How much does metformin cost without insurance

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198419 tn?1360245956 - imagine those who are very elderly and/or slowing down cognitively and/or not educated and/or lacking in confidence - how do those patients deal with these insurers? Without an advocate, they're at their mercy. The physicians/medical directors who work for insurance companies - how are they in compliance with the Hippocratic Oath and their respective Code of Ethics? They cannot be when they are making medical decisions and recommendations for patients they've never examined.
Avatar n tn Well I don't exercise as much as you but I need to. I have never gained this much weight so I'm a bit scared of how my body will look like. My tummy is jiggly as well, I don't tuck my tummy in my stomach, "I tuck it in my pants" Lol!. My arms are so big even when I was skinny and they are starting to feel jiggly as well. I'm going to Wal-mart today and I will look for the Body Fortress. I also have those Special KBliss (w/orange) but I hardly crave any sweets or icecream.
Avatar n tn GYN told me that ppl gain weight on Metformin but everything i'm reading says most lose..... Does anyone know why Metformin causes ppl to lose? How much do you lose on average? I need to lose 40 lbs to go back to my original weight..... Has anyone gained on Metformin?
Avatar n tn My dr is not helpful at all when it comes to explaining anything so I dont really know when i should be ovulating or how soon to start having sex. does anyone have an answer for When do you ovulate while on clomid treatments???????
1669912 tn?1303671388 treatment can be rather pricey. With genotype 1, you’ll probably require at least 48 weeks of therapy; without insurance this will likely cost in excess of $USD 50,000; perhaps considerably more. How is your social structure; do you have family or friends around for emotional support in the event you felt poorly through treatment? Lots of things to consider, yes? Stop back in here tomorrow; you’ll probably get some other perspectives by then.
Avatar n tn For two months now I have cut back on my fat intake to about 20 grams per day, I am exercising every day (20 minutes per day) and the whole nine yards. Over two months guess how much weight I lost. I didn't, I gained a pound.
Avatar n tn Also, frequently people confuse pvc's with the natural way your heart speeds up and slows down while taking a breath.. Its pretty much impossible to know if you're having pvc's, and how many, unless you're hooked up to a monitor.
Avatar n tn i do not get dizzy no matter how much i try, (thats another story) isnt it too early? how much of this may be legit? how much is in my head and how much is from the hormones? its now 28 months ttc and were really just ready for it!! please help me straighten myself out! one week to go and i dont want to start going nuts and do not want to get our hopes up.
1055869 tn?1294203119 Wow, I can't believe how much this thread has grown in only a little over 2wks and the thread has grown soo fast. This thread is on fire. Thanks for opening a new one. d911grl: I know you think you write too much sometimes, but I love reading your stories. It's inspirational. chica78: Congratulations on your BFP ! ! ! And on your 1st try too. All: I have a Dr's appt. today for another progesterone shot, and to tell me my count for my 2nd beta test.
2003099 tn?1327564444 I have pcos and i am on metformin 1700 a peroid come and go the most i have had regular is 4 mothis in a roll since i started the metformin, but I am still not ovulating i know doc tested my progetrin level i think and I didnt even register a whole number it was like 0.01 something like that he had me/ to come in on the 21st day something like that. can someone take birth control and metformin to conter dict the bc? i know i have high testosterone levels too.
162948 tn?1205256292 My question is if that is normal once it has been removed and how long does it last. I had it in for over a year but wanted it removed because my husband and I are planning for another baby. So I have one more question, how long could it take to conceive once it is removed? and is it safe to try the first month that it has been removed?
Avatar f tn It breaks my heart to hear that because i know how much we all want this to happen for us! and how much love fear and tears we put into this long process! Stay strong it could still be good news!! If you need to talk i am here for you!!!
Avatar n tn Hey, I went into the docs again today and he did a quantative blood count test to check to see how much of the pregnancy hormone I have and he said it was very low (as it should be if I just got pregnant), but I am still bleeding after peeing sometimes and the doctor said his suspision is an early miscarriage. i Just dont understand how that could be since i took a home pregnacy test 2 days before the bleeding and it was neg then i took it during the bleeding and it was positive.
359142 tn?1321124523 The best thing to do is call your insurance company to see what they cover. Clomid is fairly cheap $50 without insurance and IUI is around $300. Not sure how much the trigger is.....
Avatar f tn Also, I cannot afford the insulin, but make too much money to be on assistance. I have insurance, but it is still expensive when you live paycheck to paycheck.
Avatar f tn My major concern is my weight gain because I just don’t feel great when I carry extra weight. One doctor raised me to .150 synthyroid and started me on Metformin since my insulin production was so high. I actually was able to lose the weight. However, he told me I was losing weight too fast! He then started taking blood himself and would only give me a prescription script every 30 days. Since I travel so much, that just didn’t work for me. I changed to a different Endo.
Avatar f tn Does this Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia mean pre-cancerous IS REALLY cancer up further in the uterous? They are scaring me to death, and I feel that some of the new -to -be Dr's at the Clinic are really guessing. Maybe I am wrong, but I do know treatment is much different if you have insurance.
465737 tn?1315758522 Hi there! I am on 2ww with my third IUI..I took injec. this cycle with 100mg Clomid and trigger shot..I took Bravelle 75iu injec.from my (CD5) until my follies were mature (CD10)..Bravelle is cheaper than Gonal-F and it does the same job..They all are in the same fert.meds..Each injec.costs $67 Canadian money(don`t know in u.s.a)..You can buy a 5dose box the way I did=$335..It`s quite expensive,specially if you take injec.for more than 5days with higher doses!!..Still it`s way cheaper then IVF..
Avatar f tn As far as iui it is not covered by my insurance but my RE does it for $250 which isn't so bad. And i'm not sure if you would need the trigger shot or not. good luck!
Avatar f tn We don't need to become diabetics u know how much that cost. Way less trips to the mall! Now that I'm on metformin the highest my sugar will get is 120 the lowest 82. I am very happy and feel the best when my sugar is 86 no higher than 90. My dad has to take insulin shot one in morning and at night plus a pill, he does really good at taking care of hisself he don't let his get over 170 he averages 150 now it has been 250. My aunt 400-600 not good!
Avatar m tn Hi, i see it's been a while since you posted your question on Victoza and weight loss. The first 7 days of taking this medicine and watching my calorie and nutrient intake, i've lost 7 lbs. in 7 days. i was no happy about taking this, since i have hypo-thyroid & there were 3 months my regular thyroid medication was off the market.
665960 tn?1253802904 right now I am only taking vitex its supposed to help regulate my menses... we will see! DH don't really understand how I feel , but who really does except us on here .... its nice to have ppl to vent to who actually knows what the other is going through and know that they know how you feel.. anyway .. a little about me No menses since April 2009 gained weight, hair in places where I don't even want to tell have PCOS, did 3 cycles of meds that cost me $4000 and didn't get knocked up ...
390388 tn?1279639813 Would my levels prove me to be diabetic since they continue to raise on the 2nd hour or would I wait a month and retest and see what I test then to prove it? How many times does it have to be positive to prove diabeties in other words? Thank you again for your help. Amy.
1498386 tn?1403031253 So no matter what I do or don't eat and no matter how much or how little I exercise I get nowhere. Does anyone have any experience with taking all 3 of these meds?
766872 tn?1240344712 I have no idea on how much it cost. I tried searching for it online but I kept getting different prices. It depends on how much you will be taking. Try calling walmart (or whatever pharmacy you use) and they can tell you how much it is with out insurance. That way if you do have to pay out of pocket you will know how much you will need to come up with. But then again, if your insurance covers it then that will be a nice little surprise. I hope it works for you. Keep us posted..
Avatar n tn ( I need to do two 6-week cycles. I'm in Glendale,AZ. Does anyone on here buy their own shots and did/doing the diet succesfully? Anyone in my area that is. I'd like to get some info about the actual diet and injections. PLEASE email me at: ***@**** Thanks!!
796506 tn?1370191905 Thank you so much I have really had a problem ovulating and I will have to take provera before clomid (no period in 7 months) and I have heard alot of good things about this medication and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice to not drive myself insane during the wait until the RE appointment and then the next month of not driving me or my husband batty! LOL!
328927 tn?1227765440 Heather: Hope you feel better soon. Hey, all you need really is one BD - maybe that one is IT! :-) Am doing ok, thanks for asking. AF finally came. But won't be able to start the second IVF cycle because waiting for insurance to let us know how much "allowance" we have left (our infertility benefits have a lifetime limit). So, hoping my endometriosis doesn't come back (had lap last Sept to get it removed and was told it can come back within 6 months or so).
628735 tn?1273879377 I ma curious as to how much they cost. I really hope that you get a BFP with this next cycle of clomid. how do you feel about trying it for another three months?