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Avatar m tn Hello, It can be due to hyperpigmentation lips. To prevent blackness of the lips, smoking and chewing, biting or pricking the skin of the lips should be avoided. The most effective solution for treating dark lips is alexandrite and ND-Yag Q-Switched laser treatment. Please discuss these options with your dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn e the inside onw is pink and the outside one is really dark. someone suggested me to apply Kojivit plus in lips. Please advice if it will help or should I try something else.
Avatar n tn before i used to smoke i used to have pink lips. now after smoking soo much i have black lips. i know that is due to smoking and not due to drinking tea as ive did that all my life. stop smoking sunnyv to further discolour yr lips. i u have found a way of restoring natural colour to yr lips then plz let me know. or if anyone has plz let me no. thanks a million. ***@**** is my email add.
Avatar n tn my lips have dark edges because of it they look very big and i also want to make my lips pink i have dark edges since 6 years at start i didnt notice them but now i hate it plz help me
Avatar n tn I'm really not sure what these spots are. To find out, and to remove them if needed, you'll need to see a doctor, preferable a dermatologist, who will be most likely to do what's needed. Bleaching creams aren't much use in this location. Best. Dr.
1393121 tn?1289412169 This home remedy will help you a lot in getting rosy lips. • Apply honey on your lips at bedtime to make them pink and smooth. • Mix 1 to 2 raspberries with 1 spoon of honey and 1-2 spoons of aloe vera gel .Keep for 5 minutes. Follow with a lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly. • Use one tea spoon of strawberry juice with 2 spoons of petroleum jelly on your lips. Use this mixture as a lip balm. • Rub rose petals on your lips to lighten their dark colour. Rose petals give your very rosy lips.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 27-year-old male, currently over the past 12 months both my lips are changing colour to a dark blue\black colour. This is only on my lips and a colour difference is visible comparing to the inside of my mouth. I do smoke, currently average of 5 per day, i do not drink tea or coffee. I wish to restore the colour of my lips to the natural "pink" colour they should be. Its a problem as its getting worse now, Can you advise me, what & how to do???
Avatar n tn Why are my lips turning colors? Why are they so dry and chapped? What can I do to make the dark spots go away? I have started using a cocoa butter stick at night and I use BurtsBees chapstick during the day. I have noticed a difference in the dryness, they are not as dry anymore but the dark spots are still there. Please help if you can.
Avatar n tn Basically wut it looks like, my lips are darker brownish in color, it looks like dirt on my lips which used to be really pink and are now splotty brownish in color. My dermatologist said that there is nothing i can do at all. she sid to wait it out...but i was thinking, there MUST be something that can be done about this, its totally emabarassing and even with lipstick or something else on my lips u can tell that its discolored....the kojic , do you think that would work? have u tried it yet?
Avatar n tn About a year ago, i randomly began losing the pink color in my lips. At first I thought it would just heal on its own,but it hasn't. My outer lips range in a blue-purplish color and i have a few black spots on my inner lip. I really don't know what is wrong. I have never smoked or done drugs in my whole life (18 years). I admit I love coffee, I have it about once sometimes twice a day. I rarely go out in the sun/cold weather , but if i do it is not for long periods of time.
Avatar m tn please help me what to do and what could be the reason for the lips getting pink and rest part dark brown.and yes the difference of the colour looks more in dark room and less in light. please help!!!
Avatar m tn when i asked my dematologist for the blood check up so i can know whether it is some other reason or not she refused for that. please help me what to do and what could be the reason for the lips getting pink and rest part dark brown.and yes the difference of the colour looks more in dark room and less in light. please help!!! Shikha .
Avatar f tn I think it is embarrassing. I have to conceal it with lip stick. After I eat I have to run to the bathroom to make sure they still look presentable. I really need some help.
Avatar m tn I thought it would go away with time, but hell, its been almost 5-6 months now, and my lips are still dark and not pink, like they used to be, when i didn't even start smoking. How can i restore my natural lip color?
1582835 tn?1296615522 Hi im a 16 year old female, African American descent and i have a bad case of eczema on my lips which have caused them to blacken and to appear to others that i smoke. It all started when i cleaned my nose ring with peroxide and the peroxide ran down onto my lips. The next day my lips started to itch and then on from there my top lip turned a completely different color and my lips started to darken around the edges of my bottom lip.
Avatar n tn I am curious to find out what I can do to get rid of them? My lips are light pink and the freckles look like brown spots scattered on my lips. I have one area on the top right hand corner of my lips where the freckles have clustered together and it is darker than the other freckles therefore, it is more noticeable. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/243372'>Dark areas on lips</a>.
Avatar f tn I look older than my age because of this. Is there surgery to make lips pink. P.s am an asian and hav tan skin.
Avatar n tn my innner lip area is totally pink, like there is nothig wrong, it jkust seems to be on the bottom lip. could it be the toothpaste? i changed that...could it be something im eating? somethign im not eating? all im using is carmex for now. could it be a cold sore that just got complicated b./c i might have been wearing lipgloss or lipstick when i got the cold sore. any info would be great since i still have to wait 3 months for my appt and am getting quite worred now.
Avatar m tn In my lower lip, 70% of it is pink because of the pink from my lip hanging but on the sides it is dark black. Before this, they were just a light shade of black, and it was hardly noticeable. My dad and brother both have the same thing. The difference is that my dad has small lips and no yellow dots so his looks normal. My brother has medium lips but no yellow dots. The blackness looks normal with them. With me, it looks disgusting.
Avatar m tn Some days it's more prominent than others and my lips tend to dry out now and then, but I'm trying to avoid putting any sort of ointment/chapstick on them in the event that something coming in contact with the lips is irritating them further. I've included a recent photo (not the best quality) that shows my bottom lip and my lip line is no longer definitive.
Avatar m tn Hello Doc, I am from India and I have dark lips since birth. Is there any kind of treatment or surgery which can make them pink? If yes what would be the expenses to get it done? Please suggest.
Avatar n tn when i was 7 years old, my lips were pink and beautiful as i used to apply vaseline coming in higher classes i got busy and left the habit then i started getting dark lips, my mother suggested to continue the habit and so i did and started putting petroleum jelly twice everyday but the darkness on the side of my lips and on my lips continued and even after going to many dermatoligists and using different medicenes gave no change ! im now in deseprate need of help!
Avatar m tn Once a smoker, but my lips started to turn black, or a darkish purple, darker than the usual pink, how do you go about restoring your regular color other than the obvious of stop smoking? Is there a way to continue smoking and not get darker lips?
Avatar n tn After about 10 minutes, her lips went back to their normal colour. I have noticed she is sensitive to cold after a bath etc. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn i have a problem.my lips is so dark..i also have dark skin...i hope u guys can suggst me products to lighten my lips..i feel so embarrassed to face the public..they kept asking me "are u smoking?'..i am not smoking..
Avatar n tn Over the years, I have consulted several dermatologist and none were able to tell me why my lips are discolored or how to treat them to remove the dark spots. My lips hare pink with brown spots with the darkest brown on my lower lip spreading towards the innermost part of my lip. I would like to stop wearing lipstick, but my lips draw the attention of others. I want my lips to be either all pink or all brown. What do you think has caused this discoloration?
Avatar f tn I was scarred all over my body with blisters with pus coming out sometimes.My lips originally were pink but after the blisters had gone, my lower lip turned extremely dark brown and has been like that for the past ten years with small patches of pink. Please how can i restore my lower lip to its original colour?
Avatar f tn Every few days, I wake up to find that my face is slightly flushed, and my lips are very reddish-pink. When I see this, I think I look great -- but a friend said that this may indicate that something is wrong. Something about carbon monoxide? But there is nothing utilizing gas or combustion during the summer, and the propane tank has been empty for 8 months. I drink lots of water, my lips are rarely dry or chapped, and my skin has excellent capillary rebound, so I know that I am not dehydrated.