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Avatar n tn so on...they helped me a lot. Im on Lyrica right now, its like a muscle relaxer, but its really for fibermialga patients for pain..i take it to help me sleep and it also helps with anxiety. Good luck..
Avatar f tn at one point I was wondering if I had MS. Anyway, I just started taking Lyrica for the Fibromyalgia and while it helps with pain, it really leaves me in a MAJOR fog. I was wondering if anyone else was having the same kind of problems with the drug.
Avatar f tn Neurontin, Lyrica for the nerve pain, and Baclophen or Flexeril for the muscle spasms. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn However, you can always contact your local pharmacist for a definitive answer and/or you can input caffeine with lyrica and percocet into a interactions checker on the web. But I am pretty certain that you will not have any severe reactions. Take care.
Avatar f tn Well I don't know if its just muscle pain but I've noticed that when i touch my arm and press a little bit it hurts A LOT. When anyone gives me a back massage I have to ask them to stop after a few secons because it hurts A LOT and after they stop i can still feel their fingers pressing down and its so painful. Wondering if anyoen experiences the same thing.
Avatar f tn He is not against Morphine I take it for Cancer. There are several drugs for nerve pain Lyrica, Gabenpentin, Trileptal, and few others. For muscle spasms there are muscle relaxers the main ones are Bacolphen, Flexiral, and Zananflex. Many people need a combination. Some drugs work for some people and others for others. My MS Specialist sent me to a pain clinic. It might take awhile to get the right combination and dosage. It took me two years to get on the combination that works.
Avatar f tn When I take Neurotin(Gabapentin) and it stops working, I start doubling up. I have a strong tolerance to medication as well. Just to start I have to take 2 at a time, but when it stops working I have to take 4. I'm on Oxy Morphone for pain, Neurotin, and Robaxin. Even with all of that, I still have breakthrough pain.
1664023 tn?1302961166 I have recently started taking Lyrica for Diabetic Neuropathy, I am on 300mg/day. I am wondering if anyone else that takes this experiences stiff joints or achy muscles??
Avatar f tn I was having all the symptoms of fibro. including the muscle pain and stiffness all over, muscle spasms, sleep problems, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. (the lastest is GERD). Unfortunately when I started the progesterone cream, my pain, muscle spasms, anxiety and sleep problems got worse. I was advised that this can happen initially as some woman convert progesterone into testosterone and estrogen first, but this should improve.
Avatar f tn I have used Lyrica (pregabalin) for 3 months so far and it works for my thoracic back pain and neck pain. Lyrica is an anti-convulsant. Before trying it, or one of the other anti-convulsants (eg gabapentin, carbamazepine, etc), get your doc to check your blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney and liver function, weight, blood cell shape and white cell count. That gives you a solid baseline for comparing against later on, ie when on the medication.
669241 tn?1236264344 Are any of you taking opiates for fibro pain ? I'am taking lyrica , but they have mentioned opiaates.
Avatar f tn no inflammation, which supported the earlier Dx of Fibro. There is no clear test for fibro - all they can do is rule out everything else they can think of that is causing your symptoms. Good luck.
Avatar f tn my legs and feet hurt alot, in the joints, muscle,and before the lyrica shooting and stabbing pain down the legs and arms. my dr has not tested for ms yet but did do a alot of blood work , came back with vit d was low and high sugar 160 a1c but its been a year in june and i want to know whats going on with my body.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any serious sideeffects with Lyrica? I kept telling dr I had concrete calves as well as rest of pain. Dr said "your persception of your pain is not the reality of your pain" and sent me to shrink. Will keep seeing shrink cause I feel she can help me with pain coping skills and my depression, anxiety,panic attacks. But I did look up some of my meds on computer and 4 of them could cause severe leg muscle pain and swelling.
Avatar m tn An NSAID is good for inflammation, Anti-Seizure (like Lyrica, Neurontin or Topamax) medications are good for nerve pain. If Lyrica made your fiance too drowsy, Topamax might be a better alternative. This is what I take instead. It's in the same class, but has different side effects. Many people do not get as drowsy. Muscle relaxers can help too. Everyone's cocktail is different, because everyone's reacts differently to medications.
Avatar f tn I have nerve pain also, and Lyrica has been helping me for the past 8 months.
Avatar f tn Cymbalta is a med that is supposed to help with the sleep problem that often occurs w/ fibromyalgia as well as the muscle pain. Lyrica is also supposed to help with the sleep problem, muscle pain and the tingling in extremeities. My dr. had told me not to take cymbalta and lyrica together... but again you NEED to consult a professional on that. I was not able to take either meds because they made me too loopy (swimmy headed). So I do take a benadryll to help me sleep.
Avatar n tn m also on Lyrica along with methadone and oxycodone for chronic low back/leg pain. The Lyrica is for my leg pain, which is caused by "nerve pain" as my doctor tells me. I think it may also have some antidepressant qualities, or something like that. I should know, since I have been taking it since the drug went on the market! I'm going to do a little research and find out what I can about Lyrica, just "for the fun of it"!.
432223 tn?1206549025 I have not taken Neurontin, but I have recently started taking Lyrica for nerve pain after neck surgery. I feel the Lyrica was like a miracle for me. My pain was cut at least in half and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I'm taking almost no narcotics now, so I have my sharp mind back. I have not yet had any side effects from the Lyrica, but of course everyone is different.
1264955 tn?1381782221 Side effects typically take a fair bit longer to fade away than the time it takes for lyrica to start working on the pain, and this means some amount of patience is required, in order to test what the long term side-effects are likely to be, ie the side effects that stay while using lyrica. I've used lyrica for more than two years now, and at several different doses.
Avatar f tn I am taking Lyrica for chronic nerve pain.It has helped me so much.I have read the side effects and it also scared me...........I have had no ill side effects while on it at all.I have not gotten off of it yet but my doctor said he would wean me down slow and I would be fine.Do what you think is right for you.Talk to your doctor and tell him your concerns.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking zanaflex for muscle pain. Up to this point I have only taken it before bedtime, as it completely knocks me out. However, lately, my muscle pain in my left leg has been increasingly intense during the day. Does anyone has any suggestions or recommendations for muscle relaxers that can be used during the day, without the side effects of sleepiness? I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
798555 tn?1292787551 Now that I think about it,I haven't heard one complaint in several months from my daughter (gluten free now). I just reduced her Nature-Throid last week by 1/2 grain for the first time, as labs came in a little too high (slightly over range with a slightly climbing reverse t3). She's been on 3 grains for 9 months now, and joint and muscle pain has gotten better and better over this time, however, it's not been until the change in our diet that the complaints went away all together.
Avatar n tn lyrica is mostly for nerve pain..I just had fusion...lyrica is of little help..side effects are not great..dizziness, loss of concentration etc..