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Avatar m tn Hello, It can be due to hyperpigmentation lips. To prevent blackness of the lips, smoking and chewing, biting or pricking the skin of the lips should be avoided. The most effective solution for treating dark lips is alexandrite and ND-Yag Q-Switched laser treatment. Please discuss these options with your dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn Why are my lips turning colors? Why are they so dry and chapped? What can I do to make the dark spots go away? I have started using a cocoa butter stick at night and I use BurtsBees chapstick during the day. I have noticed a difference in the dryness, they are not as dry anymore but the dark spots are still there. Please help if you can.
Avatar f tn I think it is embarrassing. I have to conceal it with lip stick. After I eat I have to run to the bathroom to make sure they still look presentable. I really need some help.
Avatar m tn In my lower lip, 70% of it is pink because of the pink from my lip hanging but on the sides it is dark black. Before this, they were just a light shade of black, and it was hardly noticeable. My dad and brother both have the same thing. The difference is that my dad has small lips and no yellow dots so his looks normal. My brother has medium lips but no yellow dots. The blackness looks normal with them. With me, it looks disgusting.
Avatar m tn Some days it's more prominent than others and my lips tend to dry out now and then, but I'm trying to avoid putting any sort of ointment/chapstick on them in the event that something coming in contact with the lips is irritating them further. I've included a recent photo (not the best quality) that shows my bottom lip and my lip line is no longer definitive.
Avatar n tn This happened to my daughter, and when she was sleeping, she would make a weezing sound. After many trips to the ER just to be told it's nothing, I finally found a doctor that would help. My daughter was diagnosed with Hyperactive Airway Trap Disease. This is like another way of saying asthma, but I think they were reluctant to say asthma because for her age, there was not definitive way to test her for it.
Avatar f tn Every few days, I wake up to find that my face is slightly flushed, and my lips are very reddish-pink. When I see this, I think I look great -- but a friend said that this may indicate that something is wrong. Something about carbon monoxide? But there is nothing utilizing gas or combustion during the summer, and the propane tank has been empty for 8 months. I drink lots of water, my lips are rarely dry or chapped, and my skin has excellent capillary rebound, so I know that I am not dehydrated.
Avatar n tn once the dr puts your mind at rest they will then proceed to tell you how to make it better! in the meantime, baths are always helpful, even if its only to relax you!
401786 tn?1309155634 I have been listening to Franz Ferdinand a lot lately.....I am rockin' out to their song, "Dark of the Matinee" right now....I'm not sure if it's everybody's bag, so I'm happy to dance to my own tune if need be.
Avatar n tn ( So Clinique is ok as long as I dont reapply more than once or twice and make sure to clean my lips very well after the evening and applying cream after. The cream I mostly use to prevent dry lips is Locobase but it does contain petrolatum and since this is the only cream I can use I am ok with that. However, I recently started to try to use eye cream directly on my lips before I go to bed and so far it is working wonders for me.
162948 tn?1205256292 I know your period is the lining in your uterus which the mirena keeps it thin so obviously keeps mine to nothing since i dont bleed. I am really concerned now as to how long it is going to take me to concieve. I had a friend who got hers pulled out and got pregnant the next day. Now I really wonder when I should get it taken out. Now or when hes here so we can have sex right away.
Avatar n tn hmmm im 15 years old and how cani put this, i have a saggy vag n it looks soo gross ni dont know how to get rid of it im scared to get it cheaked out so iv kept looking on google and im not sure what to do, i hate it n i just want a normal looking vagina. in summer i cnt go out in bikinis because i hate down there, it kinda sticks out n im scared if people will notice..
1158221 tn?1327976203 Then my sister's father-in-law died on Saturday so now we have to work a funeral into this week. Sheesh. I am NOT supposed to stress! LOL How is everything with you? How is the M/S? Baby E must really be growing. WHen is your next appt. at the doc.? Told my parents yesterday. I slipped it to my mom and she told me I better tell my dad before she slips and tells him. So they know. My dad was so excited. My mom doesn't get too excited about things.
Avatar n tn The yeast infection is gone now, but I am still swollen and still have slight burning every now and then, not so much painful as it is annoying, and it has been 5 days since I used this product! It's going down a bit, but it seems to be taking its time..anyone know how I might be able to speed the healing process?? Next time I'll just get the Diflucan and avoid all of this!
Avatar n tn Thanks to everyone who means a lot. I finally got my numbers back and my hcg is down to 14. I will go again on Monday and hopefully it will be down. I did start bleeding again too =(. I just feel like sleeping through this whole holiday. I feel like all i've done this last month is hope for the best and expect the worst...i'm just tired. Thanks for your support, prayers, answers and just being there for me! I appreciate it!!!!!!!
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome to Part 6! Please make yourself at home!
Avatar n tn I am not trying to scare you, but just to make you realise the urgency. You would be advised admission if the rash is severe or some medication including steroids if the doctor thinks it is mild in intensity. Do schedule an appointment at the earliest or take him to the ER. Keep us posted about the progress. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Avatar f tn I have been taking the ACAI capsules for 3 days - I feel horrible and have just figured out it is THEM causing it - I don't know how to get them out of my system quickly so I am drinking water and eating lots of fiber to try to push the meds out. I am also taking anti histamines now and I feel just awful - stomach issues, hives, general feeling of unwellness (kind of like I am hyper but in an itchy kind of way).
Avatar n tn My face has broken out in tiny white spots on my forehead and chin. It feels like sand. I’m sorry I don’t know how to make this facial reaction any better, just to warn you. I’m going to try Vaseline.
Avatar m tn So because of this confusion, I am still trying to figure how to get my lips back to their even original color (whether or not that was pink or black). I have smoked some, but not on a regular basis and certainly not enough to make my lip as dark as it is. Also, when I was younger, I did pick my lips a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar f tn But really I don't care if have to go a few pounds or as many as needed to have a flat stumic. How can I lose weight if my Mum trys to make me eat more??? Right now I usualy eat half a plate for dinner I wish I could eat as little as I did last week a small peace of chicken about the size of my palm and a hot dog and sadly a pop!!!! I am also doing a exersise every other night to tone everything up and build mussel!!!!
Avatar f tn still i'll test pregnancy next thursday,a whole waiting week waits me,u said u'll make 3rd beta test,how many times do we make it?is it quantitative or qualitative? my RE said my 1st test will b qualitative,do u think i have chance that these embies complete?how do u find 4wks pregnancy?what symptoms do u have?&from when do u began to have any symptoms? iam so sorry for so many questions but realy i feel lost&wanna know what to do&where iam standing.
Avatar n tn hello just wanted to give another update.We went bsck to the doctor Wednesday to see how many mature follicles we had this time (PRAISE GOD!!!) we had 2 we had a 2.5cm on one ovary and a 1.8 on the other ovary.I had my blood levels checked my Estrogen was 448 they said that was good.My husband had a count of 5.6 million after being washed they said we only needed 2 to 5 million so yesterday we went and had another IUI this one feels much better.
Avatar f tn That area is light red/pink.
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Avatar m tn I submitted this question to the live chat with Dr. Choi: portann: "Does taking 1000 mg daily of ribavirin as part of HCV therapy for the last 45 weeks afford any protection against the swine flu?" This was his reply: Dr. Enoch Choi: "not that i understand" What do your parents think you should do about your two finals tomorrow?
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Friends, Welcome! Please make yourself at home ... snuggle down by the fire and hang on. It's a bumpy ride.
Avatar f tn It makes my bottom lip look half super dark (brownish/black) and half normal color. Normally my lips are really pink so it's starting to make me worry. I'm just assuming it might be a fungus, but I don't know how I could have gotten it or what to do.