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Avatar m tn Hello again vicki. Unfortunately I'm not doin ny better since the last time u put a comment on one of my posts. However today was the day I was waiting for. I got MY script refilled. You see it is very hard for me to stick to any kind of schedule (well its hard period) but especially when I'm keeping myself just out of full blown w/d with whatever comes my way. So tommorow is d-day. My goal for now is to simply take my script, and only my script, and take it the proper way.
Avatar f tn We both were on Methadone, Vicoden, Valium, and I also took just made life bearable. We finally got a Lawyer and have lawsuits against Unum and her Doctor. Sadly, our family will have to split, she will have to move in with a sister and I a distant uncle that is willing to take me rather than put me on the street. Worse case, just take him to the hospital as many times until a Doctor will treat him. I've been 3 times this month....
Avatar n tn Roxicodone or street name Roxy's... 30 mg is one of the higher doses............. FLaddict blew it telling you what you were taking even though I had my doubts that your were not being honest......... Addicts are very smart when it comes to pain pills........ I found your post a little unbelievable that you didn't have a clue what you were taking per my posts.......... Your taking big league pain killers Roxys are expensive on the streets.......
Avatar n tn Problem is I live in Maui and our Dr's are not paid well so their is not much incentive to be here. Heck, the policeman get paid $45k a year. Hawaii doesn't value employees they value tourist dollars. Argh!
666151 tn?1311117976 -Should Suboxone patients be in a recovery group? I have reservations about forced attendance, as I question the value of any therapy where the patient is not an eager and voluntary participant. At the same time, there clearly is much to be gained from the sense of support that a good group can provide. Groups also ’show’ the addict that he/she is not as unique as he thought, and that his unhealthy way of visualizing his place in the world is a trait common to other addicts.
Avatar m tn Hello experts....I had unprotected sex with street prostitute before 5 months..I got fever and sore throat a week after exposure..after 2 weeks suddenly I got pain started in ny knees soles feet fingets palm....I am not able to sleep from ladt 5 months....M getting burning sensations and pain persistently in my soles and feet have became reddish and are really paining from last 5 months..pain gets worse at night while I sleep or rest....
251991 tn?1239299630 still feeling ok.. stop in kmart (across the street) i'm walking down the isle and BOOM.. dizzy, labored breathing,scared shitless.. i get to blood pressure machine.. 137 over 90 and pulse is 96... I'm soo freaking out! I go to the pharmacist and start telling him my story.. much shorter version of course as i just know i'm dying. He asked me if i had someone at home to stay with me as i seem nervous LMAO. ya think??!!! I then ask him is 96 pulse ok??
Avatar f tn Certainly we all come from a different place and have differing opinions, but respecting where everyone's viewpoints come in is a two-way street. Let's not cut each other off at the pass. There's no question it's not one size fits all here, but certainly the goal is to rid the virus with as little collateral as possible. For folks like bs1111 who may suffer from long term symptoms that they feel is a result of treatment, I hope they can find relief...
Avatar n tn I am 40 year old writer and word processor. I have used opiates for about two decades, but I stopped using any "street" ones after having a child 3 years ago. The problem is that my dependency on vicodin is very severe. I actually have back pain so I can obtain the es vicodin from my doctor occasionally. But I can also purchase them black market easily, which I have been doing constantly for the last year and a half. I started taking Vicodins to stop doing Percocets and Dilaudid.
Avatar n tn I got paid from my job Friday, and was over $400, it came Saturday, and I had $25 left of that paycheck and no bank value. I broke down, that last $25 I had, I bought a percocet with, and although I do have a source of income, and have money right now, I had to stop, my girl too! we set a committment and promised we had to. And I knew a friend that got me a suboxone and only gave me half and told me to only do a little bit in the morning and then if needed.
Avatar n tn I actually have both of those conditions and the pain can be extremely excruciating. I was given Neurontin which makes me depressed. Lyrica worked good but my insurance will only approve the neurontin. It makes me feel so low I would rather deal with the pain. Another thing to check into is fibromyalgia. It's hard to diagnose but actually very common. Good luck to everyone!
Avatar n tn I know that is was the one drug that helped me when I was really desperate, and for that I am appreciative and value its effectiveness. However, I wish that researchers knew more about the drug, and that what is known were more widely communicated. I have felt humiliated and confused by the number of times doctors, therapists, nutritionists, family and friends have told me that what I am experiencing is not an Effexor side effect. My Dr.
Avatar n tn Obviously I am past all conservative treatment such as physical therapy, injections, and decompression. Currently on a regimen of lyrica, celebrex, zanaflex and percocet to control nerve pain. I'm wondering if there is anyone who has already had a fusion and then done the disc replacement as well. If so, what were the results?
Avatar n tn I don't know how you would have got the diagnoisis of Facet Syndrome without having the diagnosis of DDD. That is a precursor. I take Lyrica and Hydrocodone APAP. I also take some Relafan but the dr. doesn't know that. I am allergic to NSAIDs and I am most definitely allergic to this Relafan. It gives me horrible chest pains but sometimes I will just take them over the back pain. I have an alarm clock with 2 alarms on it. One wakes me 30 minutes prior to getting up.
211940 tn?1267884866 I am treating for fibromyalgia with Lyrica and it seems to help other pain, but not my arm. Pain meds don't help. I've had two major back surgeries in the last five years and have 3 vertebrae fused. I think it is worse at night because I'm not distracted by work. I am a computer system engineer for a doctor company (ironic, eh?). I've been diagnosed with DeQervains disease. I'm wearing a wrist brace to see if it helps, 2 weeks and no change. I can't lift my arm above shoulder height.