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539209 tn?1225972263 Lyrica is wonderful once you get passed the side effects,,usually takes a week,,,,,Also lyrica is a schedule 5 drug,,with Morphine componants
1286779 tn?1400012806 She went to a doctor yesterday about her hair and the doctor told her that it was because of this medication (Lydrica) But I have seen all side effects and none talk about hair lost. And my mother does not want to leave this medication because its the only one that works for her burning feet. Has anybody else expirence hair loss with Lydrica?She also takes Cymbalta 60mg,lyrica 75mg, Nexuim 40mg, and Tramabol 50mg. What do you all suggest she get tested for ?
653169 tn?1303446369 ve been told the start up side effects on Neurontin are about the same as Lyrica and it took me a little less than a week for that sleepy dopey feeling to subside, and after that I felt ABSOLUTELY normal- like I hadn't taken anything whatsoever. You are on a very SMALL dose, so you'll adjust to it quickly. I'll tell you a funny story- my first week on Lyrica- I accidentally backed out of my garage when the garage door was only half way open.
Avatar f tn I was curious if anyone experiences really wretched side effects with Lyrica? I find it numbs my mind almost uncontrollably, and causes me to walk around in a fog for most of my day. Unfortunately, my doctor put me on a *very* low dose, because I was concerned about these very side effects. I was hoping someone could tell me whether or not these side effects actually went away, if the body eventually adjusted to them?
Avatar f tn 1. Do I really need a higher dose to rid trigeminal nerve symptons? 2. Is gabapentin contributing to balance and gait issues? 3. Are there any other alternatives aside from Lyrica? I thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom.
Avatar n tn I have also been taking Lyrica for years for nerve pain. I have experienced no side effects at all. It does not completely take all my nerve pain away, but I would say it decreases it by about 50%. Does not seem like a drug that one could get addicted to to me but that's just me. Have you considered trying Neurontin? I took it for years prior to Lyrica but found Lyrica worked just a little better for me. They also use it to help with Fibromyalgia pain.
Avatar m tn Hi there. The side effects associated with the use of pregabalin are dizziness, somnolence, tremor and ataxia, peripheral edema, weight gain, hypoglycemia, dry mouth, increased appetite, vomiting and flatulence. Ocular side effects include visual field changes, reduced visual acuity, blurred vision, otitis media and tinnitus, angioedema with respiratory compromise has been reported, dyspnea, urinary incontinence, myasthenia, arthralgia, myalgia, etc.
333535 tn?1227018609 I was on Lyrica for six weeks. I had terrible side effects - confusion and speech problems - made me sleepy - and it did NOT help the pain either.
Avatar f tn My doc switched me from Neurontin to Lyrica because she said it had less side effects. She was wrong. A month later, the right side of my face went numb and I could not talk--I felt like I had mush mouth and thought maybe I was having a stroke. I talked to the pharmacist and he said 15 % of patients on Lyrica get ataxia, so he was not surprised. I went off of it and went back on the Neurontin. My doc told me some of her patients became incontinent on Lyrica so be careful.
1623704 tn?1300452745 I just started Lyrica yesterday. I was so scared to start because of all the side effects. Well, was wondering, if anyone else is taking it, and if so, do the side effect go away after awhile? I felt REALLY drunk all day. Glad I didn't have to do much! Should I take at bed time instead of morning?
478403 tn?1266546009 30 PM it starts to take effect a hour to two after I take it. I sometimes go into a fog where it feels like I'm in a bubble listening to someone talk and I can't really comprehend what they are talking about. My tongue does not work right and I studder sometimes which I never did before. I can't come up with simple words to put in a sentence to finish it. My fingers, hands and feet feel like there is glass in them and I have a feeling of shaking but it's only inside.
1283286 tn?1312911966 It is the medication that made her so fat. Look up the side effects in Google. Neurontin and Lyrica are both severe weight gaining and hardly help. My friend had the same nerve pains but "believed" in Neurontin, and I did not dare to say that she is round like a beer barrel. One must put every pill like on a scale and see, "Is it worth it or not"....Since she had anyway nerve pains, I just was wondering but did not want to hurt her feelings.
Avatar f tn It could well be a question of dose; I didn't notice any significant reduction in pain until 300mg/day. Even then, I still had a lot of trouble and so I move up to 600mg/day. While I have had several months with far less pain (yippee), I am still evaluating the trade-off between Lyrica's side effects versus pain reduction. Long term I am undecided whether I'll remain on Lyrica permanently or not. Be aware that higher doses may mean stronger or even different side-effects.
1345254 tn?1325918041 I was on a lyrica regiment for about 6 months and in regard to side effects, never had any adverse reactions that were of concern. At first the Dr started me on gabapentin (neurontin), but that stuff really messed with me. Within a week, I'd wake in the mornings horribly dizzy..It would take me a couple hours just to get feeling somewhat normal. So the Dr switched me to the lyrica..
Avatar f tn How long do these side effects take to leave your system. It has been about 10 days and she's still a mess.
Avatar n tn s relatively new and has a host of side effects including severe depression and increased risk of suicide. Does not sound like a good time to me. I would steer clear. Good luck to you.
210982 tn?1280983895 Lyrica is a gabapentinoid like Neurontin (as was mentioned), although more powerful in efficacy. It's pharmacological name is pregabalin. It's addiction potential is low, although there. wd symptoms are not even close to opioids or benzos. It is often abused for a GHB effect, sort of a heavy drunkeness. Some users do report euphoria at much higher levels than others, so there is a risk of psychological addiction with these people.
Avatar f tn What are the long term side effects of taking Gabapentin for long term pain control?