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398624 tn?1266269449 I have generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. The Lorezapam BARELY takes the edge off. I haven't left my house in over 2 yrs except to go to the doctor or to the store. My psychiatrist recently changed me to Lyrica since the Lorezapam is not working. I haven't started taking the Lyrica yet tho. New meds always worry me. Has anyone taken this for anxiety? If so, how well did it work for you?
Avatar m tn So some do use it for anxiety, but not that often since it usually only works for anxiety in high doses. Lyrica is more often used these days for pain because it's on patent, whereas neurontin no longer is.
Avatar n tn However i read that they were treating cancer patients with lyrica for their joint and bine pain ....Could you please let me know if it is safe for her to take lyrica for her fibromyalgia !!! Thank you so much for your time in this matter !!!
Avatar m tn Hi there. I am taking lyrica for general anxiety. I was on 50 mg taken at night together with rivotril. My psychiatrist reduced my dosage of lyrica to 25mg. Apart from general anxiety, I understand it helps with pain and induces sleep. I sleep quite well now, and in the morning and day time, I don't feel too tired. My doctor feels lyrica suits me and I may be on it for a while longer. Does it help with your pain?
1131131 tn?1275108488 Hi, I recently was sent to the ER by my physican due to a reaction I was having from my celexa. I was having extreme anxiety, high blood pressure, sweating, tremors, shaking, etc. They had me stop the celexa. My doctor had me start Zoloft. I have been on it for six days and some of the same symptoms are starting again plus muscle tightness in the chest and throat. She told me to stop the zoloft. I asked if I should titrate it, but I was told to just stop it.
Avatar f tn You could start to reduce the lyrica but start tapering the tramadol properly and then tapering the lyrica (I believe lyrica may take a bit more time and discomfort than the trams but that's just my personal opinion). How much do you take how often and since how long?
Avatar m tn has anyone ever been perscribed Lyrica for cronic pain. If so how much do you take, and how long did it take to notice any results. I started taking 50MG's 3X's a day. I started last Tuesday, and haven't noticed any difference in my pain. any feedback would be great.
1039200 tn?1314912008 Has anyone heard of Pregabalin (lyrica) for bipolar or anxiety? - my doctor wants me to try, but I have not heard about it before and would like to know if anyone here has tried it or knows anyone who has. Is it used as a mood stabiliser? - I can't find it on the web site ILADVOCATE recomended me a long time ago, does this mean it's not a mood stabiliser or just a new brand?
Avatar n tn I've heard that Lyrica is good for neuropathic pain, but I wouldn't take my word for it - let your neurologist know that you're having pain and heat sensations, as well as anxiety.
Avatar n tn Prescribed 20 mg prozac for 15 years because I suffered from panic attacks. During my 15th yr. at 20mg prozac I suffered a panic attack and Dr. upped my dose to 40 then 60mg. Did not have another panic attack, but could not overcome the anticipatory fear of having another attack. Dr. included 50 BID of Lyrica three weeks ago and I'm feeling normal again. Anyone have any experience with lyrica?
451366 tn?1211304932 Lyrica has been used for depression according to items I have read. But, it also says that it causes anxiety attacks, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. If that's not related to depression, what is? I've been to other forums, but I was wondering if anyone here had anything else to offer.
333535 tn?1227018609 I too had horrible side effects on Lyrica..chest pain, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I stopped taking it within 2 weeks I think.
Avatar m tn My dr just gave me Lyrica. I have been taking 4 hydros 10/500 a day for several years. I very seldom use more, I took the first Lyrica last night and feel pretty sluggish today. Has anyone on here taken this and had any luck with it? I have read some bad things about it which I guess all of these pain killers have bad side effects. I just want to know has it helped anyone cut back on the other pain killers.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 150mg x2 of lyrica for 6 months, My mood has been affected tremendously, depression, anxiety, not wanting to do anything. I have had enough! I stopped taking my first dose of 150mg immediately and haven't had any issues, I plan on continuing to stop cold turkey. I would rather have my life back than be on this medication.
Avatar f tn Yes, I take lyrica and I have found that it does help with the anxiety. Of course, lyrica is hard to stop too, but at this time you need help and it does help.
Avatar m tn I took 50 mg of lyrica last night and did better this morning with the anxiety. It helps me for some reason. I just don't like some of the side effects of lyrica, but sometimes you just have to do what you can to stop the anxiety..
Avatar n tn I have not met any one yet that has this bad of anxiety. It is like a constant panic attack. Please is there anyone out there that can Idintify with me?
Avatar f tn I have suffered depression since my daughter was born 7 years ago,I have been on 3 different types of anti-depressants.I am currently on 20 mg of fluoxetine and Lyrica and if I have a drop of alcohol I have panic and anxiety attacks for hours after. This never happened before with the other medications and I was wondering if this is common?
Avatar f tn Lyrica shouldn't be stopped abruptly. You should call your doctor for advice. You're describing withdrawal symptoms. Check out the substance abuse forum for some tips on feeling better Staying hydrated is very important. Keep us posted on what's going on with you.
Avatar f tn Like you, I had anxiety for several years before the CFS hit and was on Lorazepam (aka Ativan). I have no idea if that's related or not, but I only took it intermittently anyway, so it's unlikely that had any effect on my heart rate.
Avatar f tn in the States, has unlabeled uses for GAD and SAD, (Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder) it is primarily prescribed here for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. Nowhere can I find that it is beneficial for sleep problems, although one of it's side effects IS "fatigue," I don't think that is the desired effect for a sleep aid.
1041953 tn?1259072690 s long half-life I should never experience break-through anxiety, it was working. I felt calm, not exactly peaceful!, but calmer than I had been in a long time. And, not a single Xanax!! But, for the last two or three days, I've lost my grip on my resolve. I've been slipping in an extra Klono here and there, and before I know it.... well, we all likely know how that works. What I'm wondering is this: Does anyone have any experience with Lyrica?
630344 tn?1280104983 This is my first day on Lyrica, and the doctor increased my citalopram! I was wondering if anyone else is on this med and if so did you notice dizziness? I have noticed a decrease in my pain, but a weird like disoriented feeling! I am so tired of pain I can deal with this for awhile, I just was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and if so did they go away? So far I am willing to stick anything out as long as I can get some pain relief.
Avatar m tn I suffer from depression and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), with anxiety and panic attacks for two years. I suppose depression arised from the fact that both my daughters were forced to immigrate because of the economic crisis of my homeland. Anyway, i tried Cipralex, Cymbalta, Seroxat, Effexor even and the combo Effexor with Remeron (California rocket fuel) but without great results. In fact, some of these meds, made me worse. Only Xanax relieves me.