Menstrual period during menopause

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Avatar f tn I have not had a menstrual period in 18 months. I have had hot flashes, night sweats and a small bit of weight gain. Last month the hot flashes seemed to have stopped along with the night sweats. I am sleeping better and then just yesterday I notice I am having a little bit of bleeding. It feels like a period. Just very lite. I have called my dr and I am going to be seeing him next week. I have had a lot of stress, family stress going on in my life.
Avatar m tn Are you saying that during her menstrual period, she does not have a very heavy flow at all, just some cramping? She could be in the beginnings of menopause. (It can take a woman 10 years to go through menopause, maybe this is the start.) But I would suggest she check with a doctor because 42 is a little young for that, possibly she has hyperplasia or a hormonal imbalance going on.
Avatar f tn The pain sensitivity may change during the menstrual period and hence the perception of increased pain. Fibromyalgia patients may also experience an increase in mood swings and dysmenorrhea, menstrual pain strong enough to disrupt day-to-day activities. Women whose fibromyalgia symptoms worsen during their menstrual periods experience a steadier pattern of fibromyalgia symptoms after menopause, though not necessarily a lessening of them. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn There is a very good website called The North American Menopause Society. They say that the menopause is defined as the final menstrual period and is usually confirmed when a woman has missed her period for 12 consecutive months. This is for women who have not had a hysterectomy or other problems. The article goes on to say that most women experience menopause between ages 40 and 58. The average age is 51.
Avatar f tn Physical or emotional trauma can disrupt the menstrual cycle. So if it had not been for the accident, your periods may not have stopped for that long. Also, in the early post-menopausal years (5 or so), hormones can still fluctuate quite a bit and even cause bleeding that is oftentimes nothing serious. Another thought - some medications can disrupt the menstrual cycle. So if you were on meds due to the accident, that could have thrown everything out of whack.
Avatar f tn t uncommon for perimenopausal women to go 6 mos without a period and then start up again. When you are one year free from a period, you have reached Menopause! If you have been bleeding like a period for 5 weeks, you can have the MD prescribe provera, it is just progesterone and it will stop your bleeding.
Avatar f tn But they are not accurate until you have gone a full year without a period because the levels can bounce around a lot during perimenopause. At one point, FSH may show menopause but a later test may show you are still fertile.
Avatar m tn My wife started menopause about 2 years ago , with skipping menstrual cycles . Now she has hot flashes and no periods . She was not really a sex enthusiast before , but now it's 2 or 3 months inbetween . What could women do to reduce the symptoms of menopause ? Does anyone who has an increased sex drive because of menopause ?
Avatar f tn Many women have clots in their menstrual blood from time to time. The clots may be bright red or dark in color. Often, these clots are shed on the heaviest days of bleeding. The presence of multiple clots in your flow may make your menstrual blood seem thick or denser than usual. Your body typically releases anticoagulants to keep menstrual blood from clotting as it's being released.
Avatar f tn Some women get almost a full year in without any bleeding only to start bleeding again and have to start counting all over again to make that one year mark. The lining typically gets up to 16mm during a normal menstrual cycle and it can get even thicker during perimenopause when women don't ovulate regularly. So chances are that the biopsy will show nothing serious. I hope it wasn't too painful! Hoping to hear biopsy results are normal.
Avatar m tn I got no period for 4 years. Now go back to Perimenopause because my period comes every month. I'm 55 now.
Avatar n tn Menopause is having gone 12 months without a period or the cessation forever of all menstrual bleeding. It does not take into account the 8 to 10 years prior to that "moment in time" (the 12 month period free point) in which we are going through all of the changes called, Perimenopause. So, for your doc to say that you're "far away" from it is a bit of a joke because you're already going through the prep stages for menopause!
Avatar f tn I'm 46 and my tubes have been tied for 13 years. I've had 2 d&c's in the last 5 yrs because my menstrual cycle won't stop. Suspect the onset of menopause, but my breast have become very sore and I am producing colostrum. Leaking very slight amount but I'm wondering if this is normal during menstration?
Avatar n tn Hi Menopause usually presents with menstrual irregularities .There may be a paucity in the menstrual flow or the menses may be profuse. Menopause usually takes place in the mid forties to early 50's. So the skin condition is not the only gauge for determining menopause. Other conditions have to be considered here , such as an allergic reaction or a dermatitis. Some forms of skin reactions need not present with a readily visible rash. Has the itchiness resolved already?
Avatar f tn d have to go an entire year without a menstrual period.
Avatar n tn d guess for at least the next two years I felt like I was on a menstrual roller coaster. I never knew when..........or if, my period was coming. I'd get all the pre-period symptoms but no period. The next month I'd get no symptoms and have a real gully-washer period, going through a box of tampons a day and wondering if I needed a blood transfusion! I'd wake up sweating some nights, but that was also a real hit or miss symptom.
1142551 tn?1264736930 I was curious if it was related to the MS that I miss a menstrual cycle during flare ups. Sometimes even 2! I am not sexually active so pregnancy wouldn't be the cause. Also sorry I just seem to post my questions and just that without any history of myself and my illness. I promise I will get to that once Im feeling better. But Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me on this forum.
1273473 tn?1270775840 well Im only 32 so I hope I dont start menopause yet!! I did however start my period early and it was quite heavy and lasted for almost 2wks!!!
Avatar f tn The endometrial stripe can get as thick as 16mm during the second half of your cycle (after ovulation). It will be thinnest right after your period ends. Ovarian cysts are a normal part of the cycle but sometimes hang around longer than normal which can cause some symptoms. It can be difficult to differentiate bowel discomfort from gynecologic issues. So if your symptoms cannot be tied to your reproductive system, you may want to consult a gastroenterologist (GI doctor).
1001420 tn?1281789449 And, when my chronic migraines are in remission or under control, I still get menstrual migraines... so, no matter what, I will always get at least one migraine before my period!
Avatar n tn Hello, The normal age range for the occurrence of menopause is somewhere between the age of 45 and 55. During menopause, the production of most of the reproductive hormones, including the estrogens, progesterone and testosterone, diminishes and becomes more irregular, often with wide and unpredictable fluctuations in levels,resulting in various symptoms.
Avatar f tn Good evening to everyone reading this, I am 52 years old and I have experienced a month of missing a period only to have it replaced with two periods the following month. I have the odd spotting but I have had a biopsy done 6 years ago of my uterus and it came back not precancerous showing. I felt perhaps this was menopause but thought I should check with a doctor to be sure. Had a pap that was fine. They did a ultrasound and that was fun..
Avatar f tn If your periods have been more or less regular and if you have no signs or symptoms of any sort of infection, pain, cramping, discharge other than menstrual blood, it would be my humble and non-medical opinion that you are slowly but surely heading into perimenopause. This does not mean that next month you'll in full blown menopause! Perimenopause is the beginning of our bodies learning to live with the ups and downs of fluctuating estrogen levels. Perimenopause can last for many years.
Avatar f tn Over the age of 40, it may be due to the menopause and not having a period for 3 years will mean that your menstrual cycle days are finished. Still see your doctor though to make sure that your period have stopped because of the menopause.