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Avatar m tn I don't think she should take it but at this point she will do anything to stop the pain. LYRiCA is a pain relief for fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain. Any word of advice? You would think a 24 hour emergency dentist means just that. We were told to tuff it out till the morning.....SUPER, OUTSTANDING WELL DONE Mr. Dentist.
Avatar f tn So, if you are using Lyrica as a pain killer, and it works for you (it does for me) and you are worried about addiction, don't.
Avatar n tn Started for Wife who had mild toothache over a year ago, but before she scheduled an appointment - the pain was gone, But it came back, so off to the dentist, and she had a root canal, on an abscesed tooth, she came home in a lot of pain, from the procedure, they used something to keep her mouth open for an hour or so.
739070 tn?1338607002 I will not take anything stronger, even if I have to deal with pain everyday. The Oxy doesn't even take care of a headache or toothache, so you know it's not working for my daily leg spasms. I always thought Baclofen wasn't doing a thing for me, until I tried to go off of it. My gosh, my spasms were through the roof. I also thought the Klonopin was not working for my Restless Leg, until I too went off of that. WOW....My legs and arms were flying all over the place at night.
Avatar f tn My arms itch all year long on and off and are scarred, this is very embarrassing to me as I am a nurse. I take lyrica at night for this but after reading these posts may ask for a RX for doxepin. Have had neck pain for years but no diagnosis. This is a cruel, maddening illness. I also take visteril for itching. Hope this helps someone.
Avatar n tn some people also get relief from another called Lyrica... they are both anticonvulsants but work on nerve may need to try one of these for relief from that pain let us know what your doctor thinks of this suggestion and good luck...neuropathic pain is one of the worst pains to treat.
Avatar f tn My oncologist just prescribed percocet for the pain. I hear there is a medicine called lyrica. He did not prescribe that. I will try the measures you suggested. However, my toothache was quite severe. Thanks again for your help.
378810 tn?1201990833 I lost 40 lbs 3 years ago and have kept it off until like 8 months ago when pain doc started trying neurontin and lyrica for chronic myofascial pain..which did not work...and kept putting on weight. Now back on lyrica for nerve pain in TN but not really helping. What other drugs work that don't make you gain weight?? Okay sorry, just a downer day..or week..any input would be great on meds that work for TN..God Bless you all.
405614 tn?1329147714 I have nerve pain down the left side of my neck when I have an outbreak. You know, the nasty, lancinating awful pain. I take Lyrica for RLS and nerve pain, and an extra capsule during and outbreak is helpful. I'm curious about where other people with herpes get pain. I read one mention of pain in the buttock and down the leg, sorry I was too tired to respond; I wanted to get this question written.
591841 tn?1224596719 After a mammography, pap smear, endometrial biopsy, colonoscopy, gastroscopy, chest x-ray, cat scan of pelvis, abdomen, and chest (looking for a cancerous tumor), they now think it is either MS or Transverse Myelitis. Even though I have most of the symptoms of MS, they are hesistant to give me a diagnosis of MS because I only have the one lesion in my spinal cord, and a venous angioma that was found on an MRI back in 2003, when I had similar symptoms.
186737 tn?1269888260 the next rheumatologist said the RA seemed to be in remission and that I probably just had fibromyalgia. I went off of the MTX and started lyrica. Lyrica made me stupid and it interfered with my job. Because of this, I saw a pain specialist who reduced the lyrica and replaced it with duragesic. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I got sick and hada fever and couldn't stand to be in a room with light. the next day pain set it. It was and is very severe. Fever is gone now, but hte pain remains.
Avatar f tn You can try some medications which can ease neuropathic pain, such as Gabapentin (Neurontin) or Pregabalin (Lyrica). Discuss this with your doctor to see if these medications are suitable for you.
Avatar f tn I feel like I have a toothache 24/7. I feel like I have sinus pressure in my face. I feel like one of those migraines that I haven't had in several months is coming. NOTHING eases the pain. I sleep with my mouth guard at night, but I wake up the next morning and it might not even be in my mouth any more. Sometimes it's in the floor, sometimes it's still there. I don't know what to do. I hurt so much, I can't think. It is like it is consuming me.
Avatar f tn I'm extremely active and refused to take pain meds with three herniated discs, but this demands medication for me to function. Could compression or stretching of the trigeminal nerve during surgery cause damage which is causing this neuralgia and head ache. I have no infection and normal blood counts. After trying two steriod dose packs and a Zpack suggested by my neurosurgeon, I went to a general practioner to make sure I had no infection or other cause.
294425 tn?1288531995 I'm so sorry that things are getting worse for you. I don't think that you would seem like a whiner if you called your neuro for advice. I think it's a good idea to let the neuro know what's going on with you; they probably like to keep track of how the medication is working (or not working, as in your case). Please call. You've been sucking it up for to long; blow it out, ask for help (like you did here) and be kind to yourself. Please.
Avatar f tn A phone call to your pain doctor's nurse explaining the situation should get you an Rx for a week's supply Lyrica (pregabalin) 150 mg TID #21 Since Lyrica is not yet available in a generic, even a small Rx might be too expensive for pain patients without prescription coverage (that includes me.) If so for you, your doc can substitute generic gabapentin 600 mg TID for the Lyrica.
Avatar f tn The skin on my arms, particularly the right arm and shoulder, feels cold and then I develop pain that is similar to a toothache. I have also had this happen to my legs. Being in a room or car with the air conditioning turned on is horrible. Lately, even a warm breeze will activate the pain. Does this sound like Fibro, or could it be another condition? Would appreciate help with this. My doctor doesn't believe in Fibro, so I want to ask him to refer me to a specialist.
Avatar f tn Trigeminal neuralgia was the first onset of my neurological symptoms in 2003. I went to the dentist for a toothache and had a tooth pulled when my vision blurriness and numbness/tingling in my body etc. started. Then, the TN just went absolutely horrific for me--that gnawing/boring pain in the upper teeth/jaw areas. Then my neurologist started me on Neurontin (gabapentin generic), which was a life saver for me. If you are not on anything, I would highly recommend this medication.
Avatar m tn Goes to gym, walks the dog, plays netball weekly and rides a motorbike. She comes home, rests for the night and can't get out of bed next morning, she has severe stabbing pain in her lower back and is somewhat paralyzed by the pain.
Avatar n tn I was hospitalized for 5 days for IV antibody treatment and put on some pretty heavy pain meds-tramadol and lyrica. Actually, for the first time I got enough pain medications to keep me out of bladder pain. Before this doctors a did not want to give me vicodin when I needed it. I hate to say this and I am not a judgemental person, but the massive addiction problems associated with opiates causes chronic pain patients to be under treated for pain. I have lived in hell for decades.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever suffered with pain in teeth but NOT toothache? its a form of Neurolgia. I have had it for nearly 4yrs now, I had a back tooth extracted, at my own request even though my dentist told me there was nothing wrong with it, still I instisted on having it pulled out, only to find that the pain moved into the next tooth. My dentist told me she wasnt pulling anymore teeth that they were perfectly healthy, I have since found out it is a form of Neurolgia.
4522800 tn?1470329434 It felt wonderful. Then about a few days ago my left shoulder started to do what me right shoulder has been doing for over 3 years. BUT now I am rocking back and fourth here crying in so so so so much pain from my hands down to my toes. It is so painful and it is all over in my body. Does this sound like some arthritis going on all over or What?? I just can NOT take this kinda pain it is just really bringing me down and scaring the **** out of me.
671435 tn?1230880128 I have been having this headache for 4 months now doctors say its a nerve problem, But i still cant get reliefe from it, Im so tired of the pain I feel, That all I can do is sleep, I NEVER used to be this way I was ALWAYS such a happy person and now all I can do is sleep and cry, My family is getting sick of me..i feel like im a problem to everyone, Im 27 years old I just cant snap out of this...I am getting no help from the doctors, I have seen MANY...
Avatar f tn I have had this headache for going on two years. Pressure in temples that radiates around my eye sockets and also soreness at base of skull. Had sinus CT scan that was OK, Several MRI's of back, neck & skull which showed no abnormalities. Neurologist has me on 750 mg of Depakote to treat migraines, but the pressure just never goes away. It is constant both day & night. I am a 55 year old male in good health.
215385 tn?1201806501 That is a low does of the amitripline i was on 40mg for the pain but it did not work so they swapped me to lyrica. lyrica is better for nerve pain i think and amitripline is good for chronic pain muscle based but they both act the same way i think. I usually do push past this pain and thats what landed me with this lastest flare two week agao i went to visit the church on there away day i could not go for the whole day i drove the kids and my friend there stayed for he afternoon and came back!
Avatar n tn look 10 yrs older, and my skin is baggy and dry and saggy)-so I have no control, no energy, no happiness, nothing to look forward to, miserable, pain, more pain, can't exercise-used to run 4 miles/day and swim-and I went to school for 10 yrs to graduate summa *** laude in marine biology for nothing. Tried lots of stuff, nothing works, I want my life back-and I would not choose tis for the world.
488264 tn?1226523907 The absence of response from either narcotics or valium suggests it's a nerve thing (I DO read you other responses, aka the Lyrica debate and the health page). This is as maddening as a toothache, and just doesn't let up, yet still I want a break from hospitals. Is ten days too long to wait, or should I go this morning?
Avatar n tn however, i cannot help thinking that for my teeth to hurt like they do (and to sometimes hurt so much to the touch that I cannot eat) - it must be something wrong with the tooth, and am worried about the possibility that the infection within the tooth has spread across my face and this is why I am experiencing such pain. The pain is occuring everyday, and I am having to take painkillers every day to cope with it.
268911 tn?1213748381 1) Tricyclics 2) Prozac 3) Cymbalta 4) LYRICA For my pain I've tried: 1) 75 mic Fentanyl patch 2) 10/500 Lortabs, 5 per day 3) Darvocte 4) Percocet 5) 5/325 Norcos, Which I'm taking now. about 3 a day To me....the pain meds have been MUCH more successful in controlling my stress and pain. When I was on those ssri's and ssnri's life was a B I T C H! I was dizzy all day, could not focus and had blured vision.