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1512722 tn?1313701479 I ovulated on femara but didn't get pregnant thus month I took only my 1500mg of metformin. I've been on metformin since October at 1500mg and never missed a pill. If you stick to it and exercise it could get you pregnant. I just did yoga/pilates I heard it was good for fertility and only started it this cycle and got pregnant. Good luck to you!! That's just my own experience with met. Hope you get good luck with it too. It's got nasty side effects but don't give up or go down on the dosage.
7878662 tn?1395007514 Does anyone have any experience with this medicine in regards to getting pregnant and or regulating their system? I appreciate your time and any answers you get back. I have a 3 year old little boy but would love another.
Avatar n tn i used provera before and it was to start my af..i never knew it could stop it ? i was dx with PCOS last yr around this time and have been on met since than..i ve managed to lose 20lbs and at the beggining i was having abnormal bleedings till i found out i had polyps blockege in my uteres i had surgery and i was put on 15000mg a day still not ovulating or af so he jumped it to 2000mg a day and 6 months into it finally i was regualted but still not ovulating so i tried clomid..
Avatar f tn Thank you, I wS diagnosed with pcos a year ago and was on metformin for 8 months before getting pregnant, I thought I could never concieve as well. Your reply makes me feel a little better.once again thank you.
Avatar n tn i have been on metformin for about three weeks and it makes my stomach really upset.... does it ever get better. i am also taking clomid, how long did it take for others to get pregnant with this combination of meds....
330481 tn?1309491843 they discovered that she had it, put her on metformin and she is now pregnant! That happened in less then a month I do believe. So, yes I think it helps getting pregnant. I will also add, I never had any side effects with it as many do.
Avatar n tn while mine was gone on vaca and she told me that the insulin was probably what was causing the problems and that once it was regulated with the metformin I should be pregnant in 3 months or less. She has had good luck with people getting pregnant the first cycle. Right now I am still waiting a while b4 I can take a test but hoping.. My bbt chart is showing like I ovulated 2 times and my cervix is soft like I ovulated 2 times also so now completely sure... Just hoping to get pregnant....
1512722 tn?1313701479 Metformin helped me start to lose weight after that miscarriage and in January 2009 I had lost about 10-15 lbs (my mind is foggy so I don't remember exactly how much I lost). Anyway I ended up getting pregnant that cycle and got my BFP on February 13, 2009. My baby girl is 17-months now! I took progesterone the first trimester with her as my previous miscarriage was due to low progesterone and we wanted to prevent another M/C (that miscarriage had been my second one).
1657208 tn?1404168728 i am a diabetic, and have been put on metformin due to the fact of me being a diabetic as well as having pcos. i get my AF every month. I was wondering if there is a chance I could get pregnant on it.. I have been trying to conceive for 2 years now. I had stopped taking metformin for awhile because of my stomach hurting when I took it and now I am on 1000mg a day. Any advice is much appreciated. Do you think it will work or what should my next step be?
330481 tn?1309491843 I was prescribed Metformin after being diagnosed with PCOS about a year and a half ago. The Metformin did help me lose some weight but I did have to diet and exercise. The Metformin did seem to help me lose weight quicker. Before the Metformin, I was losing weight EXTREMELY slow even with diet and exercise. When I first started taking the Metformin, I had to cut out ALL sweet food from my diet because the food would make me very nauseous when taken with the Metformin.
Avatar n tn the metformin not only helps to regulate ovulation, if you are not ovulating on your own, but it also helps your glucose and insulin levels which is a big issue in someone with PCOS. I was diagnosed with PCOS after my 2nd mc and started with an RE. We tested everything under the sun, came up with PCOS and insulin resistance and a few other things that could have been slight possible issues with my miscarriages.
Avatar f tn hi everyone just a wee quick question on people taking metformin,iv been taking it for over 6 months now and i still find that am getting side effects such as nausea and upset tummy,especially as soon as i eat somethin,does it get any easier the longer your on it,sometimes id rather not take it but were ttc, and from what iv read it has helped loads of people lose weight and helped people to conceieve, thanks ladies if u have time to reply.
393893 tn?1283554830 I was only on it for four months during which I had regular periods which I have never had since I was 19 years old and am 30 now. And after these four months was pregnant. So give it a chance to work for you. If the side effects are strong definitely talk to your doctor. It is highly unadvisable to take metformin on an empty stomach as you can develop lactic acidosis which is very very dangerous. Please please eat.....
918479 tn?1272841752 Last April (2008) I stopped getting periods and in July I was diagnosed with PCOS. In August I began taking Metformin to help with ovulation. In October I got pregnant and in December I miscarried. On December 22, I had a D&C. Since then, I've been taking 1000mg of Metformin twice daily. I never had any side effects to the drug as far as I could tell, but over the last few months I've been experiencing sever nausea and vomiting randomly.
992128 tn?1364375342 For me, i was overweight, and i took metformin for years before getting pregnant. The first 6 months of my medication, Aunt flo was so erratic, sometimes, it comes twice in a month or not at all. So it does take some determination on your part to see this through.
1434731 tn?1382725984 I have to work really hard to lose weight anyway but it does help with the metformin. I still work out and eat right but I would do that without metformin and loose no weight. When I am on metformin I have lost some weight. Its not going to just fall off though.
5649354 tn?1371751981 I have PCOS and they put me on Metformin awhile ago and added the synthroid shortly after. I am currently take clomid to try and help but if it doesn't IUI is my next option. I have no children yet but I am trying my best to get there. Good luck and hope it all works out for you.
Avatar n tn i have been on metformin for a year at 1500mg per day and still nothing. My biggest fear is maybe I should just give up on my dream of having a big family and just go with what i have now. How bad is your PCOS. maybe my doctor misdiagnosed me or something. Although i have been to 10 doctors and they all same thing but maybe there is something else wrong.
Avatar n tn I am not really sure if only with metformin but I just wanted to share that i was on metformin for pcos and to ovulate they put me on clomid. I was on my 3rd cycle of clomid when we got pregnant but had a m/c. I am not in metformin anymore since they need to do a laproscopy and i guess the doc will give it back after 8 weeks to ttc again in january 07.
Avatar m tn and i heard about preseed lubricant also increases chances.can any one suggest me how to increase my chances of getting pregnant?..and any success stories with this medication?
1712386 tn?1308429581 Anyone here on Metformin and have a success story? I have been on Metformin for only a month and a half for my PCOS to help regulate me and help me get pregnant. Last week (about 8 days ago) I had some very very light bleeding that only showed when I wiped and it wasn't every time.
Avatar f tn There are a lot of side effects to metformin - presumably you would already know if you are getting them - digestive problems and diarreah are the big ones - also headaches etc. The metformin should not stop you from falling pregnant but you will want to discuss with your doc whether you stay on it once you are pregnant (assuming you are taking for blood sugar issues not just fertility).
Avatar f tn do u know when will i get a positive hpt? i have pcod and i am takin metformin 1000 twice a day. was expecting periods on 23 feb and got negative hpt on 26th. did a transvaginal scan on 28th and doc says i am not pregnant. till when should i wait to get a positive hpt if i am preg? Doctor asked me to wait 1 week and if i dont get positive HPT, he asked me to take clomid. I have read Clomid may result in autism in babies. Is it true? What are the side effects of clomid on baby?
Avatar f tn Hello, I have some questions, I have started taking 1500 mg of metformin and 150mg of clomid daily to increase my chances of getting pregnant, has anyone ever had a success story with those meds combined? I took Clomid and provera last month and never did ovulate, so hoping that this works, but would like some other help!
Avatar n tn I have PCOS and was taking Metformin and Clomid and am 18 weeks pregnant with triplets. It took me almost a year to get pregnant. You might ask about Clomid at your next appointment. It seems to be commonly prescribed with Metformin for PCOS.
1574695 tn?1322594197 // The article linked above states that metofrmin is generally continued throughout the pregnancy if you are taking it for PCOS. If you are taking it for diabetes control, you should continue taking it until the doctor that is treating your diabetes says to stop taking it. I would not stop taking it without a good reason to do so.