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Avatar n tn I recently felt what feels like a lump under my sternum, it feels like its connected to my sternum and only way i even relized he was there was because i was feeling around my stomach area one day. It really doesnt bother me but lately ive been noticing it more and more. I dunno if its all in my head just because i found it. Im just wondering if I should go see a doctor, ive read of the xiphoid process and im not sure if thats what it is.
2151671 tn?1336508555 Saw this thread - - just noticed my lump on Sunday morning (May 6) - and for the record I never noticed it before then. I did change my diet and exercise habits drastically when I turned fifty on March 1st and I've dropped a dozen pounds. . I quit eating meat and dairy, sweets and processed sugar and alcohol as well.
1548053 tn?1294830732 in diameter just under it that appeared first. I don't know if it is somehow related to the lump. I am wondering if it could be that the bone was injured in some way. Please advise. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn He noticed a knot that developed in his chest directly under his sternum bone.The lump is very sore and pertrudes out when he arches his back it is approx. the size of a 1/2 inch round ball.What can it possibly be to appear so sudden?He is also a heavy smoker.
Avatar n tn Is this something we should act on. He seems to have a small lump under his sternum but really small and seems to be muscular. Seems normal to me but not sure. He does not wince in pain when touched in the area. He just complains his belly hurts. He has not been having diarhea either. What do you make of this.
1548053 tn?1294830732 in diameter just under it that appeared first. I don't know if it is somehow related to the lump. Please advise. Thank you for your time.
1548053 tn?1294830732 in diameter just under it that appeared first. I don't know if it is somehow related to the lump. Please advise. Thank you for your time.
Avatar f tn It looks like a small pimple now, but under it I can feel a rock hard pea sized immovable lump on my sternum. Is this cause for concern?
Avatar n tn I have lump too. It is size of a chestnut. When I did yoga, leing on my stomach and lift my upperbody, I felt pain and like something wants to come out from under the sternum. My doctor advised me, not to lie down on my stomach!!!!This was in june. This week I was dignosed with liver hemangioma and hepatoma.
Avatar n tn very successful, returned to part time work in 6 weeks. Four months ago I noticed a small lump on my sternum, directly on the scar. My local Dr. said to we would have to wait and see what happened. It came to a head and during the night it ruptured and drained. Since then I have had a CT Scan-normal, culture-negative, a whole blood count- all three parts very normal, and a WB Induim san-normal. The draining has just about stopped, normally a drop or two during the night.
Avatar n tn Hello, Today while taking a shower, I noticed a lump under my skin. It is under my left clavicle, between my shoulder and sternum. Looking at pictures of the lymphatic system, it looks like it could be a swollen lymph node. Because of the location, it looks to me like it could be a swollen axillary lymph nodes (levels III?). I did some research about cat scratch disease, Hodgkin's, etc... here are some of the symptoms I have had.
976897 tn?1379171202 I've tried hard to determine what it is, but it just seems a bit high up, right under the sternum. It's basically where the solar plexis is. I'm phoning for an appointment tomorrow, but goodness knows when there will be a vacancy, our Doctors surgery is pretty busy lately. I've noticed now that it seems to feel pressurised after I eat and it feels like I'm really bloated. Perhaps a hernia could be the cause, maybe a hiatal hernia?
Avatar f tn I have a lump just below my sternum that has been there for years. In my case it is a cyst. When I first noticed it, it was as large as it is now. There is no pain. That is not to say that you have a cyst - but it is possible.
Avatar f tn I have tenderness in my sternum chest and under my armpit. Feel burning in my throat also feels like a lump stuck in there. Yellow diarrhea head ache.
Avatar f tn I found a marble sized hard immovable lump (under the skin) between my breasts a few days ago. Does anyone know what this could be? I have read several things on the internet saying things like, clogged sweat gland, cysts, boils, etc....but this is under the skin, it does not look like a pimple, it isn't red and doesnt even look like it could be popped. Could it be breast cancer if it is not actually on either one of my breasts?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure as it can be sore and as I've said, it seems to be getting bigger. It is a solid lump and is under the skin. I have also found that when I have rubbed it, well, it makes me burp. Really worried at the moment, don't want to look silly going back for a second opinion if it is infact just my bone.
Avatar n tn woke up this morning with bad pain under center sternum, like in very top of stomach. Felt where pain was coming from and discovered a lump at bottom of sternum just slightly off center. Can feel it protrude slightly with fingers but when pressed into skin a little, feels oddly shaped. Pain is more like strong pressure but does not feel like acid reflux at all. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn This is a lump that moves when I push on it and when I lay down, it looks like a bump under my skin. It is also a little painful. Any idea of what this could be?
Avatar f tn I was dx in June 2013 and Dr oro done surgery Sept 24 2013. It has been a blessing. But now 5 months post op I have a lump, bump, knot, whatever under incision. I went to er and they said soft tissue swelling. (I recently moved to Iowa and haven't found dr here yet.) Now I did pull my left neck muscle the big one from chin to sternum like 1 or 2 months post op idk how just weak I guess. And yeah I think I reinjured it again too bc its flared up and that when swelling started but....
Avatar n tn I get a dull ache/pain under the right side of my rib cage My sternum area gets very tender to the touch & seems kind of hard I fell bloated I belch alot I feel like there is a lump in my throat ( I'm constantly trying to clear it ) All of the above symptoms last up to 2-3 hrs. hours. Thank you in advance for anyone that could give me some insight on this for me.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know what could be moving around in my left side under my ribs? When I am leaning to the left i am able to press on my left side and feel something move back and forth under my ribs. It is almost like it is popping out from my ribs and then when i push on it it pops back under my ribs! Has anyone experienced this? Could this be my spleen or stomach or kidney or anything else? Before I started pressing on whatever it is it felt fine. Now its kind of tender.
Avatar n tn I get a on n off buring sensation in the area that I have the lump. Left side right under my ribs. If I lean forward I feel the lump behind too more towards my back.I often get soreness there like I worked out my abs extremly. I had er visits. Xrays. St scans. Ultra sounds n they said nothing seems abnormal. When I strech to the right my left side feels tight like streching a rubber band. If I lay on my stomach I literally feel a buldge pressing onto whatever I'm laying on.
Avatar n tn Half way through treatment PET scan showed complete remission however just before my last treatment I noticed a hard lump under the proximal end of my scar which is half way between my sternum and ac joint, about an inch above my clavicle. My oncologist suggested it was scar tissue aggravated by activity and said I needn't worry about a biopsy. After a few days in bed following my final session of chemotherapy the lump had gone completely.
Avatar n tn Went to my Dr about a swollen lump. He barley touched it and said you have a swollen xiphoid? Just put ice on it should go away. He asked if I had pain or breathing problems. Which Ii told him I always have pain. I just live with it. I have herinated dics in neck high and low back. I looked this up when I got home and I am wondering should he have done some test to confirm this diagnosis?
Avatar m tn This is a lump that moves when I push on it and when I lay down, it looks like a bump under my skin. It is also a little painful. Any idea of what this could be?
Avatar m tn Within the last month, I've had a lump (about an inch long by a 1/2 inch wide) below and partially on my left clavicle. While the area doesn't appear to be raised up, it is physically visible and can be seen on the chest or under a tight t-shirt. I originally had some pain at the end of the clavicle next to the sternum but only when I moved in certain ways (sometime unreproducible at that time) and pushing and prodding on the chest caused no pain.
Avatar f tn I too have the rib cage tightness with a small lump like just under the zyphoid. I noticed it more prominent after yawning one night holding in the breath and feeling as if something herniated. I believe its a herniated diaphragm. Cause it just didn't hurt as bad until I quit taking muscle relaxes and ill know more after I visit Henry Ford hospital Detroit to heck on my brain tumor in June of 2012.... FYI. No relation to chest band tightness....ruled out.hope this helps...chad v.