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Avatar f tn It is unfortunate you did not get a culture back that was clear on its indication of bacteria and their sensitivity. The 2 antibiotics you have been on are not necessarily innapropriate. Over the past 10 yrs most physicians have chosen the fluroquinolones like Cipro, Floxin etc. In the recent past few years bacteria have become resistant to even those new drugs, and have forced them to go back to the older drugs like Bactrim DS nd Macrodantin.
Avatar n tn Can being on metformin increase your occurrence of getting UTI I take it for PCOS and ever since each year I get more and more UTI.
Avatar n tn If you do not get proper treatment, the UTI will not heal and it will come back and lead to further complications and pain.
Avatar m tn I took 80 tablets of it with 7 days of cipro but still feel a little pain in the lower abdomen, but my urine is clear I take metformin sometimes but it gives me nausea.
Avatar f tn ) My urologist suggested that perhaps my severe UTI/Kidney Infection triggered overactive bladder symptoms and prescribed me three weeks of Detrol LA to determine if that would alleviate my symptoms. I have only been on the Detrol for 2 days so far and am waiting to see if it will offer some relief. The other only medication I have ever taken is 500 mg of Metformin once a day in the evening to control my body’s overproduction of insulin.
Avatar f tn hello ladies I have pcos and am 6 weeks pregnant. Currently taking metformin. Was wondering if anyone is in the same situation to compare notes?
Avatar f tn i was not even expecting that i ll be pregnant this month as i have 5 disappointing months of clomid and metformin and this was my last. any way it was a shock when i found out that i am actually 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant. i had some implantation bleeding which stayed for a day. now i am nearly 5 weeks 1 day left. and i am having this discharge. first it was thick and yellowish whitish.
1277082 tn?1344061420 He forced me back on my pills and found out I have a UTI and a fatty liver. the Meds Im taking are Metformin, 3 a day. pre-natual and clonzawpam for depression.
Avatar n tn I started gettin pain after a uti infection,but I'm in so horiffic pain with my left hip the pain is not only in my hip but groin too,can't sit down for a long time or the pain gets worse can't bend down or I struggle to get bk up I also can't lay down or I can't get up the same as when sitting seen doctor he gave me codeine but they just make u sleepy pain is always there it never goes a someone give me some answers what it could be
Avatar f tn I take Metformin 850mg and Diolin 5mg morning and night. Now I am asking why before lunch my glucose go up. The last month avarage min 200mg and max 300mg. Now I am worrie. Please give me your best advice.
123759 tn?1226934204 I was just being negative and thought it was too good to be true. Well, I went to the bathroom and nothing. I waited for my results, and the nurse called me very quickly. All she said was congradulations and I almost fainted. The cramps, and PMS signs went away after a few days, after the reality that I was pregnant set in.
473883 tn?1322856638 Thank you for your help i ended up going to the hospital and i have a really bad UTI and the start of a Kidney infection so i am on meds for that but still having pain. Also found out that i have a cyst on my ovarie that would cause the pain and maybe dizziness.
Avatar n tn I've just been put on metformin and the GI diet (brilliant for both conditions) to see if i can lose the weight that way and have been told to take mega strength (1300mg per day) evening primrose oil and starflower oil. These, i'm told may take 3-6 months to start propoerly kicking in, so give it a chance. Relaxation classes are fantastic as is acupuncture, but if you don't have access to any of these classes, download relaxation exercises from the internet.
1351078 tn?1416316746 so Im weird and i dont like to have sex the first trimester . and now even more that this is my rainbo w baby im taking it easy . my dh has been really good about it well i tried to help him out we will say and yeah that is not going to happen i about threw up all over i gagged for like 30 min after i have a lot of nausea this time i think that is why.
Avatar f tn I did notice something in it, really fine almost like skin. I've had this happen before and I had vaginitis and a UTI. today I noticed I was bleeding more and it was clotty. It bothers me because me and my fiance are trying to concieve. I have a very irregular period, but last couple months it's come around the same time each month. I've been off birth control for over a year now(but we just started trying in Febuary this year). I'd go to a doctor, but I don't have insurance.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Avatar f tn You said you are taking Metformin. I am guessing since you just said Metformin you mean the regular type and not the long lasting type. Metformin is not a PRN drug - meaning you don't really take it based on a single blood sugar level. Instead, you take it as prescribed. It takes 1 hour after you take regular Metformin before it actually starts to get in your bloodstream but the drug needs to be taken for about a week before it starts to stabilize your blood sugar.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar n tn Hi there- have type 2 diabetes and am doing well on metformin and lifestyle changes. Numbers are well within range now. My question is - even though my diabetes is ' under control' right now- why do I still have urgency to urinate and frequency? I thought that would be controlled as long as my diabetes is controlled. Have not had a uti since way before diagnosis....
Avatar f tn I don't have a uterus (hysterectomy 05) I am 36 years old and wanted to know what could this possibly be and what can be done. Should I consider surgery to get it removed.
535822 tn?1443980380 PS I was originally given Metformin but broke out in a rash and they said dont take it..a practitioner a few months ago gave me Gilbride? which made me sick also .
Avatar n tn Hey my name is jessica. I am trying to have a baby, my obgyn put me on metformin-to get my hormones straight. and adipex- to help me lose weight because im over weight and i have abdominal periods . Okay i had a very light period then i took my first pills and like a day later it was like i had to go change my pad and tampon every 2 hrs. so that last like 7 days. okay april 4 went to the doc.
Avatar n tn At any exertion, sweat would pour from his head and the rest of his body and he would continue sweating for a long time afterwards. Heartburn and acid reflux, especially at night. Flushing in the face, without apparent reason. His doctor diagnosed him with depression. Against his grain, he agreed to try different anti-depressants but things kept getting worse. Apart from all of the other symptoms, he started having some episodes that his doctor described as panic attacks.
Avatar f tn i have PCOS.. and i have been on metformin for 4 months now with no results.. i keep track of my temperature and it has never really been higher than jan i had a d&c do to polyps not m/c since than i got a normal af on feb.10 and it ended feb.16 on the 21ft i was suppost to ovulate but i never know when im ovulating that day i had blood when i i heard that could be a sing of ovulating me and my dh bd all week long..and now im expericing..
Avatar f tn This is called DUB (dysfunctional uterine bleeding) and is treated by birth control pills, progesterone alone, and sometimes metformin. Metformin is a diabetes drug but some hormonal imbalances are due to a complicated condition called PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)which may have an underlying association with insulin resistance. Sometimes a well placed fibroid can distort the uterine cavity and cause heavy bleeding.
Avatar n tn I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant and I was having a little spotting and brown discharge and the doctor prescribed me Flagyl. He said I had some kind of bacteria infection. I was wondering has anyone else ever taken that during pregnancy or anykind of prescribed medicine? I had a miscarriage in October '05 so I'm nervous to even take a Tylenol.
Avatar f tn Yes and it was clean, he treated me for a yeast infection.
Avatar m tn I'm so weak from this surgical catastrophe that I can't see an endo right now. my BG was 183 and I can't take metformin.
Avatar f tn Been doing a bit of research. on and have found that it may be an option for me to have "medicines used....for the treatment of adult onset diabetes... These medications have been shown to reverse the endocrine abnormalities seen with PCOS within two or three months.....We have seen pregnancies result in less than two months in women who concieved in their very first ovulatory menstrual cycle.
Avatar f tn C, but it actually seems to be heavier than normal. I also feel more crampy and tired than usual, and I have been getting headaches off and on. I am definitely more emotional than normal. I feel like anything and everything could make me cry. I don't know if it's the realization that I'm definitely not pregnant anymore and I'm not going to have the baby or if it's because my hormones are still not quite back to normal yet.