Menstrual period mood swings

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Avatar f tn bloating, mood swings, headaches, and cramping. Now my question is; is this normal? I've never missed my period before and this is starting to scare me.
867809 tn?1239581636 I'm 14 today and I started getting my periods in December 2008. So far the dates have been the following: Dec 6-12 None in January Feb 1-7 Mar 6-12 This past week I have been feeling like I was PMSing, but I still didn't get my period. I keep getting mood swings. Today, out of nowhere, I got really miserable. Today I have the worst mood swings all week. Plus, my ankles hurt badly. Is my period coming soon? Is my ankles hurting due to PMS?
Avatar f tn I was bleeding for a week and having mild to severe cramping for three straight weeks. I was feeling fatigued and suffering from severe mood swings and breast tenderness(I thought I was pregnant.) I was having all of these symptoms and my fibroid is smaller than a walnut.
1643531 tn?1477519969 my sister in law started perimenopause at 43...and most of her symptoms were things like mood swings and weird periods...the mood swings got progressively worse until her doctor figured out what was up and put her on some meds. On the other hand, I have known people who continued to get a negative pregnancy test, had weird short periods....and were pregnant...and carried full term and delivered a healthy baby :) You may want to schedule an appt with your OB/GYN.
1437126 tn?1284099058 of course I do have estrogen dominance, mood swings, nausea and vaginal dryness as well. I also have mid cycle period on the 14th day with dark blood. I was confused whether it's a good sign or a bad sign. Is it a ruptured cyst?
Avatar f tn I think that it's a very good idea to consult with a doctor to confirm if this is, in fact, a PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) related problem. The doctor can then run blood work analysis to gauge hormone levels and possibly offer you something that's more effective than some over-the-counter remedy. There's no reason why you should live with these mood swings. Take care! .....
Avatar f tn the last time I had my period it was normal and ONE WEEK after it finished I stared again but it was really heavy and I had sore breasts and terrible cramps and I had cravings and mood swings etc. ever since then I haven't had my period.
Avatar f tn Yeah you could be then, I've got terrible mood swings I've got my.
Avatar f tn Am i the only one that go through mood swings like every other hour ? Or am i Just crazy ?
Avatar f tn m tired alot, and go through mood swings. i just want to know if i could be pregnant. any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Your breasts will get bigger, you will gain weight, you will have morning sickness, you will be hungry without explanation, you will have unexplained exhaustion, you will have food cravings, you will notice you have to use the bathroom more, you will have mood swings, you will have fatigue, back pain, etc, and you will have food aversions. You may even feel the baby moving. Some women experience their babies moving during 13 weeks. With most women, it is 25 weeks.
Avatar n tn latley i have been feeling very dizzy, bloated, have weired food cravings, having a lower back pain, having weird mood swings, and having to go pee more frequently. does this mean im preganat?
741877 tn?1265950200 Is anyone else dealing with having mood swings and / or being grumpy??!? I find myself these days extremely sensitive & irritable!! I don't seem to have the patience I had before ... and at times feel as though I am crying for no reason.. Anyone else experiencing this?
1401877 tn?1288107639 ve been taking it for almost a year I never had the spotting problems but the mood swings were horrible the first pack! My mood swings eased up during the second pack, but I can still be very emotional. I never was before but now its like my body is normal. Thats really the only side effect besides the headache and breast tenderness that I have had with seasonique.
Avatar n tn Mood swings do happen before a cycle so what you are experiencing is normal before your period. Now, if you are still experiencing that after your cycle ends, that is not normal, and you might want to get professional help or medication. Sometimes simple things like exercising and watching something funny that makes you laugh can help your emotions.
Avatar n tn Pretty much like the hormone queen from hell. Boobs HURT, constipated, mood swings, gas and headaches. I'm always jealous of the ladies who said they didn't feel anything for months!
Avatar f tn I am BP and before mood stabilizer had terrible mood swings before my period. Ths is one of the reasons I was really glad to find this site and their mood tracker. I use it everyday (almost) and have found the written documentation to be a great tool for me. If you can suggested to your partner (or you could track it for her) that she use the mood tracker for a few months you might find it helpful.
Avatar m tn I have a regular period, 28 day cycle, with rarely anything other than mood swings and headaches the 2 or 3 days leading to my period. This month, exactly 1 week ago today, I started having lower abdominal cramps. Mild ones like menstrual cramps, off and on, I was also experiencing some constipation. When I was able to go it would not relieve the cramps. These cramps have been going on for 7 days now and my period isn't due for another 7 days.
1907326 tn?1323894789 t include a pimple breakout, tiredness, mood swings/being extra sensitive, cramping (sometimes even worse than my actual period!) that can also cause slight nausea, cravings for chocolate, a bloated feeling, and headaches. These all happen around the same time (again, a week before my period), and fade away as my period starts and ends. I know someone I used to be friends with also had PMS two weeks before her period, as well as a really heavy flow and severe cramping.
Avatar f tn These symptoms include irritability, tension, and dysphoria (unhappiness), stress, anxiety, difficulty in falling asleep (insomnia), headache, fatigue, mood swings, increased emotional sensitivity, changes in libido, bloating, abdominal cramps, constipation, swelling or tenderness in the breasts, cyclic acne, and joint or muscle pain. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn I have been having hot flashes about two years. The memory thing, mood swings, and insomnia, we cannot judge for I have a TBI and PTSD from injuries I sustained when I was in the military. But I have only missed one period. A doctor, last August, wanted to put me on birth control pills for three months to try to stop my periods. I tried it. It did not work. Now I'm being told I am actually in menopause but my body forgot to quit bleeding? I am scared.
Avatar f tn mood swings, heightened sences, random cravings and for the past 3 days I have been having abdominal pain not really cramps tho.. and I hav a clear creamy discharge.. anyone????
Avatar f tn Anyone else have an issue with their spouse having mood swings while you are pregnant!? I swear he gets cranky for no reason at times and even when he gets something he specifically asks for, it's still a problem lol. I'm sorry but there is only room for one prego in the house and It just can't be him.
Avatar f tn I don't think heavy bleeding a sign of perimenopause; it is often mentioned as being a sign of having a fibroid, especially if the fibroid is near the cervix. Has your doctor ever suggested you have an MRI of the uterus?
Avatar f tn Ok my period was due last month but was 7days late then I spotted for 5 days. This month it was due October 12 but didn't come now it is the 18 & now I just had some very light bleeding.what's going on I have sore boobs I'm very Moody I've been having mood swings & crying over little things. What's the problem? What's going on?