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Avatar m tn lyrica is a controlled substance. from what it looks like, it can have effects similar to a benzo or barbiturate in a small percent of the population. i would say whatever addictive properties it may have, it's very slim compared to hydrocodone. it's a better question for your doctor. what i do know is that i've never actually heard of anyone abusing it. obviously that doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. you don't often hear of my drug of choice being abused either...
Avatar f tn The -cet suffix on the percocet is what denotes the acetominophen or Tylenol. In the generic form, it would give the mg strength of the pill (ie, 5/500) and then say APAP on the label. The 5 is the mg strength of the narcotic, the 500 denotes how many mg of tylenol are in it, and APAP is the generic denotation of the Tylenol. Since fibromyalgia is incurable, chances are you are going to be on these for a very long time.
5333788 tn?1366569346 Was told that I was going through withdrawal symptoms from the Lyrica. Can this be possible even though I was taking Lyrica for a short period of time? Sorry if this does not make sense. Have been seen by a few doctor's, gone through many tests, the list goes on........
1805240 tn?1317228731 Lyrica is sometimes considered a stronger form of gabapentin. Gabapentin is generic for Neurontin and Lyrica is brand name for Pregabalin. There have been several posts online from patients taking Lyrica, saying that the side effects are more severe than with Gabapentin. I have never tried Lyrica so I don't know if that would be the case for me. Everyone is different though.
Avatar n tn At the time, my doctor informed not to take the generic form of Synthroid. I recently switched pharmacists who prescribed a generic form, Levothyroxine. After a few days of taking the medication, I noticed I had become extremely fatigued all day long and have also recently noticed irritability. Could these symptoms be caused by taking the generic form of the medication?
591546 tn?1244636545 My doctor says he doesn't like the way lyrica works so he prescribed Cymbalta ( an anti-depressant even though i'm not depressed) and Soma ( a muscle relaxant) I have to say, the combination has done wonderul things to help treat my pain from fybro, Txsilver is so right, don't just sit back and take the pain, County Hospitals have to treat you and with generic ( although I'm not sure cymbalta has a generic yet) you might find payment options that you can live with. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn How do you pay for Lyrica?, I take one 75 MG in a.m and one 75mg at noon and two 75mg's at bedtime for treatment of FMS and it's costing me $384 a month.
Avatar f tn m in the same boat except I cannot take the generic I have to have Lyrica. With the others I have trouble breathing. I have a damaged spinal nerve root from a failed fusion. An epidural did help way more than a nerve block. I also take tizanidine and hydrocodone. I used a E-stem and Dragontree (online) have some awesome pain patches. Carry on.
Avatar m tn He had me try an older generic, and of course I said it didn’t work. Now, I am thing about trying Lyrica to control my pain. However, reading the side affects it seems a bit scary and I want to be 100% mentally. Is Lyrica a viable, or even a good non-narcotic option to control pain? Does it even work?
Avatar f tn I just find that neurontin has basically no side effect and Lyrica does. I took Lyrica and the next day I was 10 times worse off due to pain and fatigue. But you have to decide for yourself whether this is the right drug for you. Remember if you do take it you have to have a card with you that states this in case of emergency where you cannot tell them yourself. I just read this site and was warned to not get pregnant that it would not be a good idea.
Avatar f tn I found out at the doctor's office today that Provigil is going generic. Good news/bad news. Bad news is that my insurance has never approved Provigil but my doctor always had a plenty of samples for me. Now, no more samples. Has anyone tried the generic Provigil? I've been given the new Nuvigil to try for a week. If that also works then we will fight my insurance company for that. Just checking to see if anyone has tried the new medicine or the generic form.
Avatar f tn I have tried Lyrica with no change in symptoms started taking Ralivia (Tramadol) last winter found that it was helpful for pain but when I went to stop taking this went through huge withdrawal symptoms was horrible. Am currently taking T#3/Advil for pain sometimes Percocet for really bad days. I do not want to take these analgisics as they are also highly addictive. Anyone know of any other meds without narcotic that have been helpful for treatment of symptoms? .
14548893 tn?1435103687 I am currently taking Gabapentin which is generic for Neurontin. It is similar to Lyrica. I am dizzy on 400 but can tolerate 300. Maybe they can lower your dose until you get used to it.
5333788 tn?1366569346 You need a lot more neurotin to equal Lyrica. It is similar but neurotin is much weaker than Lyrica and you have to take a ton to have the same effect. I preferred Lyrica but it was too expensive. I have learned that all of these drugs have withdrawals however we don't abuse them like opiates.
Avatar m tn Hi every one. I've been a diabetic for almost 10 yrs now and have neuropathy as well as chronic back/ neck pain. I also have some pretty severe nerve damage in my legs from my back injury and had back surgery in 2007. Any way, I take lyrica twice a day 150 mg in am & 150 mg at night, and it has really helped alot with the pain. Im also on norco for my back / neck pain, but the lyrica has been a great help to me. However it is expensive if you don't have insurance.
Avatar n tn hello naomi, i have been on lyrica or pregabaline as i call it,, and it does help a lot with atn,try a higher dose (over 500mg a day) and that will ease it a bit, you could also try asking your docter for a trial of topirimate to go with the lyrica, that will help also but the topirimate might make you a bit scatty!!! it did with me so i had a change to the pain patches(buprenorphine transdermal patch) they are ok, but don,t suit everyone ..and wow!
Avatar f tn I went to my PMP the 1st ofJanuary, 2012, to get my MSContin and Oxycodone scripts. He gave me a random UA test for MSContin, Oxycodone (for breakthrough pain), and Lyrica. This is the first drug test from him in 2-3 years. I had been taking less of my MSContin and Lyrica because of being in the"donut-hole" of Med.D script plan and , also trying to resolve co-pay of MSContin-generic back down to tier exception lower cost co-pay.
719785 tn?1232901518 The dr. took me off of Cymbalta because I was getting no relief. He put me on Lyrica. When I got my Rx filled I had to show my ID. I'm guessing Lyrica is a controlled substance? Does anyone know why or what it contains that makes it a controlled substance??
Avatar m tn My pain doctor prescribed Lyrica about a year ago, but I wanted to stick to my Hydro/Tram/Benzo cocktail at that time. Also, when I received my venomous bite that also sliced through my hand breaking it and slicing through nerves and tendons, the hand specialist recommended Lyrica. I actually tried it a few days ago and it it awesome at just 50 MG 2 times a day. No more pain and I sleep like a baby. It acts directly on nerves by mimicking nerve fluid and calms them.
Avatar f tn I've taken Gabapentin (generic Neurontin) for almost 4 years along with other meds. It seems to help my severe nerve damage in my shin.
Avatar f tn Hi...Gabapentin is not a generic for Lyrica, but Neurontin...Lyrica is used to treat Fibromyalgia....and many times chiari is mis-dx'd as Fibro...the symptoms for chiari r similar to many diff conditions which is y getting a dx can be diff and many drs r more familiar with the other conditions then they r with chiari, so they feel it can not be chiari.
Avatar n tn I take a cousin to your Epleptin, which the generic for yours is Gabapentin, and mine is Pregabalin or Lyrica. I have a lot of pain in my body from tearing up my back in a car accident years ago, it really helps it so much, and I think it will help your headaches a lot. Also, it is an anti-seizure type drug, so it helps with people who have musculature trouble. Also, once you get used to the drug, sometimes doctors will increase the dose until you reach a plateau of comfort.
Avatar m tn I have been prescibed the same medications, a Generic form of Lyrica and Tramadol, It does nothing for my pain either, Mine began in my upper arms and shoulders, and has limited my range of motion, Mine also was harder to diagnose with Antibody tests due to the fact that my antibodies are high from the thyroid disease.
630344 tn?1280104983 This is my first day on Lyrica, and the doctor increased my citalopram! I was wondering if anyone else is on this med and if so did you notice dizziness? I have noticed a decrease in my pain, but a weird like disoriented feeling! I am so tired of pain I can deal with this for awhile, I just was wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms and if so did they go away? So far I am willing to stick anything out as long as I can get some pain relief.
1168718 tn?1464983535 Hi guys, I'm investigating Lyrica, and a switch over maybe, I'm almost at the max of Gabapentin, so am looking into other options. I have heard though that so many people GAIN lots of weight with Lyrica..... have you folks found that to be a problem?? My mother is 79 and was put on Lyrica..( not to sure why), but apparently gained 40 pounds in 7 weeks, and I for soure don't want that. Extra weight is also hard on us with MS........
Avatar m tn i have been using generic drugs for long time.i tried brand and generic drugs. Both results are same but generic is much cheaper than branded. there are some minor side effects like headache etc. but overall safe. I recommended to use generic drugs. Google it to find cheap drugs. i do buy from you can try from it. Good luck!