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Avatar f tn bloating, mood swings, headaches, and cramping. Now my question is; is this normal? I've never missed my period before and this is starting to scare me.
Avatar n tn I had it again last month and it was lighter than usual I went to my post op and told my doctor about it, they said everything was healing nicely and sometimes that happens, but this week I started spotting and have what feel like menstrual cramps albeit a little worse than normal and mood swings where one minute I want to cry and the next I'm fine. I called my Dr.and she says my parts just aren't in synch yet and my hormones are fluxuating, but it's been almost 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn Your question touched me and brought back alot of memories. I think it is normal to feel the way you are feeling. Particularly after my 2nd miscarriage when I had to have a D&C, I suffered horrible emotional stress and crazy mood swings. IT was really bad for several weeks, and then I would still have periods of it for months afterwards.
Avatar m tn I was suffering with what I think was PMDD for the past 6 months ago, I got moody, irritable, sad, depressed, etc for the entire week or so before my period...gradually it even seemed to develop into a longer period of time...then after my period I would feel "perfect". I have no medical insurance, so I kind of self-diagnosed myself, and went to Planned Parenthood to inquire about a good birth control option to help me with the symptoms.
Avatar f tn I've been taking the meds for close to 8 weeks now and if anything, my period has become more irregular. I've also been having serious mood swings (mostly depressive) for the past 3 weeks? Does any of this sound familiar? To the best of my knowledge...late/missed periods are associated with HyperT, or am I wrong? Has anyone else had this, or something similar occur?
507776 tn?1210785208 This month I have cramps and leg and hip aches but I am also having mood swings happy one minute the next crying for no reason.I am Very tired and craving sweets.I also get a VERY severe pain in my right side from about my waist line into my hip across to where my right ovary would sit.I have had ultrasounds that only shows my uterine lining is alittle thicker than it should be.My periods last for 7 days and are very heavy 5 days and light and spotty the last 2.
Avatar f tn Then, I took the nuvaring out on 12/15/2012 because I felt like it was giving me mood swings. My questions are: Was I protected from pregnancy on 12/3/2012 when I had sex? What are the chances i sm pregnant? Also, if I am not pregnant when should I expect my period since I stopped the nuvaring early?
Avatar f tn Symptoms of premenopause are irritability and mood swings, hot flashes,night sweating, irregular periods, decreased blood loss during periods, dry vagina, breast heaviness and tenderness and joint and muscle pain. In your case, the irregular periods can be due to premenopause. Hence you should get it evaluated from a gynecologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn On the nuvaring, one thing for sure, if it is the week before your period, take notice of the mood swings and try not to be mean, just notice how you feel that week. I only liked it because i didnt have to take a pill daily. but the effects in long run could end a relationship if you never ever have the want or need for sex, i mean come on doctors, there is got to be another way....Im off of it for good. Good luck ladies...Just say No to Nuvaring!
Avatar n tn I have not been on any form of birth control in 4 years and it seems that every month my weight gain is different around my period time. I also go through a lot of mood swings, Ive never thought of myself as a crazy person, but I swear my emotions are out of control every month recently. My husband had cancer 5 years ago and the doctors thought he would become sterile as a result of the treatments.
Avatar f tn Hello, Premenstrual syndrome is the name of a group of physical and emotional symptoms that start 7 to 14 days before your menstrual period begins. The symptoms usually resolve within a few days after bleeding starts.
Avatar f tn Not sure about Milk Thistle and mood swings. Mood swings are complicated as it is. I feel like I should reinforce that NYGirl is right when it comes to Milk Thistle and HCV.
867809 tn?1239585236 Dec 6-12 None in January Feb 1-7 Mar 6-12 This past week I have been feeling like I was PMSing, but I still didn't get my period. I keep getting mood swings. Today, out of nowhere, I got really miserable. Today I have the worst mood swings all week. Plus, my ankles hurt badly. Is my period coming soon? Is my ankles hurting due to PMS?
Avatar n tn After having a regular menstrual cycle my whole life, my period stopped. My LMP was December 26. I am on a 28 day cycle. I find this very strange. I am now 14 days late. I had a prenancy test done today and it cam back negative. About a week and a half before AF was due I cramped as usual. This tyo me was normal and I just prepared to have my cycle for the month of january but it is now 2/3 and no AF just pubic pain, nothing unbearable just annoying and posterior pain.
Avatar n tn Hello, I started the Depo shot in December and realized I just couldn't handle the mood swings and the depression. I then decided that I wouldn't take my second shot which was supposed to be mid February. I began my period on the 6th of February. It is now March 15th, and I've still had my period. I am trying to find information if this is normal? My period has been constant and the cramps are there as well. I don't want to start on birth control pills either. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Since then I have started taking Wellbutrin as well because the Effexor alone was making me have mood swings. The combo has worked extremely well in treating my social anxiety disorder and depression. However, yesterday (about 2 weeks after my last period ended) I started bleeding again. Today I had mild cramps and I feel like my period is starting--9 days before I will start the week of nonactive birth control pills. So it seems that I am having another 2-week period.
Avatar n tn A 42 in estrogen should be a red flag with no period after 11 months and several pills to try and start a menstrual cycle isn’t it???? What else can I do???? He stated that he wants’ to wait longer to see if something will happen. Its been almost a year now, im frustrated with the acne, weight gain, mood swings, fatigue and lack of sleep. Any advice???
Avatar n tn I am 47, it totally through me into menopause. Hot Flashes, mood swings, etc. I started on Zoloft which is an antidepressent but it removed all the menopausal symtons. No Hot flashes (which were a killer) and no more mood swings. Talk to your Doctor about that instead of hormonal therapy. Zoloft is very safe and you can be on it for a short period of time. Good Luck, hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn i am not a doctor i am just a little familiar with these menstrual problems. how old are you? do you have bad menstrual cramping and mood swings? i had alot of problems for years and then one day my period lasted for 4 straight weeks. doc ordered ultrasound and found endometreosis interna. since my childbearing years are over and i am 43 yrs old and severely anemic i had a vaginal hysterectomy 9 days ago. that's just my story and everyone is differenet.
Avatar f tn So, I stopped getting my shot in June and ever since then, I've had some really bad menstrual experiences. I always had a heavy period. On average, I come on every 23 days and last about 7 days. Bad cramps have always been with me but since I stopped the birth control, I can't stand up sometimes because of pain. I can't take BM's because every time "something" starts to come out, a very sharp comes from seemingly inside my anus. I get nauseous and is a loose my appetite.
Avatar n tn I tend to get really bad PMS like symptoms about a week before, bloating, weight gain, sometimes two or three lbs, mood swings, tension headaches and the like. On the first day, usually I get pretty bad cramping too. Migrane headaches can come any time that span, before or durring. Not fun to be a female at such a time, is it?
Avatar n tn My period comes faithfully the first week of every month usually the 2nd. The 26th I was lightly bleeding but it was only the one time I wipped but then the next day I was bleeding again but very light. The bleeding has stopped and my period hasn't started yet. What could this be from? The night before this happend my husband & I had sex but he was "going in deep". Could that be the cause?
Avatar f tn My Period is supposed to come in 2 days, and I have been trying to conceive and my Ovulation day was on 10/8/14.. The symptoms i've been feeling is backache, mood swings, extremely sleepy threw out the day, appetite decreased, weak and faint, and a little bit of cramps and breast nipple tenderness.. I have taken 3 at home pregnancy test even today i did another. Can I be pregnant? or can I just experience menstrual cycle symptoms?? Help!!
Avatar n tn Hi, my girlfriend and I have been worried recently because she's on day 36 of her menstrual cycle, and still hasn't started her period. She's never been perfectly regular with her timing, but I've never known her quite this late, except for after she'd taken Emergency Contraception after an accident 4 months ago. We're worried because we've had "sex" in the past month. The reason for the "" is that nothing really happened.
Avatar f tn But only last year it completely times I would have the symptoms (cramps, mood swings...) but nada...i also.have hypothyroidism...i just dont know what to think or do for my period to regulate...and I am worried about my thyroid and my pcos condition...although no bloating, no stomach discomfort, no pain at all...just mood swings. Any suggestions? Tks!
Avatar f tn I also have many other pms issues, including anxiety, mood swings and rapid heartbeats, but I couldn't find shortness of breath on any of the symtoms lists I've read. You guys make me feel like I'm not just crazy and hysterical, so a huuuuge hug to all you sisters out there! Let's hope our societies start taking pms seriously soon, considering there are so many sufferers. I guess it doesn't count because it's not a 'real' illness, just something hysterical women get ...
Avatar n tn I do have pcos which causes crazy hormones... But I don't get mood swings or pms really- but I will get these palps, especially at night or when I get fired up, stressed, or don't breath regularly (it's like your all of a sudden more aware of your breathing, blaah!). The fact of the matter is that they are definitely cyclical. Use a fertility/cycle tracker app and you will start to clearly see a pattern. Don't let these stop you from living if you have been looked at.
225237 tn?1333142599 I am a 31 yr. old female. I have a question regarding my cycle. It seems like two weeks before my period I start getting symptoms, mood swings, bloating & this normal?? What can I do to get rid of some of these symptoms?? I also notice that my anxiety gets alot worse too!
Avatar n tn Endometriosis may lead to fallopian tube obstruction. Some women may also suffer mood swings and fatigue. In addition, women who are diagnosed with endometriosis may have gastrointestinal symptoms that may mimic irritable bowel syndrome.' The only way to confirm and diagnose endometriosis is by laparoscopy or other types of surgery. The diagnosis is based on the characteristic appearance of the disease, if necessary corroborated by a biopsy.
Avatar f tn While the hormonal IUD can cause hormonal side effects similar to those caused by oral contraceptives, such as breast tenderness, mood swings, headaches, and acne. These side effects usually go away after the first few months. Try not to worry about this and if it persists, inform your doctor for proper management. This link may be helpful: Take care and hope everything is well. Best regards.