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Avatar f tn e the inside onw is pink and the outside one is really dark. someone suggested me to apply Kojivit plus in lips. Please advice if it will help or should I try something else.
Avatar f tn Hi, what cream should I use to lighten my dark upper lips? This is hereditary but gotten worse with lipstick use and smoking (which I already stopped doing). Right now I'm using Retacnyl to help lighten coz trets lighten the skin color, but its still not improving a bit after 2 mos of use. What about laser or any derma procedures that you can recommend?
Avatar f tn i have a dark lips.....and it looks so ugly, i hate it so much, i've tried alot to make this unpleasant colours to go away,yet ,it still look the same,i then went to a pharmacy ,the person asked me to apply lipsbalm which is sunscreen protectant,so ,i do it...but til now,things is still the same,what can i do to make it go away....other than applying vaseline...
Avatar m tn i have been having some problems with my lips for the past month or so about a month ago when the climate dropped my lips started to get dry and a little bit swollen i went to my doctor and he said that i was just dehydrated. so i started drinking more water, but at times i forgot so it got better then now its back to that dry/sticky state sometimes. today i woke up and my lips were a little bit swollen and dry.
Avatar n tn my lips have dark edges because of it they look very big and i also want to make my lips pink i have dark edges since 6 years at start i didnt notice them but now i hate it plz help me
Avatar f tn It sounds like dark Pigmentation. Check your lipstick to see if it has specific oils in it that might interact with the sun and cause skin discoloration. The best treatment for the dark spots would be GLYCOLIC treatments. If they are too expensive for you, then I would get a good acid cream from your Dermatologist. It should fade but it might take a while. If you don't do anything about it, trust me when I say that it will definitely get darker and bigger and I'm sure you don't want that.
Avatar f tn If by some divine intervention they accidently sip a drink after me, or kiss me quickly I will be devestated. Now I have since forever been using Ever Last lipstick, it is a lipstick that stay on your lips for about 8 hours, and it feels as if it completely seals your lips off (as it is a dark color I can see its overall coverage). If I apply this lipstick do you think it would superficially cover my lips enough to block asymptomatic viral shedding??
Avatar n tn spread across my bottom lip too. Now, 6 days later, my lips are extremly dry. I don't wear lipstick or lip gloss often and I've never really had a problem with dryness. What could this be? I am a worrier and can't find any relavent, non-cosmetic information online.
Avatar f tn i have a problem.my lips is so dark..i also have dark skin...i hope u guys can suggst me products to lighten my lips..i feel so embarrassed to face the public..they kept asking me "are u smoking?'..i am not smoking..
1393121 tn?1289412169 Some tips to get rosy lips. • Massage your lips with lemon juice .This home remedy will help you a lot in getting rosy lips. • Apply honey on your lips at bedtime to make them pink and smooth. • Mix 1 to 2 raspberries with 1 spoon of honey and 1-2 spoons of aloe vera gel .Keep for 5 minutes. Follow with a lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly. • Use one tea spoon of strawberry juice with 2 spoons of petroleum jelly on your lips. Use this mixture as a lip balm.
Avatar n tn hi i am from bangladesh, as you know people of this subcontinent are not very white or black. my problem is my lips are dark comperatively with my skin color. it is natural but it is getting darker day by day. for your kind info i dont smoke or drink tea/cofee. so is there any possible medicine by which i can make my lips red? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/242131'>Dark Colour lips</a>.
Avatar n tn My LIps are dark and very pigmented. i consulted one of the dermatologist , she said to use combination of kojic acid and glycolic acid 6% and apply for half hour and wipe it off. and also to take Vitamin B 12 supplementry. Is that advisable?. What treatment would you prefer?
Avatar f tn Last july I started noticing little bumps on the edges of my lips. They woud always feel chapped and get irritated. I went to the Dr and was sent to a dermatologist. I was told that they were just glands that got irritated and to try some allergy medicine. It has been over 6 months and it comes and goes. The bumbs ae always there but they bother me all the time. Sometimes even burn. I stay away from spacy foods now and am almost afraid to eat.
Avatar n tn Iam having dark lips especially my upper lips as am fair my lips are been clearly shown out been dark.iam a regular user of lipstick and i doubt it might b becoz of the low grade lipsticks that i used caused my lip have this bad condition, but the case is like now thw colour is permanent. am really sad..... my upper lips are darker and the for the lower lips half the lower lip is darker and the rest is normal. somebody plz.. help and suggest a cure out and really suffering...
Avatar f tn spread across my bottom lip too. Now, 6 days later, my lips are extremly dry. I don't wear lipstick or lip gloss often and I've never really had a problem with dryness. What could this be? I am worried and can't find any relavent, non-cosmetic information online. Can anyone suggest me a home remedy or any other remedy??
Avatar n tn It gets really dry, itchy at times and feels like my vaseline doesnt work...at night ill put on vaseline on my lips, by the mornign my lips look fine, but once i wash it i can se the browness again on the bottom lips. my innner lip area is totally pink, like there is nothig wrong, it jkust seems to be on the bottom lip. could it be the toothpaste? i changed that...could it be something im eating? somethign im not eating? all im using is carmex for now.
Avatar f tn Also I have noticed when I was appoximately 17 my lips would turn so dark that people would notice and ask me if I was wearing dark lipstick or if I was smoking marijuana. This coloration would last for 3-4 months long and then slowly it would return to my regular lip color. However sometimes I could tell when this was going to happen.
Avatar n tn About a month and a half ago, I had put vaseline on my lips because they were really chapped. My lips broke out again in the weird pimples. I had also used a lipstick, so I figured it was a reaction to the lipstick because i thought vaseline was harmelss. They went away shortly. A month ago I used vaseline again (thinking it was safe), and I got the pimples again! Sometimes they're pimples and sometimes they're dark red blotches.
Avatar f tn The dark spot itself is gone ... but my lips get painfully dry and flaky still. So, I will definitely try taking Vitamin B complex. I stopped taking multivits but I can get back into that as well. I also read somewhere that it could be from hormonal changes & around the time the dark spot cropped up I had started taking birth control again ... might that have been a cause as well? I started using Vaseline earlier in the week & that has really helped!
Avatar n tn so, fortunately i have a loving mom whom i asked about this and she gave me great relief by informing me that it was simply a sort of bacterial infection that usually arises from using chapstick or lipstick or what have you for too long and using it on your lips. throw away the lip balm, stick, or whatever immediately. what should happen is that it will sort of harden (like a very thin kind of crust, though hardly noticeable) and soon thereafter should flake off.
Avatar m tn 025% ointment, the swelling was gone, but its been a month now and I still have this slight extra redness above n below my lips, making my lips seem thicker than usual. My friends commented that it looks like i applied clumsy lipstick. So does extra virgin coconut oil or Vitamin B12 works or will it disappear on its own?
Avatar n tn Also avid applying any lipstick and take some Beandryl and apply some Vaseline on the lips. Topical creams like tacrolimus ointment (Protopic) and pimecrolimus cream (Elidel) are also useful but are available under prescription. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your dermatologist. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn Over the years, I have consulted several dermatologist and none were able to tell me why my lips are discolored or how to treat them to remove the dark spots. My lips hare pink with brown spots with the darkest brown on my lower lip spreading towards the innermost part of my lip. I would like to stop wearing lipstick, but my lips draw the attention of others. I want my lips to be either all pink or all brown. What do you think has caused this discoloration?
Avatar f tn I'm at wit's end here and I'm very self conscious of my lips. I can only apply lipstick for so long to try to camouflage the discoloration. Please help me I will insert pics.
Avatar n tn Other lip balm or lip moisturizers with SPF may also help. There is no definite treatment for dark lips although micropigmentation which is used to apply permanent colors on the lips, eyes and eye brows may be used to bring color to the lips. This is more extensive and entails more risks but may give more dramatic and long lasting results.
Avatar f tn In addition to all this, my upper lip has spots on it, and I have a dark ring around my mouth. I think the spots are from sun damage, as my lips were a very light pink when I was younger. The dark ring around my mouth goes away depending on what I eat. Its very irritating to be itchy and dry all the time, and I need a change. What recommendations do you have for very dry skin and sun damaged lips?
Avatar n tn Need to know as to why my lips are dark in colour for I don't smoke nor drink and the only liquids I consume a lot of is Tea, maybe 4 cups a day...herbal and green tea, the rest of the time is water and I do try to use vaseline and not lipstick for the colour is never right since agian, due to the darkness of my lips.
Avatar n tn Then in the car and at work I can feel my lips sticking together and I can see this gross looking gooey skin that is just falling off the inside of my lips. I always thought it was my lipstick or something, but after reading this I'm convinced it's CREST in general! I used to use Crest Pro-Health and just finished my tube of Crest 3D White. I guess I'm going to go to the store and get some Tom's of Maine, even though I think that stuff is so disgusting.
Avatar n tn I have a lot of pimples on my lips and on the corners of my mouth. also i have a dark area on the middle of my lips. The dark area has got several cuts.. i tried everything..cleaning it with alchohol, putting vasaline on it, and putting antibiotic all over.. i am really scared, so can u halp me.. i am 13 and i have been having this for a long time now.... it keeps botherin me.
Avatar f tn a week later the rash was gone but my lips had become very dark. As the days go by I notice a little peeling and excessive dryness on my lips. Should I seek medical attention or will my lips lighten up on it's own???