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Avatar m tn Im a 17 year old asian male with dark lips. I was born with lighter lips but i have neglected them when i was younger. I have always peeled and ate the skin of my lips (I know disgusting lol) when i was younger and they were chapped. Everytime i went to the dentists, when i'd have my teeth pulled and they used anesthesia i'd take very hot water and test on my lips to see how i can not feel the pain. I never really cared about my lips from about 5 years old to 13.
Avatar n tn UPDATE I took my daughter to GP today who thinks my daughter has damaged capillaries around her lips due to excessive licking during eczema episode on lips thats why she has stained.He has also advised me to continue using hydrocortisone for one week.Does this mean its PIH or he means something else. He has refered my daughter to Dermatalogist.I should be able to see him in one week time. My family does have history of asthama. and my daughter also suffers from pityriass Alba in summer time.
Avatar f tn I think it is embarrassing. I have to conceal it with lip stick. After I eat I have to run to the bathroom to make sure they still look presentable. I really need some help.
Avatar m tn Some days it's more prominent than others and my lips tend to dry out now and then, but I'm trying to avoid putting any sort of ointment/chapstick on them in the event that something coming in contact with the lips is irritating them further. I've included a recent photo (not the best quality) that shows my bottom lip and my lip line is no longer definitive.
Avatar n tn This happened to my daughter, and when she was sleeping, she would make a weezing sound. After many trips to the ER just to be told it's nothing, I finally found a doctor that would help. My daughter was diagnosed with Hyperactive Airway Trap Disease. This is like another way of saying asthma, but I think they were reluctant to say asthma because for her age, there was not definitive way to test her for it.
Avatar n tn once the dr puts your mind at rest they will then proceed to tell you how to make it better! in the meantime, baths are always helpful, even if its only to relax you!
162948 tn?1205256292 I know your period is the lining in your uterus which the mirena keeps it thin so obviously keeps mine to nothing since i dont bleed. I am really concerned now as to how long it is going to take me to concieve. I had a friend who got hers pulled out and got pregnant the next day. Now I really wonder when I should get it taken out. Now or when hes here so we can have sex right away.
Avatar f tn After dying my hair for a very long time I have discovered I am allergic to PPD. Bleach doesn't bother me, only black\dark hair dye seems to set me off. I have switched to organic henna and indigo. Only use henna if it is completely natural with NO additives. If it comes out of the bag green, you're generally good to go! I can't speak for the the going red process, but as far as black hair goes its worked great for me. I use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner- which keeps it black longer.
Avatar n tn Thanks to everyone who means a lot. I finally got my numbers back and my hcg is down to 14. I will go again on Monday and hopefully it will be down. I did start bleeding again too =(. I just feel like sleeping through this whole holiday. I feel like all i've done this last month is hope for the best and expect the worst...i'm just tired. Thanks for your support, prayers, answers and just being there for me! I appreciate it!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Anyone else using Phentermine and B12? I would love to hear how other people have done on these meds. Good Luck to everyone trying...I want to hear your story!
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Avatar n tn I am not trying to scare you, but just to make you realise the urgency. You would be advised admission if the rash is severe or some medication including steroids if the doctor thinks it is mild in intensity. Do schedule an appointment at the earliest or take him to the ER. Keep us posted about the progress. Hope this helps. Good luck.
172023 tn?1334675884 Thats pretty funny! It does make it easier for a guy to remember. My husband proposed to me on New Years, just as it was turning midnight.
276730 tn?1327966546 People that have cancer go to work, people that have MS go to work , people that have worse things have to make a living. This is what I have been telling myself to get to the next step. Just being weak, tired, losing hair, and thensome you lose yourself in many ways, and then theres the fog and the rage. Is this a normal feeling? I think it is. But how do you return to the living world feeling like an interferon robot?? Thanks all for listening and for your support.
Avatar f tn Will the color ever come back and how can I darken the area?
Avatar f tn about 6 days after, i had strong cramps. only thing i could do to help was to sleep. after that, the cramps got lighter and lighter. dr. transfered 3 eggs that were A+, A-, and B+. with my 1st transfer, i had sottiong and blood clots. this time i have no spotting. my breasts were sore at the beginning, but today is day 12pt and my breasts are sore but not as much as they were at the beginning. i am naustious mostly during the day. i usually suck on a lime to ease the icky feeling.
Avatar n tn hello just wanted to give another update.We went bsck to the doctor Wednesday to see how many mature follicles we had this time (PRAISE GOD!!!) we had 2 we had a 2.5cm on one ovary and a 1.8 on the other ovary.I had my blood levels checked my Estrogen was 448 they said that was good.My husband had a count of 5.6 million after being washed they said we only needed 2 to 5 million so yesterday we went and had another IUI this one feels much better.
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Avatar n tn I went to my doctor the other day and she is going to schedule a few tests to make sure my f. tubes and ovaries are functioning correctly and have clear passageways. Has anyone ever heard of a HGS test? From what I understand, it's an internal X-Ray that looks at your f. tubes and makes sure there aren't any blockages. Has anyone ever had one of these tests done before? Is it painful? Did it help you to get pregnant? Thanks!
Avatar m tn It's pretty thick and greasy, but it has cleared up some of the lighter acne spots but the spots at the corner of my lips have only changed to slightly lighter. I've been using this cream for about a month and hope it makes a difference in the log run.
Avatar m tn Since you are a virgin, it sounds like you don't have to worry about any STD, which would be the other possibility, but go check anyway just to make sure everything is okay. .
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1742220 tn?1331360327 but he was being so mean and horrid, and he brought up the apology thing again like how he wouldn't apologize and he didn't need to an he had apologized to me so many x already blah blah blah I was like 'ya a half azz apology stupid! don't apologize at all or do it like you mean it!' I actually called him and left this looooooooong message on his vm and gave him the whole example of ht apologin to me like 'Im SORRY Meegy" all sweet and nice and I repeated it.
Avatar n tn I wish there was a way to make the dark discoloration go away because I never wear tank tops because of it.
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363281 tn?1518219421 Chest pain or discomfort Concern about the heart Feel like you have to force yourself to breath Find it hard to breath, feeling smothered, shortness of breath Frequent yawning to try and catch your breath Heart Palpitations – beating hard or too fast, rapid heartbeat Heart - Irregular heart rhythms, flutters or ‘skipped’ beats, tickle in the chest that makes you cough Pounding heart, heart feels like it is beating too hard Rib or rib cage tightness, pressure, or feeling like a tight ba
Avatar n tn as far as the dark spot, i've been battling with that forever now and have started using a regular bleaching cream that has hydroquonine 2%. Its getting a tiny bit lighter so i'm a little more confident but you have to make sure to put on some sort of cream or spray so that you dont chafe because that keeps the spot dark.. i figure get into a routine and give it some time, rome wasnt built in a day....