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Avatar n tn There are various reasons of bleeding during pregnancy so yes You can have PERIOD LIKE bleeding and be pregnant at the same time but not actual period.Very few woman experience bleeding for few months at the same time when they would have got their period if thery were not pregnant but thats very very rare and by the time they reach their 2nd trimester this stops.
Avatar f tn im not stress out i just wanted to know because im eating more using the bathroom more my breast hurt like crazy and still no menstrual and on my last menstrual it didnt last long and it wasnt heavy like normal but thank you for your comment
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that it is very common to miss a period, or have a late period every now and then. If your pregnancy test is negative and you have taken precautions, you are probably OK. I usually suggest repeating the test weekly until you get your period, or the test is positive. One thing or another should be true within a few weeks at the most. Good luck!
Avatar f tn hi everyone can anybody answer, why is that there are women who still having their menstrual period during first 3 months of pregnancy?.. i thought if you're pregnant your menstrual period stops until you birth a child. what kind of bleed is that?
Avatar n tn wait to see if you miss your next menstrual cycle and then take a pregnancy test. anytime you have unexplained bleeding that is not your regular menstrual cycle there is a chance of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn We had sex July 13 and had my menstrual cycle July 15 can I get pregnant even I had my period two days later. I had my period for 2 or 3 days. Mostly my menstrual cycle each month last like 5 days or so. Please help!
Avatar n tn i had sexual intercourse on the 3rd day of my period(ejaculation happened). thereafter i bleeded only for a day more however my period generally lasts 6days. what are the chances of me getting pregnant?
Avatar f tn hi everyone can anybody answer from the medical team, why is that there are women who still having their menstrual period during first 3 months of pregnancy?.. i thought if you're pregnant your menstrual period stops until you birth a child. what kind of bleed is that?
Avatar f tn According to my last menstrual period that was december 6 my due date is september eleven. So i should be 221/2 i had an ultrasound done yasturday and it came out that i im 24 weeks which is a big difference and they changed my due date to august 15 and im confused.
1746744 tn?1311536352 s monthly cycle is measured from the first day of her menstrual period until the first day of her next period. The release of the egg is called ovulation, which is the fertile time of the cycle. Having intercourse during this time should result in a pregnancy. Since the exact time of ovulation is hard to predict without a fertility monitor, your chances of becoming pregnant are higher if you start having sex 3 days before your predicted day of ovulation and continue for 3 days after.
Avatar f tn So this would be my first pregnancy, I usually start my period the next day after I feel my period pains start. Now it's been 2 weeks and the pain is still happening and I have an unusual tightness below my belly button. Did anyone have symptoms like this when they first got pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hello Gigi. First off, what I'm about to say isn't to harm you but rather to inform you. Do you know how ovulation works??????? I am only asking because I don't know how young you are. The reason why I'm saying this, is because your ovulation cycle matters a LOT when things like this happen. Ovulation, is the day when you release a egg and it depends on how long your menstrual cycles are. The average cycle for a woman is 28 days but it varies from woman to woman.
Avatar f tn I guess im just wanting to know is it possible to have menstrual symptoms 3 weeks before my period or coul I possibly be pregnant i ve had these symptoms all month my period is due in 1 day.
Avatar f tn t start your menstrual cycle like normal in a couple of days. then to wait until you miss your next menstrual cycle and take a pregnancy test. also if you have any type of bleeding that is not your regular menstrual cycle that could be a sign of pregnancy. so I would try to wait and then take a pregnancy test.
Avatar m tn i had sex unprotected 5 days before my girlfriend had her menstrual period on the 9th of this month,by now she's pregnant ,my question is could be possible to see somthing thru an ultrasoundlike sac , just 10days after of having sex with her?
Avatar f tn ) While it is highly unlikely, it is possible to get pregnant without ever having a menstrual period. The first menstrual cycle actually begins approximately two weeks before the first period starts. Before the first period arrives, the pituitary gland releases a hormone that signals the uterus to create an environment that is suitable for an embryo to grow in. This environment consists of a uterine lining of tissue and a small amount of blood.
Avatar f tn getting your period means that your uterine wall is shedding the extra tissue it had built in preparation for a pregnancy. so menstrual bleeding is a sign that you have ovulated, no egg was fertilized so the next step in your cycle begins (period.) but as always, anything is possible.
Avatar f tn So I had my last menstrual period on the 2 of Nov. I haven't gotten my menstrual period for the pas 2 months I did 2 pregnancy test and both came out negative wht should I do???
Avatar f tn You can bleed, but bleeding doesnt make it a period. Many women assume blood=period and in technical terms it's not.
Avatar n tn I had menstrual period for the month of May, 5 days before my menses starts. I had menstrual period last June 2011, 2 days earlier than before. On both may and june, I did not feel anything werid, nor the color, duration of the menses and how heavy it was, Now, for the month of July, I am 8 days delayed. I never had missed periods this long. and as far as i remember that May 2011 was the last time we did that.
Avatar f tn Although popped cysts were painful and caused abnormal bleeding my menstrual cycle has been between 25-32 days consistently. I also had ovarian cysts in January 2006. My February period started on the 28th I have had cramping, bloating, and back pain since March 16, I began to menstruate on the 26th.
1669048 tn?1303499208 Well the way it works is, ovulation starts before you have a menstrual cycle. It's what actually causes a female to get her period, not vise versa. Generally you ovulate two weeks before you get your next period, and if you have sex between the time you miscarry till you ovulate, you can become pregnant without ever seeing a period. It's the same way for birth, abortion or miscarriage.
Avatar f tn Well, in all honesty, I would suspect just a wonky period rather than pregnancy at this point. Conceiving naturally past 40 goes down each year that goes by. I would see if a period starts in the next two weeks or if you get a period when you'd ordinarily have expected it based on your regular cycle. If there is an issue after that time, I'd consult your doctor. Lots of things can delay a period from stress, to changes in routine, hormonal issues, slow thyroid, etc.
Avatar n tn I have taken 2 pregnancy test with a negative result. I have NEVER missed a period without being pregnant ( 2 pregnancies). I have been taking Lexapro for the past year. I have stopped cold turkey due to was not sure if I was pregnant. My concern is not having a period with a negative result on a pregnancy test. I have been feeling dizzy, small cramps, tired, and moody. I am so confused. Anyone have any input?
1181036 tn?1367368640 Nausea, dizziness and tender/sensitive nipples right after period? Is this normal? I haven't got sensitive nipples since started bc pills so confused me, but even before was on bc pills I only ever got them before period. Now concerned it wasn't a "real" period though lasted 4 or 5 days medium flow. P.S.
Avatar f tn if i get period after unprotected sex on my period time will i be pregnant?