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Avatar m tn i have BLACK LIPS. i think it is because of the sun. please help me to turn it pink again, i have tried putting lemon it does NOT help! my lips make me very self concious.
Avatar n tn my lips have dark edges because of it they look very big and i also want to make my lips pink i have dark edges since 6 years at start i didnt notice them but now i hate it plz help me
Avatar n tn In a matter of a couple of days, my lips starting having dark spots: a patch in the center of my lower lip and patch near the corner of my lower lip. On my upper lip is a dark spot left of center. I noticed the problem after having a bout of dry, flaky skin on my lips. I made the mistake of peeling the dry skin off and the next day the spots were there. My lips are still sore even though I regularly moisturize them and always have. I have pink lips and the spots are very unattractive.
Avatar n tn Why are my lips turning colors? Why are they so dry and chapped? What can I do to make the dark spots go away? I have started using a cocoa butter stick at night and I use BurtsBees chapstick during the day. I have noticed a difference in the dryness, they are not as dry anymore but the dark spots are still there. Please help if you can.
Avatar f tn i have a lips is so dark..i also have dark skin...i hope u guys can suggst me products to lighten my lips..i feel so embarrassed to face the public..they kept asking me "are u smoking?'..i am not smoking..
1393121 tn?1289412169 This home remedy will help you a lot in getting rosy lips. • Apply honey on your lips at bedtime to make them pink and smooth. • Mix 1 to 2 raspberries with 1 spoon of honey and 1-2 spoons of aloe vera gel .Keep for 5 minutes. Follow with a lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly. • Use one tea spoon of strawberry juice with 2 spoons of petroleum jelly on your lips. Use this mixture as a lip balm. • Rub rose petals on your lips to lighten their dark colour. Rose petals give your very rosy lips.
Avatar n tn Basically wut it looks like, my lips are darker brownish in color, it looks like dirt on my lips which used to be really pink and are now splotty brownish in color. My dermatologist said that there is nothing i can do at all. she sid to wait it out...but i was thinking, there MUST be something that can be done about this, its totally emabarassing and even with lipstick or something else on my lips u can tell that its discolored....the kojic , do you think that would work? have u tried it yet?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, i randomly began losing the pink color in my lips. At first I thought it would just heal on its own,but it hasn't. My outer lips range in a blue-purplish color and i have a few black spots on my inner lip. I really don't know what is wrong. I have never smoked or done drugs in my whole life (18 years). I admit I love coffee, I have it about once sometimes twice a day. I rarely go out in the sun/cold weather , but if i do it is not for long periods of time.
Avatar m tn Hello Doc, I am from India and I have dark lips since birth. Is there any kind of treatment or surgery which can make them pink? If yes what would be the expenses to get it done? Please suggest.
Avatar f tn My lips get dry and it then peels and I think as it peels the layers the lighter color comes around. I have dark lips and it is getting embarassing to have a lighter part on my lip. A dermatologist had me on Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide ointment. It helped for some time. Should I continue?
Avatar f tn I look older than my age because of this. Is there surgery to make lips pink. P.s am an asian and hav tan skin.
Avatar m tn In my lower lip, 70% of it is pink because of the pink from my lip hanging but on the sides it is dark black. Before this, they were just a light shade of black, and it was hardly noticeable. My dad and brother both have the same thing. The difference is that my dad has small lips and no yellow dots so his looks normal. My brother has medium lips but no yellow dots. The blackness looks normal with them. With me, it looks disgusting.
Avatar m tn About 2 months ago, I went to visit my physician regarding a problem I had with a ring of redness around my lips - more prominent on my bottom lip - it was a lighter, tender pink shade and kind of looked like I had been drinking lots of red kool-aid. I also had constant dry, cracked and bleeding lips, and tried everything from drinking plenty of water and making sure I wasn't licking them.
Avatar n tn Is there something else they could be? If they are forcyde spots, is there a way to make my lips feel moist again? I don't care about the appearance, but they are very uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was wonder if someone could advise me on my son, He's 16months old now and apart from being a handful is usually well except his lips (nowhere else) turn blue from time to time and I'm getting concerned as it is happening more frequently now! it does happen when he is cold but I've also noticed it at other times.I also have a 5 year old but his lips never turn blue ? When he was 8 weeks he was admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis and at the doctor who examined him found a murmur?
Avatar f tn Every few days, I wake up to find that my face is slightly flushed, and my lips are very reddish-pink. When I see this, I think I look great -- but a friend said that this may indicate that something is wrong. Something about carbon monoxide? But there is nothing utilizing gas or combustion during the summer, and the propane tank has been empty for 8 months. I drink lots of water, my lips are rarely dry or chapped, and my skin has excellent capillary rebound, so I know that I am not dehydrated.
401786 tn?1309155634 Some of you may remember The After Dark Cafe we had goin' last year. It was nice....alot of us got together in there and could all chat relatively "together" about anything. SO, as I was talking to lostdreams today, we thought it would be great to open it back up again. Some Rules: Clean up your own damned dishes. If you're the last one out, lock up. A word to the wise: I hear the managment can be a real hardass if she's, um, bring offerings.
Avatar n tn Make sure they checked your homone levels. Make sure they can validate anything they are telling you. Also, see a dermotologist to make sure your acne is not actually folliculits which looks like teenage acne, but it's not. I know this is a lot of information. I just want you to be aware of the possibilites so you won't be beating around any brushes at your doctors office. Knowledge is always the key to success.
Avatar m tn My upper-lip is dark, but my lower-lip is Pink.. I don't like having a Pink lower-lip because I have dark skin, my lips should be dark as well. What can I do to make my lower-lip dark?? many years ago it used to be dark, but it changed. I have no problems with dry lips or cold sore, and I use lip balm regularly (burt's bees)..
Avatar m tn So because of this confusion, I am still trying to figure how to get my lips back to their even original color (whether or not that was pink or black). I have smoked some, but not on a regular basis and certainly not enough to make my lip as dark as it is. Also, when I was younger, I did pick my lips a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome to Part 6! Please make yourself at home!
Avatar f tn That area is light red/pink.
Avatar f tn It makes my bottom lip look half super dark (brownish/black) and half normal color. Normally my lips are really pink so it's starting to make me worry. I'm just assuming it might be a fungus, but I don't know how I could have gotten it or what to do.
Avatar n tn Hi can anyone help me with a problem concerning my discolored bottom lip? My lip has a light pink and dark colour, I think it might be because of pigmintation. what can I do to even out the discoloration ?
Avatar n tn Now I just have chapped lips, with no tingling at all. Just a dry feeling, with a dark pink border lining my bottom/upper lip. This happens every few months. The last time this happened was sometime the end of May. I've also recently been experiencing a rise in small canker sores. Never more than one at a time, but once one goes, another pops up!
Avatar n tn I have the same problem but I use chapstick all the time to keep them moisturized (this softens the excess skin on my lips) after that I brush my teeth and rub the excess skin off my lips with a towel or cloth. It works and I have to remind myself to stop licking/biting my lips. I also drink plenty of water (no sodas, juices, only water). After I rub the excess skin off it feels like such a relieve and I do not apply Chapstick afterwards I just leave my lips nude with nothing on them...
Avatar f tn I feel very selfconcious of my vagina. My lips are very "meaty" and dark. I am wondering if there is a procedure to reduce the size of them?
Avatar n tn ( So Clinique is ok as long as I dont reapply more than once or twice and make sure to clean my lips very well after the evening and applying cream after. The cream I mostly use to prevent dry lips is Locobase but it does contain petrolatum and since this is the only cream I can use I am ok with that. However, I recently started to try to use eye cream directly on my lips before I go to bed and so far it is working wonders for me.