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Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that it is very common to miss a period, or have a late period every now and then. If your pregnancy test is negative and you have taken precautions, you are probably OK. I usually suggest repeating the test weekly until you get your period, or the test is positive. One thing or another should be true within a few weeks at the most. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Hence to confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn There is always a possibility of pregnancy, and I ALWAYS recommend a pregnancy test. It is going to be extra difficult for you to know if you are pregnant since your periods are irregular anyway. If you were my patient, I would suggest that you test weekly until you have a "normal" period. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn She is now turning 8mos on sept and i havent had my period yet. any suggestion for medicines so i can have my period so i can take pills already?
Avatar f tn After delievery, i had my first menstural period 22nd May and it continued for three to four days. Now, second time period was due on around 22 to 25th June-08, and till 4th July the period is not oberved and in between there was a relationship only once and that is with proper precaution. Whether it is possible to get pregnant or i have to wait further some days? Is it possible to have pregnancy during feeding time? Please guide how to proceed further.
Avatar f tn my last period was on 14th of january, i have still not seen my period for febuary and pregnancy test shows negative, i am experiencing breast tenderness as well
Avatar m tn However breast engorgement and food craving can be a part of pre-menstrual phase. Please take a urine pregnancy test, and if negative, take a blood test for HCG estimation. Take care!
Avatar f tn So I had my last menstrual period on the 2 of Nov. I haven't gotten my menstrual period for the pas 2 months I did 2 pregnancy test and both came out negative wht should I do???
Avatar f tn If you started your period on the 14th i would say your probably not pregnant and your period just came a couple days early. If your spotting and the bleeding is very light and not like a normal period, it could be implantation bleeding which happens around the time of your normal period. Id start by taking a pregnancy test. If it comes up negative and your still unsure, wait a week and take another one. If its negative again and your still concerned, call your doctor and request a blood test.
Avatar n tn I had menstrual period for the month of May, 5 days before my menses starts. I had menstrual period last June 2011, 2 days earlier than before. On both may and june, I did not feel anything werid, nor the color, duration of the menses and how heavy it was, Now, for the month of July, I am 8 days delayed. I never had missed periods this long. and as far as i remember that May 2011 was the last time we did that.
Avatar n tn I am 47 and having a menstrual period with big blood clots, when I haven't had a normal period since June?
Avatar n tn i had history of ruptured ectopic with surgery of my fallopian tube in 2002 and miscarriaged in 2005. my question is, is it possible to skip a menstrual period after taking a contraceptive pills? and if ever you have assymptomatic ectopic pregnancy at an early weeks, is the result of the pregtest will be negative? thanks pls email me the answer as i am anxious and worried of my status. thanks again. gerliz ann...
Avatar f tn So I had my menstrual period n finished Wednesday ..n I had relationship yesterday wht r the. Chances of u gttn pregnant???
Avatar n tn Hello-my first time to this wonderful site! My husband and I just started trying this month for our 2nd child. I was gone for 2 wks, but had unprotected sex both before and after I returned. I totally expected to have my period since I was gone for so long. I had just gotten off the pill before having my last period. So, I started having very bad menstrual cramps and "shocks" in my breasts 3 days ago. I kept running to the bathroom thinking I was going to start. Nothing.
Avatar f tn It Lasted 3 Days With The Last Day Just Like Spotting In My Pants. Could This Be Pregnancy Bleeding Because My Period Is Very Regular And I can Time It To The Exact Week So tThis Bleeding Was Quite Strange.
Avatar f tn I guess im just wanting to know is it possible to have menstrual symptoms 3 weeks before my period or coul I possibly be pregnant i ve had these symptoms all month my period is due in 1 day.
Avatar n tn With my third child, I breast fed for 8 months, but was on the mini pill (safe while breastfeeding) and I did not have a period for the full 8 months. I think you should have a period at the latest 8 weeks post partum. I would consult your dr. about why you would not have one since you are not breastfeeding. Good luck.