Menstrual period after birth

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Avatar n tn Once you resume your periods you may consider starting a suitable birth control method after consulting a gynecologist. I sincerely hope it helps. Write to us again with more queries. Best luck!
Avatar f tn I have a baby of 3 months (5 April-08) and presently, feeding is continuing since his birth. He takes 5-6 times per day. After delievery, i had my first menstural period 22nd May and it continued for three to four days. Now, second time period was due on around 22 to 25th June-08, and till 4th July the period is not oberved and in between there was a relationship only once and that is with proper precaution. Whether it is possible to get pregnant or i have to wait further some days?
Avatar n tn After I gave birth almost 1 month I have menstration. then after a month i do have my regular menstration but it took about 6 days and the discharge blood are so different to my regular menstration there is a large blood clogs. but other say its normal. my question is that after a month again do i have to expect to have my regular menstration. and what if not is it possible that i will get pregnant again?
Avatar n tn How long is your menstrual period supposed to last after you have just given birth? Ive been on it for about 2 wks and im not sure if this is abnormal?
Avatar n tn I don't know if it normal or not. After I had my third child it took almost three months to get my period.
443968 tn?1288616289 O.K girls, I need advice about my menstrual period. I gave birth on July like all of you, I do breastfeed and formula supplement as well. So far I ahve only got my period once, beginig of last month and it was kin dof weird, heavy bleeding for about 2 days then it stopped, and so far this month nothing. How is everyone else doing on this matter, Have you all got your periods? is it every month now.
308148 tn?1225037958 Hello Ladies, Can some one shed some light on the best way to keep track of an irregular menstrual period. I have the hardest time keeping up with it. I was getting every 28 to 33 day for a long time, now I'm getting it on day 16 or 19 and most recently a week after it had stop? I dont get it. the nurse says its normal since I'm taking medication for PCOS. I still don't get it. help please!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks post partum I've been on my period for 2 weeks now. Also on birth control for the very first time ever don't know if that affects the menstrual cycle.
Avatar m tn so i was on birth control and i once i got off my period stopped completely. i ended up not having my period in over a year. well me and my husband had unprotected sex and i wasnt sure if i was pregnant, so i went to the doctor where they did a blood pregnancy test, it came back negative, well now two weeks later i started what i think is my period. why would my period kick back on now, or could i be pregnant and the test just had been to early?
Avatar f tn I ghad some issues after coming off birth control having two normal periods then no period for 3 months but all negative tests including bloods. I had to have a dating scan because it was impossible to tell for sure.
Avatar n tn I didn't bleed for too long after I gave birth either...maybe like a week...if that. Once I did get my period (about 6months birth) it was SOOOOO HEAVY! I'd have to wear a super tampon AND a super pad..plu had to change them every hour. (sorry TMI) The 2nd time wasn't 'as bad' but was still a bit heavier then normal. got pregnant u had 2 periods after birth before getting preggo again....
Avatar n tn My period came back 7 weeks after I gave birth, it was a pretty normal period...not heavy bleeding, just regular for me. My next period was VERY heavy. Now I'm a little over 3 weeks late...I've done a pregnancy test and it came back negative. My husband and I have been "active" but we've used condoms without any breaking every time. What could be happening? Is it normal for periods to be a little messed up after giving birth, or could something else be wrong?
Avatar n tn The first period after childbirth is usually very heavy, and many women report that the first period after a tubal can also be heavy. But if you are having severe cramps and heavy bleeding as you describe, call your doctor this morning to let them know.
Avatar n tn Aw, congrats on baby, I have a Carson too, but he's almost 4 and I have another little guy 4 months younger than yours too. As for your period, if you stopped birth control pills I bet it's your body trying to regulate after going off of the pill more than anything else. I know it takes awhile after baby, but if you were pretty regular on the pill, sounds like your body is adjusting to that change, are you ttc?
Avatar n tn i have read articles concerning the return of the menses after birth and it says that you can ovulate before you get your cycle so i guess i am just curious if i should wait to see if it returns or if i should get the pregnancy test. this is all just SO overwhelming.
Avatar f tn I was feeling recovered from the pneumonia and now started to get concerned with this pattern. I started writing my period down after that period ended February 3rd. On February 10th I got my period again, and it did not end until the 20th. Now 6 days later My period had started AGAIN. I'm not sure what's going on but if anyone has any sort of idea please let me know.. Thanks!
Avatar f tn It was the normal bleeding after giving birth.
1644849 tn?1301044474 imɪ 19 and i started my period onɪ march 9th and ended onɪ march 15th imɪ taking birth control pills but haven't been taking them since i started my period me and my husband had sex 3 days after my period ended and now its march 25th and i started bleeding about 3 days ago and its like ifɪ imɪ having a regular period what can this mean sorry about my sloppymess just really worried
Avatar f tn This is already my third month of using the pill and still havent gotten my period yet. I used to get my period every month. is it normal that my period will become irregular when taking this pill?
Avatar f tn Hello, Return of periods after childbirth may be irregular and since it is persisting for so many days after child birth, you need to get it evaluated. If there is heavy bleeding then you can get tranexemic acid and ethamsylate prescribed. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn This is my 7th son. My period has always come back soon after. This is unusual for me. Maybe it's because I'm 38. I'm not sure. I asked my dr. and was told not to worry at this time. I just hope it's not something bad happening. Thanx for your comments.