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428506 tn?1296557399 Hi, I do not have a fibro or CFS dx, but have chronic Lyme which has a good amount of symptom overlap. While undiagnosed, I was treated with meds including Neurontin and Lyrica. I recently saw a new TV commercial for Lyrica. I've never liked these commercials as they seem to minimize the problem and severity of fibro by showing patients resuming active lives thanks to this medication. One I saw in the past depicted a woman working in a bakery.
Avatar m tn Hi, Lyrica shouldn't be addictive at the low doses used for neuropathy. My grandmothers been on it or the other derivative, gabapentin, for years. Just take it at low doses. It works wonders for treating nerve pain though.
246139 tn?1424371973 Hi, my co-worker, one of the very few people I have told about this Chiari thing to, came up to me today and said last night she saw a commercial on TV about Chiari - twice. Has anyone else seen anything like this? I can't watch TV much anymore because it causes really bad headaches so I really have no idea what is on out there. But I had never heard of Chiari until just a few weeks ago from searching up terms on my MRI report!
2059648 tn?1439766665 web search " TV Commercial" will connect take you to a page with the tile page of the video. Click on the image and you will be directed to the tv commercial that aired. Other link doesn't connect.
Avatar f tn That commercial drives my dog insane. Everytime it comes on she runs up to the tv and barks like a crazy animal!!! It is very cute, but like I said my shi-tzu does not agree!!!!!!!!
271872 tn?1238590391 I have notice a suddle increase in different increased warnings about lyrica, a little something here, a little more lingo there. Then I did see a TV comercial yesterday that had a warning about if you have addicitve or alcholic history or behavior, this may not be for you. I also use to be able to refill this drug early when i first started using it trying to find the apropriate dose I needed. Now, I have to wait the 30 days of the entire script.
2035404 tn?1455169983 Is it just me or does every commercial seem to be taking about heart stuff.. Do scary and I was reading on here and some lady said her sister died of a heart tumor and had every heart test and ended up dying because they never caught the heart tumor. This really scared me, because I've been having chest pressure and pain for the last 2 months.
Avatar f tn So what are your favorite commercials or most hated commercials.....Anything Commercial......this should be fun.....I think. Naut...............
8924846 tn?1410572901 I was layin in bed, watching tv and a commercial for kmart came on advertising joe boxer sleepwear. Most of the commercial was a group of like 5 pregnant women dancing, all i could think watching it was S C R E W THAT!!!!
Avatar f tn Lmao!! I dint really watch TV so I haven't seen it. What is it about the commercial that pisses you off? Think I might Google it just to see for myself.
Avatar f tn So tonight especially while watching TV with my daycare kids and all the commercials for food are driving me crazy. I want all of it. Not only do we not have hardly any of the fast food restraunts but I am also broke right now but I am sure not dragging all 5 kids to get my cravings. I don't watch actual TV at home so it doesn't bother me there cuz we watch netflix with no commercials. Anyone else get this way?
676912 tn?1332812551 This song came on a commercial on tv, and DH happened to have it on the computer, he had downloaded children's songs and this was one of them. When I saw DS's reaction to the commercial, I grabbed the camera and played the song. http://www. youtube. com/ watch?
Avatar m tn I had chicken pox as a kid. There's a commercial that says I might get shingles. What are my chances? Anything I can do to prevent it?
1491755 tn?1333201362 I heard a HCV awareness commercial while listenening to "iheart" radio today. Not sure if it was a regional commercieal from the station I was listening to or if they sell ads themselves. Pretty cool, as it's the first I've ever heard.
1746242 tn?1318209702 I finally saw the commercial by Gilead. Some never understood what I was talking about. Hope it makes some get tested. Because asking them isn't working!
Avatar n tn I took 25mg of lyrica three times a day stopped without tapering off and two days into it ended up in hospital due to really fast heart rate and heart palpitations at the same time, I went to the hospital three times in a week and half. then on top of that I am going on six ish weeks of withdrawal with no end in sight. My body feels so sick. This just ***** my eyesight goes bad on and off and I feel like I have painful goose bumps that comes and goes.
Avatar m tn The company reported for the first time that in a Phase II study, a 48-week boceprevir regimen achieved an unprecedented 75 percent sustained virologic response (SVR) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interesting article, I wonder if there will ever be a "Consumer Reports" type of trial done to determine which PI works best?
Avatar m tn Not sure how true but i seen commercial on tv that stated covered ca is covering addiction rehabs. So i would say call cover ca or and tv stations that ran that commercial. Just a thought.
2094653 tn?1334267573 I ball my eyes out when I do watch it lol. Sometimes the weridest commercial can bring me to tears.
Avatar n tn s nightly from fears ranging from home invasions to mummies and monsters, he cannot watch any television shows or commercial s that show violence of anykind without closing his eyes or ears, we do not allow him to watch t.v. shows of that nature but sometimes a commercial will come on. His fears sometime lead to his stomach getting upset and vomitting, we keep thinking he will grow out of this but hasn't yet.
2086351 tn?1333288676 my daughter is 2 years old, and she's experiencing a seizure, her eyes blink rapidly...she's already taking her medication, but her pediatrician told me she is not allowed to watch television for at least a year or so but her pediatrician neurology, didn't mention anything about television ban, and i forgot to ask her about it, and now I can't get an appointment to meet her just to ask her about that...
Avatar f tn So im laying on the couch minding my own business watching tv, and this commercial about the new scary movie Annabelle or something comes on, I didn't notice until I looked up and saw the scary part -_- now im alone and scared lol I know its silly but I have scary movies specially now that I have bad dreams all the time!
Avatar m tn Maybe Lyrica can help. I hate sounding like a commercial but it has worked for me. I had C5-7 fusion and left the hospital with 90 OxyIR and Lyrica. After the oxy was gone the Lyrica was a god send. All the best for you.
Avatar f tn I also saw the commercial & spoke with my doc about it. She said not to worry & that zofran has been prescribed for years. I don't think any physician would prescribe it if there was a true risk. Either way, it has not been recalled.
Avatar m tn My 8 year old son saw a commercial on television last Monday that has resulted in his demonstrating behavior that has us concerned. The commercial is for a product called Health Alert and it shows an elderly lady laying on the floor of her bathroom after falling while getting out of the shower. She says "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up". The very next day my son became so fearful when his 10 year old sister went to take a shower that he could not control his emotions.
Avatar f tn Recently on the TV I have seen a commercial about a syndrome called PBA. I don't exactly know what it stands for but it says it affects people with Alzheimer's, Dementia, Brain Trauma or MS. From the way it described on TV it is the sudden uncontrollable laughing or crying for no reason. Can anyone tell me what PBA is and is it fixable or controllable with medication.
Avatar f tn Yes, definitely stay away from Walmart's tv section because you'll get stuck on it and a commercial for adopting animals will come on and you'll be crying...
Avatar f tn Last night, I saw a commercial on TV for a medicine called Vaniqa. Here is the link to their site: Hope it helped and good luck!
4503521 tn?1400858886 I get hungry and go look in the fridge and I just stand there looking bc nothing looks good and everything looks good. Lol. Sometimes I just watch the tv and commercial comes on with food and I just want to eat my tv lol.