564 tn?1287986427 Prior to that, you will need nutritional supplements. We tapered from 110mg. methadone from Aug.'07 to 7mg. March 6 and went cold turkey from there. We reduced by 5mg. per week down to 45mg., then 2mg. per day thereafter down to 7. That is a fast taper and there is no way our bodies had time to catch up but thus far it has made a world of difference. Your frame of mind is an important aspect of this detox Stay positive with your eye on the prize.
Avatar n tn I have been on methadone for about 2 years. I started at 80 mgs and am now down to between 30 and 20 a day. I really need and want to be off of this. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn i have no experience with methadone, and i'm sure someone who has taken it will get to you shortly. gaining weight is so difficult to deal with for us women! in your post you said that you aren't getting out of your home. well, you need to, get out, take a walk, get some exercise. the only way to lose weight is to burn off more calories than you take in.
Avatar n tn He was a heroin addict and an alcoholic since he was in his teens. He's now 35. He takes pills with his methadone every now and then and it just makes life hell for me. He's already a compulsive liar so even if I confront him gently, he denies everything. I would like some input as to how to see the triggers for someone to take pills in addition to already being on such a high dose of methadone (180ml).
484568 tn?1208561338 Methadone is synthetic herion, and it's long acting, and very easy to over dose on, because you don't think you feel it. I suggest you send it back and get something else, it's the worst withdrawal ever. If you keep it don't play with it and take it as directed. It's been 2 weeks since my last one and i'm still feeling it.
Avatar f tn Maybe in someone's theory, but I have read it is closer to 1mg dupe is good for 30-60mgs of methadone. I was at about 200mgs methadone and 8 mgs bupe was about right, which is half what my doctor prescribed, but that is 50mgs methadone to 1mg bupe, was still a little off, but stabilized in a couple days. I'll try to find another conversion chart, but that conversion you shared means that 1mg dupe is equal to 300mgs of methadone, maybe check your source again.