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359574 tn?1328360424 Definitely talk to your doc about that Lyrica coupon. I received one too, but never filled the script. Also, the docs office can fight that insurance driven denial. I'm so sorry you are in such pain. How are you feeling (besides pain) about this next appt? Anxious?
1088430 tn?1259159773 t cover your entire Relpax prescription, I am posting a link to a coupon for $15 off of your Relpax prescriptions. You apparently can't use this coupon if you have any sort of federal or state insurance, or if your private insurance covers 100% of the prescription. Otherwise, you can print this coupon and use it every time you fill your Relpax prescription (but it expires next April).
2107676 tn?1388973859 Nice reply, Free, except for the Circus part! Ha! So happy you are back posting, Pat! I know you will get the love and support you need to help you get through this! This forum needs you and has greatly missed your support and good advice and sense of humor! Take care, I've always got your back! You will get through this!
Avatar f tn Have any of you registered at Target and had trouble getting your 15% off coupon for registry completion? I haven't gotten my coupon yet. I called customer service and they told me the coupon code was emailed to me Nov. 5. I hadn't gotten it, so they said they would resend it and even though it's coming through email, it would take a week or 2 for me to get it.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, I coupon and have read a few moms suggesting nuk bottles. Well on there is a $3 off coupon if you buy a nuk bottle and pacifier. If you're interested hurry because the coupon will go fast. Happy savings!
5770739 tn?1382315166 well they had an in store coupon to save an additional $2.00 per pack and I had a Huggies manufactured coupon for another $3.00 off which made the diapers be $3.99 a pack!!!! Needless to say I racked up on diapers today! I thought I would share this with all the mommies on here :) if any of you want the link to where you get the $3.00 Huggies manufacted coupon I will galdly send it to you!!
Avatar f tn I havr been using target. You are able to use target coupons with manufacturer coupon, plus their cartwheel (coupon app) and the Target debit card savings.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies know of any good coupon sites or anything that would help out on diapers or anything?
Avatar f tn The copay coupon is used after your insurance approved your prescription tooff set your copay costs. There are restrictions to qualify for the coupon I suggest you look up Harvoni copay coupon or Epclusa copay coupon. I believe the restriction has to do with Medicare or something. But in general the coupon is no problem to get all you have to do is ask on the site once you are approved by your insurance. Check out Harvoni copay coupon for the details.
Avatar n tn Hi Does Any of you Moms Coupon ?
Avatar n tn I know this is not a question but i found this site so helpful so i just want to share a coupon i got from a friend's company staff discount. Its an online cosmetic contact lens store and i got a 15% discount code. I bought some last week and it was pretty good and not too expensive. I don't know how long the coupon is going to last so if you guys want any, better act fast. Website: Coupon Code: oneeight86clor23 Cheers!
Avatar f tn Where can I go and get a 27mg coupon for concerta. Because I looked up is for 18mg and 36mg. Pharmacy will not take this coupon.
165078 tn?1255606407 FYI - Toys R Us Stinks - I saved my coupon that clearly states 20% off any baby item so that I could go purchase a $320.00 Playhouse for dd. I also purchased batteries for this playhouse and they took the 20% off the batteries not the playhouse. Said the playhouse (which is for 18months - 3 years) is not a baby item. More of a toddler item. I said excuse me are you telling me that 18 month old is a todder - well no but the coupon does not cover that.
Avatar n tn // This is for the PegIntron coupon. This is information on the other PI - Victrelis.
Avatar m tn Hi all, Have not been around for a while, school started for my kids and work is busy, just wanted to pass some info on go to you can print a coupon for your meds. I have great insurance but wanted to try it told my doc he laughed and filled my muscle rex at a diffrent pharmacy with the coupon. Hope it helps someone!!
9137321 tn?1402710290 Most stores have double coupon day, so go that day. For example, I had a coupon for $1 off toddlers motts apple juice. It was on sale for $2. My coupon doubled to $2, so it was free. I had 5 coupons and the store limit was 5 so I got 5 juices for free. It takes a little work, but is awesome. Also watch target for their diaper and formula deals! Usually they have buy 2 get a $10-15 gift card. Good luck! I usually get everything I need and save about 60-80%.
Avatar f tn Don't know any coupon website but try ebay and Amazon.
Avatar n tn You just print out a coupon good for a free Huma Pen Luxora HD or the newer Huma Pen Memoir this is the one that remembers your dose and the time you took it). You will need a prescription from your doctor to use the coupon at the Pharmacy though! Hope someone can use it.
Avatar n tn Ooh that's good! Discount!!
Avatar f tn Also, some stores will allow you to use a STORE coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on ONE item. Finally, some stores will accept competitor coupons. I used all of these tricks this past weekend and cashed in over $30 in coupons total. I am NOT a coupon diva, but I sure felt like one this weekend! I was able to get Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo AND lotion, 3 packs of wipes, and a bag of Huggies diapers ALL for under $10 total!
4268628 tn?1375041176 Does anyone know if I take in an old carseat and get.the coupon, would it work towards a base for a carseat? Found an awesome deal a couple mo the ago on the carseat but need an extra base.
Avatar f tn With my insurance the copay is 45$ but I received a coupon in my samples from my dr and that brought it down to 15$! You should be able to download a coupon on the mfg website to help with the copay too!