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1822032 tn?1338821779 i recently eat a Bomb energy drink and a wine slice cake 11:40am & orange drink & another wine slice 4:30pm and now its 4:48pm
Avatar m tn Hi i dont think its what you eat or drink i would reccomend taking a shower twice a day that should clear your problem up Take Care ...
Avatar m tn Without seeing the ingredients i can't really suggest any culprits that would have caused this anxiety. There are many other multivitamin/mineral supplements that you might want to try if this particular one is having negative side effects. Maybe try a heart health multivitamin-these should be free from pro-anxiety products as these tend to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Good Luck!!
535822 tn?1443980380 I guess they need a Men's Social forum.
Avatar m tn I think I have a small frame because when I wrap my fingers around my wrist, my thumb overlaps my middle finger's nail. I also had a men's health physical last semester at my college and the doctor said, "He has a healthy look" as far as my body shape. I have low cholesterol and blood pressure and I also have plenty of energy. Over the past few years, I have become self-conscious about my weight because some people (mostly girls) have called me skinny.
Avatar m tn There's no chance of this being an STD since you're in a faithful marriage, plus you've been tested. Can you think of anything that might be causing this? Rubbing against your clothes, a new body or laundry soap, different condoms if you and your wife use them? Anything at all?
697132 tn?1232389372 I have no idea who I'm writing to, but if you're reading this, I'll talk to you. I came across this page when looking up a question, and I found an answer, but I decided to stay and see what else happens. I've fallen in love with the trackers though. This year, like many people, I'm aiming to lose weight and eat healthy. So, these trackers will be really helpful in keeping myself in check. I'm aiming to be healthier in 8 weeks, but even beyond then.
649848 tn?1534637300 It's the perception that thin people are automatically assumed to be healthier than those that are heavier/overweight and is evidence that doctors exhibit weight bias by assuming that the heavier/overweight person must have a poor lifestyle or that the thin person has a better lifestyle, when there's plenty of evidence that this isn't true. I've weighed myself most days for the past 20 yrs.
287246 tn?1318573663 This is an e-mail I received today but the e-mail had pictures of all of these things. This has so much about general health, women's health and men's. I just thought it would be something good to share...... God's Pharmacy! Amazing! A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye... and YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes. A Tomato has four chambers and is red.
Avatar n tn I can tell for a fact whether or not he has eaten the pie or something else. If he had the pie that day, his *** tastes marvelous, so sweet and very nice tasting, really refreshing. If he has like chocolate cake his *** tastes quite strong and bitter. It's hard to believe that just a little thing like that can make such a huge difference.
Avatar f tn I haven't had any changes in medication or anything like that. I've noticed a few people mentioning they use Pantene. I wonder if this had anything to do with it as I use it too. I'm going to try the listerene. I bought an expensive clarifying shampoo which helps cut down the amount of grease definitely hasn't cured it.
Avatar m tn i had the pa-c or whatever that is call me this morning from the dermatologists office .she said to her it was just reguklar folliculitis .not due to any infection .she said sometimes it just happens for no reason.i told her it happened after contact with someone and i am having sinusitis and neurological issues loss of sight hearing and was wondering if this could at least cause the i suggested i come back in so she could take another look .
Avatar n tn It's sad that because of some guys running around saying that girl's vaginas smell like fish etc, a lot of us get paranoid into thinking that our vaginas smell like this or have some other offensive odor. Vaginas have offensive odors when they are infected by bacteria or fungus.
Avatar n tn diagnose to the best of their ability, medicate, refer out to a specialist, or cut. There are other non-surgical options that are available that your doctor is NOT telling you about. Often times when your have a bulging/herniated disc, there are other problems that lye within your spine that your doctors are not addressing. My mother's one vertebra is completely misplaced, which caused her disc to slip to begin with.
Avatar m tn A Harvard study published in the journal Human Reproduction found a strong association between men's consumption of soy foods and decreased sperm counts. In the study, men who ate a variety of soy-containing foods and then underwent semen analysis had poor sperm quality. Animal studies also found connections between males chowing down on soy and erectile dysfunction.
Avatar m tn This is the Men's Health forum. We have a Sexual Health forum if you would like to post your question there. You will most likely get more responses on that forum.
Avatar m tn Hi quiet girl. There's a lot going on that can't be splurged out in one or two threads, but you are on the ball. Amazing - almost clairvoyant you are. This particualar topic affords me much sympathy to the situation which is why I'm somehow able to practice extreme patience and understanding. the trick is dealing with it all the right way. I've messed up royally in the past, strangely, what I'm learning is that the other person gets better if you focus a bit on yourself.
Avatar m tn Either way, if this has been going on for the last 5 years, and your doctors cant diagnose, i suggest you go see a doctor specialized in men's health or a urologist. A urologist is not only specialized in women and men's urinary system but also in penile and testicular function.
598026 tn?1222683306 ok so i made myself breakfast today!!! it took me about 7 minutes to make i had a peanut butter banana sandwich on one slice of whole grain white bread. i dont know if thats good for you its just what i have, it was the cheapest one at target. i ate that i gobbled that down i love peanut butter banana sandwiches...but then i made myself a 1/2 cup of oatmeal and i sliced the rest of the banana into it and some frozen berries from the bag of frozen berries that i have in my freezer..
Avatar n tn IronManu77, I think your misinformation is incorrect, i know most men that are experiencing this are those that are more sexually active either by sex or masturbation. so the answer would be reverse semen that get harden after a while.
Avatar m tn If yes then when should i take them, in morning or in lucnh? There are rumors that centrum effects male sexual health is it true that centrum has any side effects on male sexual heallth? if yes then what's that?
419990 tn?1228262726 I think I've already lost 5 lbs and I know this isn't good for the baby. I thought when we finally got to this moment that we'd be happy and go out and celebrate instead of staying home and crying because my husband isn't sure if we can survive all the past stress that was in our relationship. Hopefully he comes home soon and we talk this through. He's the type of guy that keeps all his feelings to himself until he explodes and then he won't talk to me until he's ready to talk.
Avatar m tn But my suggestion is that you take these after consulting a doctor so that you can know about the dosage that would be suitable for you. Vitamin D supplements are really good for you, as they help you stay away from osteoporosis and osteomalacia, two bad conditions that make your bones weak and fragile. Thanks.
790669 tn?1465192699 He cried because I was soo upset and now he's worried how I'll handle being told that we can't fix it. I hate this so bad.. My childhood was was awful and Brian pulled me through!! Now this?? I don't know how I'll deal with being told it can't be fixed..I can't even hardly handle this! We'll be married going on 14 years this year and I've always wanted a "lil us" running around..I pray that is still a possiblity. Anwyays, TY ladies sooo much for everything.
Avatar m tn I notice if a twist, sleep on my side , or on my tummy and not on my back, this kind of provokes it. So are these factors what's causing the discomfort to prolong, or does it just take longer to heal from this kind of surgery? If I follow rules such as sleep on my back, sit up straight, stop singing, clean the cut thorougly in the shower, and eat healthy, will these factors expedite my recovery?
Avatar m tn Feed your mane iron-packed foods such as lean red meat, turkey, egg yolks, dried beans, dried fruit, whole grains. Eyes The National Institute of Health found that people who consume the most lutein—a carotenoid found in plant foods—are 43 percent less likely to develop macular degeneration. Lutein helps filter blue light, preventing it from damaging retinal tissues. Eat two servings of greens each day. Consider one serving to be ½ cup of cooked spinach, broccoli, or brussels sprouts.
1376247 tn?1278892259 I am very happy to have this done and that I didn't run away screaming and just let the thing grow. That would have ended up in a dangerous rupture or more invasive surgery. I am feeling a bit emotional and weepy- but will not judge this time as "the new me" as so much has taken place. My doctor has not discussed the effects of having lost one ovary. I've read that the remaining ovary learns to make double the estrogen but not sure if this is right.
Avatar m tn If it is caused by the methadone meds, and I can't lower that, what else can I do? Is there a natural herb or food I could eat to help? I'm the type of person that never would take even an asprin before this accident, so you can understand why I am reluctant when my doctor wants to add more and more medicines, but at the same time relived to live with less pain and have a better quality of life.
Avatar f tn diet (Google it ) and this was huge for me. I found that on this diet my body is no longer craving bread or sweets and I am never hungry, I really feel that no matter what, if you want to lose weight and keep it off then you have to make a life style change and stick to it. This particular diet for me has worked very well. I was also on the HCG diet for month and was very helpful. both work well if you stick to it.
Avatar f tn I see that you put great effort into ensuring that you eat healty and don't eat too much junk, and that's great. A good regimen involves 50% diet. The other 50% of a successful regimen, unfortunately, involves exercise as well, and a good amount of it. I can see you have a great start, since fat loss (don't worry about what your weight is, worry about body/fat percentage) has more to do with aerobic exercise than weight lifting. But not just any aerobic exercise.