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Avatar m tn Does anyone have info regarding the use of pregabalin and bipolar with anxiety?
1039200 tn?1314915608 Has anyone heard of Pregabalin (lyrica) for bipolar or anxiety? - my doctor wants me to try, but I have not heard about it before and would like to know if anyone here has tried it or knows anyone who has. Is it used as a mood stabiliser? - I can't find it on the web site ILADVOCATE recomended me a long time ago, does this mean it's not a mood stabiliser or just a new brand?
Avatar f tn Hi Does anyone suffer from hairloss who takes Pregabalin (Lyrica)? Thyroid check was normal.
Avatar n tn However i read that they were treating cancer patients with lyrica for their joint and bine pain ....Could you please let me know if it is safe for her to take lyrica for her fibromyalgia !!! Thank you so much for your time in this matter !!!
Avatar m tn The maximum dose for lyrica pregabalin is 300mg twice a day. I'm taking 1200mg a day and it's incredibly beneficial, taking the right dose doesn't have the effect that destroys the pain in my stomach from anxiety.
630344 tn?1280108583 LYRICA WARNING Research shows the anticonvulsant drug pregabalin—sold under the brand name Lyrica—causes suicidal ideation and behavior and angioedema. The Rottenstein Law Group compassionately advocates for those who have suffered from the harmful side effects of potentially dangerous drugs. If you’ve taken Lyrica and believe it harmed you, contact RLG for a free, confidential legal consultation immediately.
Avatar m tn Pregabalin, is a medication used to treat epilepsy, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, and generalized anxiety disorders. It is better known as Lyrica. Many physicians order opiates and Lyrica together. Methadone is a different animal. I'm not confident in saying you can safely take the two together. Your best source would be a Pharmacist. They are the true experts in medications, the side effects, interactions and so forth. They are free and you don't always have to give your name.
Avatar n tn included 50 BID of Lyrica three weeks ago and I'm feeling normal again. Anyone have any experience with lyrica?
Avatar f tn benzos have a more-direct effect on the receptor for the inhibitory transmitter GABA, whereas Lyrica (pregabalin) increases the conversion of glutamate to GABA, resulting in higher amounts of GABA in neurons (and therefore supposedly increasing GABA transmission). Lyrica is sedating, and has indications for some anxiety disorders. But for some reason, people don't get as attached to it in the way they do to benzos like Xanax or Klonopin-- at least in my practice.
Avatar f tn While pregabalin, known as "Lyrica" in the States, has unlabeled uses for GAD and SAD, (Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder) it is primarily prescribed here for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain associated with peripheral neuropathy. Nowhere can I find that it is beneficial for sleep problems, although one of it's side effects IS "fatigue," I don't think that is the desired effect for a sleep aid.
986593 tn?1283535811 Just a heads up. My pain doc gave me a script for lyrica to help with the wd. Its for the rls and sleep. I had a taper thursday and the rls came on strong last nite. I have rls to begin with but the wd makes it even worse. I took a lyrica 75mg 1/2 hr before bed and my legs havent been so peaceful in years. Also it works for the sleep and even noticed my pain was better. The nice thing is its a non narcotic and none benzo.
539209 tn?1225975863 Preparations containing small amounts of opium or diphenoxylate (used to treat diarrhea); Pregabalin (Lyrica), an anticonvulsant and pain modulator. Pyrovalerone Some centrally-acting anti-diarrhoeals, such as diphenoxylate (Lomotil) when mixed with atropine to make it unpleasant for people to grind up, cook, and inject. Difenoxin with atropine (Motofen) has been moved to Schedule IV. Otherwise the drugs are in Schedule II.
572651 tn?1333939396 I currently take 300mg/day of Lyrica (pregabalin) and 75mg/day of Elavil (amitriptilyne). Lyrica is very similar to Neurontin (gabapentin) which is an anticonvulsant. Elavil is an antidepressant. It can take time to dial in the right combination, or dose of a single med. These meds need to be titrated and the process requires a little patience.
5100586 tn?1363648354 My son was on a max dose of 450mg lyrica/day for less than 2 months for anxiety. In early March, we began what we thought was a slow taper off Lyrica, way slower than was even recommended by the manufacturer or his doctor. By May 12, he was off completely - so that's like a 10-week taper. Not only was the taper process full of withdrawal symptoms such as extreme dizziness, nausea, and depression, the past 6.5 weeks since his last dose have been horrible.
Avatar n tn I am diabetic and have been prescribed Lyrica for nerve pain. I am hearing contradictory opinions about the safety of Lyrica in a recovering addict. I would rather live with the pain than relapse. Has anyone had any experience with this?
Avatar m tn I hope that this will finally works and i will be able to live again. So, has anyone got any experience of taking Lyrica/Pregabalin, on it's own just for GAD? Does it work? Any feedback would be really helpful.
Avatar n tn Hello: I am 24, female, and have fibromyalgia for which I am taking 225mg of Lyrica and 30mg of Cymbalta per day. I am also on Nuvaring. I have had three very unpleasant experiences with the same symptoms -- severe dizziness, feeling as though I would lose consciousness, extreme anxiety worsened by the presence of other people, and an "icy hot" sensation on my scalp, throat, chest and upper arms.
Avatar f tn A phone call to your pain doctor's nurse explaining the situation should get you an Rx for a week's supply Lyrica (pregabalin) 150 mg TID #21 Since Lyrica is not yet available in a generic, even a small Rx might be too expensive for pain patients without prescription coverage (that includes me.) If so for you, your doc can substitute generic gabapentin 600 mg TID for the Lyrica.
263804 tn?1451104357 com and got the brand names. Desvenlafaxine is Pristiq which is an antidepressant. Pregabalin is Lyrica, and LYRICA is indicated for: Management of neuropathic pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy Management of postherpetic neuralgia Adjunctive therapy for adult patients with partial onset seizures Management of fibromyalgia Clonazepam is also called Klonopin which is a benzodiazopine which can help with anxiety and sleep. You might check out www.rxlist.
Avatar m tn Lyrica (pregabalin) is a more potent form of gabbapentin, it is an anti convulsant drug, which is also used for neuropathic pain and generalized anxiety disorder. It can also have some serious side effects just like gabbapentin, which include depression, drowsiness, and suicidal tendencies. Not something I would want to run out and get for wd's. It must be carefully monitored by your Doc.
Avatar n tn I have corpral tunnel in my left hand that has not been treated yet,I also have fibromyalgia an have just started a new medication called lyrica. I don,t no whats going on i just want it to stop could my corpral tunnel be causing this?or maybe my new medication I need help it keeps me awake all nightan drives me crazy all day long i have tryed everything it just won,t stop what should i do? an what kind of a docter would i see for this problem.
Avatar m tn The only anti anxiety medication iv been on is pregabalin,was on it for over a year but it didnt really agree with currently taking fluxoteine 20mg x 2 a day and cinerazine.Im looking for a anti anxiety drug to help stop this dizziness that iv had for over 2 years,im not looking for a "fix" but something to help me while i battle this anxiety and agoraphobia.Have you ever been on buspar?
Avatar f tn I have sever depression, anxiety, and fibro. I am currently on Savella, which seems to have worked somewhat well for fibro and depression. Unfortunately, what I cant control is the anxiety. I cant work. The PA Ive been seeing for the last 18 years wont even give me ten xanax a month, so I can rarely go out. I dont know if increasing the Savella will help calm the anxiety or not?
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Pregabalin (as lyrica is called in the UK) nearly two months ago for anxiety, but because I have hypermobility syndrome and autonomic nervous system problems the possibility of pain reduction made it sound very appealing.
Avatar f tn I do not take any anxiolytic medications, but I do take pregabalin (Lyrica) for pain which may have some anxiolytic effect. Given this background, I have had no anxiety for the past 2.5 - 3 months which is very unusual for me, and most welcome. I don't know what other medications you take, but if you are worried about anxiety, I would recommend staying away from amphetamines.
739536 tn?1265672959 Last year I started lyrica (aka pregabalin) on low dose of 75mg/day and moved up to 600mg/day within 3 or so months. My pain is upper back T5/T6 joint, but is probably a referred pain emanating from internal site of operation. Basically neuropathic pain is what I am being treated for. It does reduce my pain significantly - that's the good news.
15227985 tn?1439633082 Because I am a chronic pain patient and also a recovering addict...I would like to clarify a few of the differences between Lyrica/pregabalin and Neurontin/gabapentin. They are "similar".....but also have some major differences. They are both medications that need to be titrated UP when you first go on them.... meaning to gradually increase your dose. Likewise, when you go off of either of them, you must wean yourself DOWN.
Avatar f tn I admit this drug scares me and I tried the Lyrica route and hate that drug. this was I am told the original Lyrica and Lyrica is supposedly stronger. I sure dont know what the answer is either. So frustrating!
Avatar f tn Every trigger point she touched made me wanna jump out the chair. She said the anxiety medicine she has me on should help with the fibro...does anyone know about this??
760862 tn?1243100904 Both antidepressants (such as effexor, prozac, and many others) and anticonvulsants (pregabalin [lyrica], gabapentin [neurontin], carbamazepine [tegretol] etc) are central nervous system agents that can reduce nerve pain. I've had significant improvements with pregabalin, for example; however, these medications vary in effect substantially from individual to individual. Hope this gives you some ideas into what to try next. Hang in there!