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184420 tn?1326743408 07, four rounds of chemo ending Jan. 08, started Tamoxifen end of Jan. 08. My last period was Dec. 07. I had nothing but white discharge. Then May 1, 08, I started my period. Today, May 28, 08, I'm still having it. Oh, joy. The doctors don't seem to be concerned, but I am. Bleeding 28 days straight, very heavy, bright red. I'm tired but not anemic. I have cramps. I have gained five pounds this month. It's awful.
Avatar n tn Hello-my first time to this wonderful site! My husband and I just started trying this month for our 2nd child. I was gone for 2 wks, but had unprotected sex both before and after I returned. I totally expected to have my period since I was gone for so long. I had just gotten off the pill before having my last period. So, I started having very bad menstrual cramps and "shocks" in my breasts 3 days ago. I kept running to the bathroom thinking I was going to start. Nothing.
Avatar f tn Your discharge changes throughout your menstrual cycle becoming stretchy around the time you ovulate. What you're experiencing is normal.
Avatar n tn I am not on contraception and we usually use condoms. The next day I experienced cramps similar to pre-menstrual cramps or period pains for a few hours. The day after that (12th) I had a pinkish/brownish discharge from my vagina almost all day long. What is the cause of this? Its the first time this is happening and I am 25 years old.
Avatar f tn I had my period last Thursday which ended last Sunday. This morning I woke with a dark brown discharge, stomach cramps, lower back pain and slight numbness to the tops of my legs. What could have caused this?
Avatar m tn I had normal pre period white discharge, but my period is nearly 15 days late! I'm a Virgin, and 3 days ago I got light brown discharge mixed with the white, and as the days went on it went darker brown, yesterday and today it's been dark brown and mixed with blood, is this signs that my period coming soon?
Avatar f tn Is it normal to get a white clesr vaginal discharge before your period? It looks like im ovulating but im certain im not. Ive been on birth control and use ot properly so odds are that I am not.
Avatar f tn This month I went out of town for business a few times and maybe wasn't taking my pills when I was supposed to. Now my period is a couple days late and I'm just getting clear/white discharge. I never use a condom with my boyfriend anymore. Thoughts?
Avatar n tn For the last few days I have been experiencing cramping (feels like menstrual crams) off and on. Yesterday the 24th, I notice some clear, sticky, discharge. I went to my doctor where she tested for pregnancy and an UTI, but all test results came back negative. My last pap showed nothing abnormal (as well as no STD’s)… any suggestions?
Avatar f tn It started of white clear discharge then after aweek of that it turned like really white lotion color. I don't have itchi feeling or smell no pain only cramps n blothing. Also before that discharge came I spotted for 3 days very light before my period I never got it. Plz im really concern.
Avatar f tn I have extreme discharge, I get it all the time. It is not just after or before my period it is 24/7. I told my mom and she just told be to put on a panty liner, but I want it to stop and go away. (Btw the discharge is white, a little brownish, and sometimes it is think. It also drys kind of flakey.
Avatar n tn For the last few days I have been experiencing cramping (feels like menstrual crams) off and on. Yesterday the 24th, I notice some clear discharge, I went to my doctor and had a test for a UTI but all test results came back negative. My last papPap smear showed nothing abnormal (as well as no STD’s). As of the 28th I have noticed light dark spotting… any suggestions?
Avatar m tn There are certain things that may cause change in appearance of vaginal discharge like menstrual cycle, ovulation, emotional stress, use of pills or diet. The increased discharge could be due to physiological reasons like rise of hormone level (oestrogen) which is seen- during puberty, menstrual cycle, sexual excitement, pregnancy etc.
Avatar f tn Few days ago, on saturday (now monday) I got period like pains and the following day I started getting brown discharge. what could this mean?
Avatar n tn iam 23 yrs old and iam married one yr back and slight white discharge was there and doctor gave me medicine also it is not cured till and also i feel itching and irritation in the vaginal region since many days even i clean each time after urination and also during menstrual period it is smelling very bad.pls give me the reason this is happening with me.
294817 tn?1263840438 I found some info online: Throughout your menstrual cycle, which is from one period to the next, your cervix (the opening of the uterus) makes different types of discharge or mucus. You may start to see this mucus after your period ends. Usually it begins as cloudy in colour and if you stretch it between two fingers it would likely stretch about a quarter inch or less. As days go on it may appear clearer and stretchier (more than an inch).
Avatar f tn My period is regular. It usually lasts 7 days. But the past two months i have been getting my period twice in the same month. this month it has lasted 9 days and these last two days iv had dark discharge ?
Avatar f tn The normal vaginal discharge is thicker at specific times of the menstrual cycle (at the time of ovulation) and the small amounts of blood could be break through bleeding . As far as possibly being pregnant It could be a possibility especially with the light blood flow . The only way to be sure is to see a doctor or wait and take another test in a couple weeks or so. When is your cycle do to start?
Avatar f tn How can I know if I am experiencing implantation bleeding or just my menstrual period?. Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn I don't have any pain ,but discharge has little strong smell. I always had white discharge with no smell. Last one I had very watery period on 2nd & 3rd day. my periods or regular. my last physical exam was normal .my doctor says nothing to worry.....any idea what's going on?
Avatar f tn Having dis pain in my lower abdomen n a whitish discharge Wat might be de problem n wat is due cure and can it affect my fertility
Avatar m tn The jock itch has been gone since my doctor prescribed Lotrison as a PRN back during the first menstrual period problem in 2010. Probably just needed a stronger cream for the jock it but some times after sex it seems like I get a little itchy in my groin. Maybe its just in my head, but can vaginal fluids cause jock itch or groin irritation? You don't think this is related to do the NGU do you? Thanks.
Avatar n tn My period lasts for 7 days and after that i have a discharge for a few days. I tried filling out a ovulation calendar so that i will have some help getting pregnant. How do i know how long my menstrual cycle lasts for?. Being that i wasnt too sure i put the average of 28 days.
Avatar f tn ive had brown blood with red spots of blood for 7days is this my period?
Avatar f tn Sometimes I have discharge and other times I don't have discharge. My symptoms vary. My period cycle used to be every 29 days, then it went to every 38 days and now it comes when it wants to. Sometimes they are very heavy and sometimes they are very light, sometimes it is just spotting. I have went to the dr numerous times and I was told it is nothing to worry about. If you are to worried got to a local women's center or local health dept and get an exam done. I wouldn't worry about it though.
Avatar f tn then i went a week after my period with no problems, but then on 2/12 i was feeling heavy discharge, and when i went to check myself it was a lot of blood. it went thru my underwear and onto my jeans. it also looked like it had some chunks of blood... i was so scared. i thought i had gotten my period again which never happens but then it went away and i still have some brown discharge and some tiny bit of blood from time to time. its been about 3 days now and it hasnt gone away. im scared.
Avatar n tn My period came again in January however i have not gone off yet. I get this brown discharge before my period and when i am getting ready to go off. usually it only last a few days before my cycle starts, but now it seems to last longer and so does my cycle. I have been experiencing this for about a month now should i be concerned.
Avatar n tn As for the brownish discharge.. I have always heard that if you have a brown discharge then it is old blood. Other than that.. I dont know.