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5649354 tn?1371751981 C, then a few months after that I had a horribly heavy period that I had to take meds to stop (all of this obviously derailed the baby making business for a while). Finally getting back on track in 2013 so my fingers are crossed that there will be a positive pregnancy test this year.
198419 tn?1360245956 20 per month even if you don't have any insurance. Sorry, I really do feel for you Shell. The insurance companies are so huge and trying to protect their massive profits that they end up forgetting about the poor people with diseases and the impact of their crazy flipflop policies. How different would be if the executives of those companies developed a life changing disease. Anyway, give 'em hell Shell!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pcos in july of 06. I have been on metformin since then and have a few irregular af since then. I am about to start the first round of clomid/metformin. I will keep you in my prayers. I know it is hard when you don't know what is going on in there!!!
Avatar f tn The cost of the medicine depends on what's covered by your health insurance
Avatar n tn I just had this work done and I got laid off with no warning so now I am without health insurance. I have had a couple of instances of blured vision usually when I look up from reading. My Dr's office said I have diabetes. I have a large balance and just spoke with them by phone. I was put on metformin a while ago for insulin resistance. I quit taking it. I still have refills. should I take it.
1113668 tn?1258667795 So your first step is to get a doctor who will treat you, and probably put you on metformin. You should not go more than 2 months without a period, it is not good for your body. If you still don't get your period with metformin, then it needs to be induced with Provera, which is a progesterone pill. Once you are getting your period, you can think about trying to conceive. The answer is YES! You can POSSIBLY get pregnant with PCOS without doing fertility treatments.
2003099 tn?1327564444 I have pcos and i am on metformin 1700 a peroid come and go the most i have had regular is 4 mothis in a roll since i started the metformin, but I am still not ovulating i know doc tested my progetrin level i think and I didnt even register a whole number it was like 0.01 something like that he had me/ to come in on the 21st day something like that. can someone take birth control and metformin to conter dict the bc? i know i have high testosterone levels too.
1676569 tn?1390278153 I am also very upset with my RE I feel like im not O'ing and if by some chance I am than its not properly so I asked the nurse to express to her my concerns and that next cycle I would like her to prescribe me something to induce O the B**ch gone say NO not until she see how my body responds to the Metformin for 3 months and im thinking to myself that I dnt wanna wait no 3 months for what when im telling her that I dnt think im O'ing plus she just diagnosed me with PCOS so im really not feeling
1434731 tn?1382725984 Hi Lynn I had this done and my isurance paid for it but I think without insurance its like 500 dollars.... I was put under to sleep....
359142 tn?1321124523 The best thing to do is call your insurance company to see what they cover. Clomid is fairly cheap $50 without insurance and IUI is around $300. Not sure how much the trigger is.....
Avatar f tn The good thing about the prescription is that it is not expensive. If you get your med's at Wal-mart and have insurance it cost $4.00. Hope this helps you. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn but the obgyn who agreed to do my work pro bono with the exception of the free clinic covering the cost of my testing has now opened his own practice and is no longer under the same network as the doctor who agreed to help me... so now I have no one... and I fear that with all the medical problems that go with pcos I will not have even one child.....
1423908 tn?1282670825 She is planning on giving me the HCG shot after she does ultrasound. My insurance doesn't pay for anything so I am hoping the clomid and HCG shot will work. Goodluck and God bless! Prayers for everyone trying to conceive!!
Avatar n tn I live in colorado and the clomid I took for six months wasn't that expensive. My insurance didn't pay for it. I took it for seven days and it cost me $28.00. My ultersounds were covered by insurance, I did have to pay a little but not much. I just had an IUI and it wasn't covered by insurance. It cost us $284.00 I think you should try clomid.
Avatar f tn My major concern is my weight gain because I just don’t feel great when I carry extra weight. One doctor raised me to .150 synthyroid and started me on Metformin since my insulin production was so high. I actually was able to lose the weight. However, he told me I was losing weight too fast! He then started taking blood himself and would only give me a prescription script every 30 days. Since I travel so much, that just didn’t work for me. I changed to a different Endo.
Avatar f tn I am overweight (100 lbs) and have other complications due to my obesity. (stent placement) I am currently taking Metformin 1000 mg x 2 twice daily, plus Lantus Solostar, 27 units. When I began the insulin, my blood glucose was over 400! Now it is down between 200 - 230 in the morning. They want to put me on a different type of insulin to take with meals. I don't want to do that. Is there anything I can do to lower my blood sugar naturally without taking more insulin?
Avatar f tn It is totally not covered with mine but I see others who have some degree of coverage with their insurance. You should check with your insurance company to see what your plan covers regarding fertility treatments. I hope that something works for you soon or that it happens when you were not even trying.
Avatar n tn The excess hair on the face can be reduced by the laser hair removal...however, I do not think any insurance will cover the cost of it seeing they have it listed under "cosmetic". I've heard of hair removal creams I think it's called Vanic (sp?). That can be given by a dermotolgist. Metformin should help, it's one of the most common given medications for those who have PCOS. I take that along with Yasmin bc.
465737 tn?1315758522 I have heard that a cycle of IUI and injectibles (without insurance) costs about $2,000. I don't know for sure - thatis just what I have heard. So, it would make sense to do a few of those first before dropping $15,000 on IVF - just my humble opinion :) Good luck and if you have any questions just message me. HUGS and SSBD!!
Avatar f tn I am luck my insurance covers all IVF cost except storage of eggs. I really want to move on to something else, but don't know if I am jumping the gun. A little about me (I hope not TMI) DH and I both 28, married 5 years, ttc 3 years. Seeing RE since August07 I had an ectopic with our 4th IUI cycle, now have one tube but we know sperm can fertilize egg. I ovualte with the help of clomid and DH has low count. IUI's usually have 10-15 million after wash.
Avatar f tn Sure I accept diabetes, which will cost me my career as a truck driver, my job driving and the insurance that paid for this diagnosis. Thanks for all the encouragement. Unemployment here I come!
Avatar f tn I never heard from that doctor again. I became pregnant in Nov 06 without help but to M/C the day after being told. Since then I have had no luck in becoming PG. I called and got referred to another doctor and yet again being put on Metoformin. So almost two years later we are at our ends with this. Why is so hard to get the doctor to see us? Finally after yelling they sent us to REI clinic(Kaiser you got to love it) for them to tell us the appoint is two months out.
Avatar f tn The lab work cost me $950 with insurance. I went on strict diet got down to 150 in 2 months. I'm taking metformin which treats both problems. My dad and his 4 siblings and his dad are diabetics so I am prone to have it. I'm grateful I still have a fighting chance. If I was you I would watch what u eat only eat 30-40 grams a sugar a day. If u eat a lot of carbs one day stay away from sweets. Also weight and family history are huge factors.
1569575 tn?1314427659 I desperately want to exercise, but due to my mostly sedimentary lifestyle in the past 10 years, I can barely walk across the street to the park without getting completely winded and having to sit down for a while just to breathe again. My blood pressure in a "sitting" position is normally 145/100. When it comes to my diet, I love meats (chicken, lean hamburger, etc.) and unprocessed cheese. I'm a big protein person.
Avatar m tn Hi, i see it's been a while since you posted your question on Victoza and weight loss. The first 7 days of taking this medicine and watching my calorie and nutrient intake, i've lost 7 lbs. in 7 days. i was no happy about taking this, since i have hypo-thyroid & there were 3 months my regular thyroid medication was off the market.
665960 tn?1253802904 or so in a matter of a month and I still haven't had a period since August 8, 2008, which makes me worry. I don't have a job anymore, which means no more insurance... So I don't have the money to go back to the doctor and get closer to fixing my problems. I just feel so useless and worthless! Oh yeah and my brother and sister in law live in Hattisburg with my nephew Bragg, so I don't ever get to see him unless its a holiday or special occasion...
1498386 tn?1403031253 I was put on Metformin 500mg 2X a day after being diagnosed and I have seen no change in weight or facial hair! I am frustrated because I hate the way I feel being this large. I guess my main question is are there ANY success stories out there of women losing weight with PCOS and taking metformin? I could really use some encouragement. I want so bad to start our family, but if I am this uncomfortable being my weight now, I fear how I will feel being pregnant.
Avatar f tn and all) each. The nurse at the fertility clinic estimated an IVF to cost around $6,000 in the area where I live. I am trying to get out of debt and we will have our mobile home paid off this upcoming year (one of the reasons we went with a mobile home, to have no house payment, we would like to save up and then build a house on the land). I told my doctor that I do want to wait until after the first of the year before going forward with anything.
Avatar f tn Maybe I am wrong, but I do know treatment is much different if you have insurance. Oh, right now I am on Lovastatin for my high cholesterol,(she says bad HD- is like 238 or something) and Hydrochlorat for my high blood pressure (normally around 154/74) but shot up to 200/90 something when I was in the hospital getting the Liver biopsy). Also, I have only been on the Hydrochlorat for 5 days now, and they said I would have large amounts of water output, but I have not seen it yet.
427265 tn?1444080036 I don't know what insurance companies will cover and what a high sensitivity PCR will cost you out of pocket if the insurance company won't pay for it. My thought would be a 600 sensitivity until one clears and then switch but I'm not up on the costs. I wonder what others would recommend? I agree about checking the IR issues.