Metformin and kidney disease

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Avatar n tn I have OCD and freak out alot, but i'm really scared I have some type of cancer or kidney disease. I am overweight and don't go out of the house alot, I could have swollen feet due to obesity but i'm not sure. If someone can talk to me and tell me what it most likely can be or your opinions, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn The doctor then put me on Metformin. I have been on Metformin for almost a year now and my dose was increased from 500mg to 1000mg a day. I am have several dry skin, my hair keeps falling off, and diarrhea. But one thing I don't understand is that since I have been on Metformin for so long, it does keep sort of regulate my period every month. But my testosterone and triglycerides are still high. Now, I have to deal with this sort of kidney pain and back pain everyday.
Avatar n tn Metformin short circuits to some degree insulin's negative role. Metformin also reduces lipids (cholesterol) and so has very positive effects to preventing heart disease and reducing blood pressure. Google any of these terms in relation to Metformin and you will see. If you are a person who has tried to lose weight though calorie control and exercise, but have failed, you should try Metformin.
1408380 tn?1281392162 So I think it may have been Celiac and not the Metformin. Maybe I should give Metformin a try again. Thanks for the feedback.
Avatar n tn I have taken Metformin 500 Mg x 2 times /day for nearly 3 years, but a year ago until now my feet are swollen, and I have bone spur on the left heel of my foot that is more growing bigger. This foot is in pain when I walk. Everyday when I take Metformin I usually have constipation and the top of my feet are swollen up. My fingers are so numb, and my urine is dark yellow and opaque.
Avatar n tn Hi - I have just found out that I am insulin resistant - I am obese, hypertensive(on Cardura 1mg and Amiloride 5 mg daily) and only have one kidney due to renal cell ca. My TC is 216, LDL 112, HDL 68 and Trig. 138, CRP 3.5, Homo 11.8. I am on folic acid 800 mcg per day. I am now exercising 1/2 hr on treadmill and starting to add some resistance training and of course watching my diet to lose weight. My PC dr started me on Lipitor 40 mg and took me off my Vivelle (ERT) patch.
568322 tn?1370169040 The results of the study indicated that the addition of metformin to peginterferon and ribavirin significantly decreased HOMA index at Week 24 and was associated with higher RVR rates vs placebo in these genotype 1 patients. The mean decrease in HOMA index at Week 24 was -1.60 and -0.87 among the metformin and control groups, respectively (P < .01). The RVR rate among the patients who received metformin vs the control group was 28% and 6.
2157587 tn?1336732580 Scientific tests show that using metformin reduces the complications linked to diabetes such as heart disease, blindness and kidney disease. A regular dosage of Metformin for people over 40 years of age is 500mg to 850mg up to three times a day. The best diet for metformin – as with every supplement and for a sound overall health plan – is varied and balanced: plenty of fruit and vegetables and low to moderate amounts of foods high in fat and sugar.
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with PCOS recently and will start Metformin and Clomid. I've heard the chances of having a healthy pregnancy with these meds are 40% for PCOS women which isn't too bad but wish it was more like 80% : ) Just wanted to hear any success stories to help cheer me up.
Avatar n tn I am 20 years old and I think I may have Cushing's disease. In 2005 I suddenly gained 100lbs in one year, I thought this was because I stopped riding my bike. I also noticed that I had this ugly distinct bulge on the back of my neck, I have my hair down all the time to hide it because its embarrassing to me I've always thought it was from slouching and carrying a heave backpack at school. My periods have been screwed up for year...
Avatar m tn for celiac and is now believed to not have Celiac Disease. She has had several instances of ovarian cysts and kidney stones. She has suffered from severe abdominal pain, constant nausea, constipation, diarrhea, aches all over her body, weight loss (24 lbs), and dehydration which most recently caused an eleven-day hospitalization. She has been medicated with the three main gastrp-paresis drugs (regalin, erethromyacin, and domperadome (sp?
Avatar f tn I have recently been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called IgG4 Sclerosing Disease. I know very little about it and have had multiple surgeries and have seen MANY doctors regarding it. So far none of my doctors have seen anything like it and the only reason I reached this diagnosis was because one of my doctors reached out to a colleague at the MayoClinic in Rochester, MN who has 8 patients with this disease.
535285 tn?1222143810 And now have Stage 3 kidney disease which my nephrologist did labs and a kidney u/s which came back normal and wants to do a kidney biopsy before he's comfortable with making a diagnosis due to HBP & Diabetes, which is fine with me. He wanted me to also do a sleep study as he told me that often times people who gain wait and diet, exercise are being defeated by sleep apnea. Had a sleep study - i have severe obstructive sleep apnea and have a cpap machine coming this week.
Avatar n tn I stopped metformin abruptly and started birth control around the same week I stopped the metformin, and so suddenly and intensely felt so much pain like I was dying. Its been 3 months and I haven't gotten better, I used to be so happy and hopefull now I feel completely hopeless, uneasy, and cannot enjoy anything. Will I ever get better??!!
Avatar n tn He has had central obesity since his mid 30s (and his limbs are also lean) and we first noticed that his upper back near the nape of the neck has enlarged. He has complained of problems in getting a full nights sleep and subsequently told he has sleep apnea and needs a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine at night. Now he also complains of dull aching pain near the right upper thigh.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have educated yourself on your disease (as we all must) enough to question your doctor. That is what you must do, and if you do not feel comfortable with any recommendation, seek another opinion and if necessary, find another endo.
747493 tn?1249593556 I also have scar tissue through out my abdominal cavity although I had some removed last September which may have already grown back. I am currently taking Metformin, Citlopram and Norotripyline. I have informed my doctor but he just keeps dismissing it as IBS. I am waiting to see a GI specialist (over five months now and no appointment yet) but would appreciate other suggestions or comments. Thanks!
Avatar n tn high blood pressure and supraventricular tachycardia and polycystic ovarian syndrome during the second trimester of my pregnancy i developed preclampsia,my daughter was delivered 36weeks since then my high blood pressure has gotten worse(family history HTN,diabetes,colon cancer,pancreatic cancer,heart disease) I've now developed SVT also i have numbness in feet and my hands,also twitches on face,eyes,hands and unexplained fatigue list of medications: Toprol xl 200mg plavix 75mg norvasc 10mg l
Avatar n tn I am on propranolol and imitrex for migraines, and metformin and birth control for PCOS. Do my labs indicate a diagnosis of Hashimoto's AND/OR Hyperparathyroidism? Is it common for both to occur together? Would you recommend starting synthroid for Hashimoto's? Any suggestions of what I can say or suggest to my doctor for further testing to confirm or rule out these diagnoses? If I do have hyperparathyroid/parathyroid tumor is the only treatment a MIRP procedure?
Avatar n tn Often this button is related to our health. Try to be patient and try to learn all YOU can about the disease and the many different successful ways that folks find to do their daily balancing acts. Acknowledge that this is a disease that's gonna require "marathon" (lifelong coping) skills and that it's not useful to have a "sprint" (gotta be PERFECT today) mentality. JDRF is a great resource for reading about the latest advances in diabetess research.
Avatar f tn I went on insulin two months ago. I have early kidney disease and diabetic neuropathy. My ankles and feet are so swollen I can't find shoes. My feet and ankles sometimes hurt so bad I can't sleep or walk. I am on Lyrica for fibromyalgia and it makes the swelling worse.My blood sugar is coming down slowly with the insulin.I was put on another blood pressure pill but it made the swelling worse. I take Lisinopril and a water pill and am trying another new pill. My blood is still high.
Avatar n tn I searched on the internet, it said that other than thyroid, diabetes, or PCOS, liver disease and kidney disease could also cause this level to be high. But the blood test for liver and kidney function are all normal. I even did abdomen ultrasound and it came out normal. Since diagnosis, I have had other symptoms such as headache which usually is at back of my head or on top of my head. Also, I have some sort of like motion sickness with balance problem.
990091 tn?1249200314 Gallbladder disease/stones, cardiac issues, digestive problems, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, cushing's, liver disease, pancreatitis, and all of my tests and blood work come back with in normal ranges. In essence, I medically appear that nothing is wrong, other than the beginning of ulcers. Other than my PCOS, teratoma, and hypothyroidism, I was the picture of perfect health before my surgery.
Avatar n tn I have degenerative disc disease and herniated disc L-4 and L-5. I have horrible pain in my left outer thigh. It is sporadic, but when it happens all I can do is scream!!! It feels like fireworks on going off. If anyone know what that is or has any advice please let me know. My doc put me on gabapentin and said it is neuropothy, it has not helped at all. The last several months my feet and ankles swell to the point I can't walk!
Avatar f tn I'm 69 yrs old and I, also, suffer from Osteoarthritis as well as Degenerative Disc Disease in the entire spine. I have arthritis in both hips, 3 implants in the left hip alone and getting ready for my first in my right hip after I go o n a trip later this month. I, also, have arthritis in my fingers, knees and anywhere else it likes to go. :( I'm fortunate that the Fentanyl patch worked for me and I'm not allergic to the adhesive. Can't imagine what I'd do without it.
Avatar n tn I am also in the process of being worked up for lyme disease and waiting on test results. If you stick around on our boards, you will notice that many of us have different symptoms and this infection affects everyone differently. Unfortunately, I have mostly neurological symptoms. Some other members have mostly flu like symptoms, along with other aches and pains. If I were you, I would be somewhat concerned about the elevated liver enzymes so you may want to follow up with your doctor.
Avatar n tn My Endocrinologist that I was seeing for thyroid issues put me on the Metformin- She said that i am pre-diabetic and this will help me and hopefully prolong my getting diabetes. Regardless- this is my first abnormal reading on the EGFR but my second abnormal on the Anion Gap.
Avatar n tn Mother- SLE and RA, OA; Father- RA, OA; Sister- SLE with kidney involvement; Maternal Grandmother- Fibromyalgia; Maternal Grandfather- SLE, Beta Thalessemia intermediate; Maternal Aunt- Beta Thalessemia Intermediate (along with her son and 2 grand daughters); Fraternal Grandfather- Ankylosing Spondylitis.
Avatar n tn my legs are also becoming increasinly restless, and exercise isnt helping. I have lost alot of weight, am taking metformin which dont normally have these sort of side effects, but i am also on anti depressants and sleeping tablets.
545538 tn?1295995617 The study did find significant risks linked to obesity, including a higher risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease, and several cancers that have been linked with obesity, such as breast, colon and pancreatic cancer.