Menstrual period during menopause

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Avatar n tn The chance of pregnancy during menopause is possible, especially in the early months. During this time, the menstrual period comes to an end for a period of twelve months in a row. There is the possibility of becoming pregnant during menopause because ovulation does not immediately cease when this time begins. The process may take some time before actually stopping.
Avatar n tn During the menopausal period, some women may experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, emotional lability, irritability, insomnia, and dizziness. A woman's premenopausal personality may protect or predispose the person to these. During the menopausal period, severe and/or unexpected life events (such as the death of a spouse, the loss of a job, serious illness, or the youngest child leaving home) may also contribute towards development of psychological symptoms.
Avatar n tn I'd guess for at least the next two years I felt like I was on a menstrual roller coaster. I never knew when..........or if, my period was coming. I'd get all the pre-period symptoms but no period. The next month I'd get no symptoms and have a real gully-washer period, going through a box of tampons a day and wondering if I needed a blood transfusion! I'd wake up sweating some nights, but that was also a real hit or miss symptom.
Avatar f tn I have not had a menstrual period in 18 months. I have had hot flashes, night sweats and a small bit of weight gain. Last month the hot flashes seemed to have stopped along with the night sweats. I am sleeping better and then just yesterday I notice I am having a little bit of bleeding. It feels like a period. Just very lite. I have called my dr and I am going to be seeing him next week. I have had a lot of stress, family stress going on in my life.
Avatar f tn I have not had a menstrual period in 18 months. I have had hot flashes, night sweats and a small bit of weight gain. Last month the hot flashes seemed to have stopped along with the night sweats. I am sleeping better and then just yesterday I notice I am having a little bit of bleeding. It feels like a period. Just very lite. I have called my dr and I am going to be seeing him next week. I have had a lot of stress, family stress going on in my life.
Avatar f tn Do you have more symptoms during your menstrual cycle? I seem to notice a bit more numbness and find myself dropping things during this time. I wonder if it is because my body temperature seems higher at that time. I was just wondering since I have been dropping things all day! Have a great 4th everyone!
Avatar f tn ) About the menstrual cycle.. I had my last period March 2008 during chemo. But my blood tests still showed that I was not menopausal until about 2 months ago, and this is 2009. Please follow up with blood tests regularly until you become menopausal. It's important to know. You are doing great with your treatment and your hair will not really come back until you're close to being done with chemo. You look gorgeous as you are!
Avatar f tn I have heard that hormone fluctuations can affect the heartbeat, and all sorts of things go on with our hormones during our period, so I wouldn't be surprised if others experienced the same thing that you do. I hope they come forth and share their stories! In the meantime, though, don't worry. Our hearts are stronger than we think. Be aware, but don't be scared!
Avatar n tn After having a regular 28-day menstrual cycle for years, my period came back 7 days after my last period. But not full flowing, I guess you can say it is spotting every once in a while for the last 3days. I have to wear a pad constantly. I am 44 years old and I am sexually active. With the same man for over 5 years. What could possible be the reason(s) for this sudden spotting? Can someone reply on this question as soon as possible please?
Avatar n tn i got my period for two days and it was pretty light than it stopped, what could this mean?
Avatar n tn Each month during a woman's reproductive career the lining builds up and if there isn't a pregnancy, the lining sheds which is the woman's menstrual period. After menopause, hormone levels are low and the lining becomes thin, 4mm or less. If a woman has a uterus and is placed on estrogen, the lining will thicken and over time, maybe 10 years it can turn into cancer. That is why women who have a uterus and who take estrogen must also take progesterone.
Avatar n tn I'm 44 and have been experiencing menopause symptoms since I was 39. I'll be 45 this year. I've not had a period in two years. Two years ago, my OB-GYN told me I was in peri-menopause and put me the Nuva-ring, birth control. This was suppose to help with the hot flashes, and night sweats. I took about four months, and found that each month I would have a cycle, but it messed with my hormones and I noticed a dramatic change in my moods during my cycle.
1582332 tn?1296928465 I always had intermittent bleeding ( 2 monthlys) and they were heavy.....and I went into early menopause...I did not have my dx at the time so I had no idea...but, I now know I also have a thyroid condition common with us chiarians...Hashimoto's thyroiditis. As Pam pointed out many of us will have to deal with autoimmune issues as well as connective tissue disorders....and Hashimotos is autoimmune. Also check into Ehlers-Danlos as well....
Avatar f tn what could cause shortness of breath during my menstrual cycle? this began when i was 11 years old and i've now been dealing with it for 28 years. some months are worse than others. it usually just lasts a few days but is miserable. it can begin a few days before my period starts or during my period. it seems to be a hereditary thing. my mother and grandmother had the same problem and my daughter also seems to have it. i've asked doctors about it and nobody seems to have any clue.
Avatar f tn i also have a watery discharge during my period. it is clear and odorless. even if there is very little blood on my tampon, it soaks through and leaks through my pad and clothing as well. recently, i have been having less liquid blood and more clots, with a lot of the watery discharge. i have three solid days of going through both a tampon and pad within an hour. i also have severe backache and cramping, and just generally feel ill, which i realize could be just normal period stuff.
Avatar n tn I recently had blood work done to check my immune system and the only thing that showed up is that I have an allergy to who knows what, but my symptoms only surface during my period. Last month my doctor prescribed me claritin to take 2days before my period and throughout it and no cold. This month I didn't take anything and sure enough, I have awful cold symptoms again.
Avatar n tn hi,im 20yrs old & my period was 7 weeks an 5 days late. finally it came last night(4-13-08) it started off light pinkish color then in the morning it was reg.color now today i used the bathroom an a blood clot the size of a quater came out of me like a dark purple color! is sumthing wrong?i took 5 hpt an 1 blood test all neg. so i dont think its a misscarrige,im scrared.. please w/b.
Avatar n tn Having a period means you are shedding the lining of your uterus. So I would say, it's not normal nor possible. Some bleeding can be considered within normal limits and so can some types of cramps. If you feel like this is a REAL period, and the bleeding and cramping are plentiful, I would suggest contacting your OB for a check. How far along are you?
Avatar n tn There was a lot of pressure on my lower abdominal region during the procedure and the next day I began a menstrual period despite the fact that blood tests reveal that I am post-menopausal. My last period was approximately nine months ago. I have pain in the ovarian error after the pressure from the colonscopy procedure. Do you think the colonoscopy and the menstrual bleeding are related?
Avatar f tn Physical or emotional trauma can disrupt the menstrual cycle. So if it had not been for the accident, your periods may not have stopped for that long. Also, in the early post-menopausal years (5 or so), hormones can still fluctuate quite a bit and even cause bleeding that is oftentimes nothing serious. Another thought - some medications can disrupt the menstrual cycle. So if you were on meds due to the accident, that could have thrown everything out of whack.
469905 tn?1214172781 One blood test is not sufficient to determine menopausal status as there can be much fluctuation during perimenopause. Menopause is defined as one year without a menstrual period. It is too soon to say for sure whether or not you will have any more periods or not. During perimenopause and menopause, hot flashes can occur. These are highly variable between women with respect to intensity, duration and number. There is no way we could speculate on how this may resolve in your situation.
Avatar f tn i am a 42 years old i hav been having menstrual cycle distrubed my problems as i noticed is if i have sexual inter course i get my regular period but if id dont have sexual intercourse i dont get my regular period what could this be any thing serious
Avatar f tn My headaches and symptoms get terrible the week before it starts and during it. Would birth control help or make it worse? I'm curious as to if any of you use it to help with headaches and regulating the cycle in general.
Avatar n tn I've been going thru menopause for the last 2yrs. Haven't had a period during that time. Noticed spotting (light pink and experiencing inconsistent red now and then) this past week. Also been experiencing lower back pain- all the pre-menstrual symptoms (onset). Is this a fluke? I was taking Black Cohosh every day and have stopped for the last 6 mos. Also was told I have fibroids (3yrs ago) and that they should shrink as I go through the change. Is this something I should be concerned about?
Avatar n tn I am 45 and have been having these symptoms for aabout a year, maybe longer. Just before, during and after period and also at ovulation time I experience very unsettling anxiety, heart palps, and this other feeling (not sure what it is), feels like I can't breath, heart races, can't get a deep breath, feel hot in my face, etc. It will last just a few seconds and then it happens again about 15-20 minutes later.
Avatar f tn Same experience both times. 2) In my humble opinion, I do not believe that MS and menstrual cycles / menopause are in harmony. But considering the nerve functionality controlling such vast part of our bodies, I do believe that during hormonal changes, those nerves can be inflamed or affected in some way. Just as it seems that reflux mysteriously appears during these flares for some. This is one of the events I listed in my notes to the Neurologist as well.