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Avatar n tn last march 14-16, i had an unusual period that it lasts for three days, this is my first time ever. apparently, i had unprotected sex days before and during my period. My bleeding stopped then i had a week spotting (brown-pinkinsh-brown) then i had unprotected sex on march 23. Then the night of march 27, i had a red light spotting (bright pink-brown) that lasted march 30. All these cramps was associated with a light cramps and episode of frequent urinating, lightheaded, dizzy, nausea.
Avatar f tn umm not to sure go see ur doctor.... brown discharge is old blood did a period follow after the brown discharge or did it just stop?
Avatar f tn It is normal at times for your period to be brown. It is just old blood. Is there any smell to it, do you experience any cramping other than the regular menstrual cramps? Is there a chance you can be pregnant?
7147872 tn?1388608920 Its a light brown color, and sometimes little red is in the brown. It doesnt smell, but along with the light brown is a dark brown thing. They come in chunks, and a are mucusy. Please Help.
Avatar n tn Brown blood is old blood that did not come out in your regular menstrual cycle Ive had the same thing happen to me and thats what doctors have told me I just had to start having regular bright red not brown or maroon or dark cycles. I hate it but if you can take met or provera it might help. What helps me the most is low carb and yoga or provera or better yet clomid (35 day cycles) or the best femara (28 day cycles) im on my second month hope it stays this way.
Avatar f tn also if you have any type of bleeding that is not your regular menstrual cycle that could be a sign of pregnancy. so I would try to wait and then take a pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn I missed my period last May but I actually got a irregular menstrual cycle. Then my period came from 1 of June till the 5th of the month. Last 29th of the same month i got this brown blood that coming out till today. I was curious why is my blood is brown instead of red. Is it possible that I'm pregnant or something else? Pls. help me.
Avatar m tn It does sound like the early starts of your periods coming on. Brown discharge is menstrual fluid that has stayed in the uterus for a little while before coming out. A lot of women who have regular periods have brown on their first day and then red after that, but a lot of girls just beginning their periods have couple of months of just some light discharge that is brown, only. You're on track.
Avatar f tn t came my last menstrual was on 3/29/2013 to 4/4/2013 so I am late... I would like to know what could be the brown discharge and why menstrual is late?
Avatar f tn Okay so I'm about 4 days on my period cycle. and its only been brown? i understand that its normal to be getting brown in the beginning when its starting or at the end when its ending, but its been brown the entire time???? I am sexually active. No birthcontrol. Only condoms. Idk if its old blood from my last period. but Im a very heavy bleeder my first 3 days in my period.
Avatar n tn i get REALLY dark blood sometimes too.. they say dark brown blood is "old" blood, and bright red blood is fresh... so it's probably just old blood.. i think you're fine and dont stress about it.
Avatar f tn I've had a very irregular period this month. My period is usually very very heavy for the most part (I go through a lot of super plus tampons), especially at the very beginning. It is right on schedule, but there's barely any blood and it's brown. When I had my last period, it was normal but then I started spotting a week after. It then stopped until my period was due again. I have recently started taking a low dose anti-depressant.
Avatar f tn When I went to the toilet just now, after I urine and clean, the tissue shows brown blood. And my pad also has brown blood. Is there any chance that I might be pregnant?
Avatar f tn The brown stuff is called old blood and means you should be getting a normal period soon. It is common even with women who have had a period for several years.
Avatar f tn Hi and thanks for using the forum. It is not uncommon to have an "off" period every once in a while. A lot of factors can affect your menstrual cycle including stress, weight loss/gain, change in diet, change in exercise routine, thyroid problem, etc. It is a good idea to follow up with your doctor and make sure that everything is OK. IF you are trying to conceive, you want to make sure that you are actually ovulating. Your doctor can do blood work to check and see if you are.
1205707 tn?1266940532 There are diffrent colors of blood that come with a menstrual period Have you ever seen the tyra show if not you should look it about she had a show about nothing but your periods i think that will help but if your really worried go to your O.B./G.Y.
Avatar f tn If I understand correctly, you have had three fairly normal periods since the cyst was removed but this latest one was preceded by some brown discharge and then a very short bleed 2 days later. The brown discharge is likely just some old blood that did not get shed with your prior period. This is not unusual. And I wouldn't worry that you didn't get a full period.
Avatar f tn So my period just started today and it is a dark brown color. Is that normal or okay? Please help.
Avatar m tn I Havent Had my period yet and im 14. i have a Brown Discharge right now but it usually white. I dont want to go to my doctor or tell my mom right now,, Give Me Answers.?
Avatar n tn m not saying brown discharge is an indicator of pregnancy, but if someone told me that the first month they were pregnant they did not get a period but brown discharge came when their period was due, it would not be the most surprising thing to hear.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago on my period I had brown blood with a little red and didnt think anything about it the next month it was a normal period well this month it is doin just brown blodd and I dont understand whats going on? Could I be pergnant and having my period during?
Avatar f tn I don't just want the simple answer of "go to the doctor". I'm doing that next week. But I want others perspectives on this. My last 'real' period was the beginning of December 2008. Since i was 12 years old (I'm now 2 months shy of my 19th birthday) my periods have always been regular. After December, I didn't get my period until the middle of January, if you can even call it that. for 3-4 days I had brown discharge as if I was getting off my period.
Avatar f tn Currently concerned with the symptoms I've been experiencing with my womanhood. For the last few months I've been experiencing frequent menstrual cycles, and when I say menstrual cycles, I do not mean "normal". They are irregular, and in the last month I feel like I have had four small (3-5 days) periods but it is extremely light but the blood is very drown brown and thick.
Avatar f tn I have read so much about implantation bleeding, and it all seems to say something different. At first, I thought I was experiencing implantation bleeding. (I didn't have this with my first two, so I wasn't sure what to expect.) I had very light spotting, usually brown or dark pink, for 3 days. This morning I had one episode of a bit heavier, bright red blood, and now it is back to very light brown spotting with red streaks.
Avatar n tn i have menstrual period on the month of november and 5 days delayed on the month of im worried coz im 2 weeks delayed now and discharging brown not having sex to anyone since october...what could it be??
Avatar f tn The 18 I started spotting again and a few hours later I started bleeding. It is very very light, no clots, no cramps, no menstrual symptoms at all. The bleeding ended yesterday(the 20) & i now have brown spotting again. I also took an HPT yesterday morning & it was BFN. However I have not had sex in the month of June. My periods are irregular (the always come around the "20th" of each month, but they vary. One month I'll start on the 20, the next will be the 26 or 28.