Lump at bottom of sternum

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Avatar n tn what would cause a lump in a mans sternum or diaphram at bottom of rib cage in chest?
Avatar f tn since saturday (today mon) first day was severe heartburn with nausea and elephant on chest feeling. Sun started having pains at bottom of sternum at top of stomach. Today had pains at bottom of sternum, with high blood pressure newest reading being 163/116 81 heart rate and pressure like elephant on chest. Along with finding a lump at bottom of sternum right in the middle with little bit of pain and the lump doesn't move. No heartburn today though.
Avatar f tn Hi, im 15 and im non sexual and i have s lump at the bottom of my vagina near the bottom of my bum, its so sore!
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a hard, boney and painless lump on the left side of my sternum where the adjacent ribs connect.
Avatar n tn Felt where pain was coming from and discovered a lump at bottom of sternum just slightly off center. Can feel it protrude slightly with fingers but when pressed into skin a little, feels oddly shaped. Pain is more like strong pressure but does not feel like acid reflux at all. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn It could also be your xyphoid process. Is it a small lump of bone sticking down off the bottom of your sternum (breast bone)? The xyphoid is supposed to be there.
Avatar f tn I recently noticed a small, round lump on the right side of my rib cage at the bottom of the sternum where the two sides come together to form a notch (sorry, don't know the proper terms). It is definitely on the rib and not the xiphoid process. The left side does not have the lump, and it was not there a year ago. It has doubled in size in the last 6-9 months. It is not painful. I went to a doctor when I first noticed it. She didn't think it was anything to worry about.
Avatar n tn stiffness/tension between neck & shoulder area, posterior ribs, left s.i. .
Avatar n tn my son has a similar thing ,his is the end of his sternum points outwards . if you feel down the sternum it is flat dips in then the very bottom juts out .
Avatar n tn So when I felt where the pain was, I discoved a fairly large lump at the bottom of my sternum just off center. Kind of FREAKING out here. Do not have health insurance and do not want to go to the doc to hear him say it is nothing to worry about. Could it be an ulcer or something not so worrisome, or should I get it checked. Pain is still there hours into the day but it comes and goes as far as how strong it is. Anyone have any answers or suggestions?
Avatar f tn i found the lump, it is under my left rib... at the very bottom.
Avatar n tn the doctor has scheduled a ultrasound on friday but i cant eat and cant sleep..could it be cancer..its in the upper top prtion of her left breat midway to her sternum This discussion is related to <a href=''>So confused about daughter's ultrasound result</a>.
Avatar n tn It is elongated and flat and extends from the base of the neck to the pit of the abdomen. At the very bottom portion of the sternum is a cartilage called the xiphisternum or xiphoid process, Sometimes is can become harden and curl upward. However this should not be reducible. In that area the hernia that is most prevalent is a Hiatal Hernia. I have one...and 60% of America develop one before the age of 60. I have never heard of this being palpable or reducable.
Avatar n tn I have a hard, "jelly bean sized", firm, non-movable lump on left side of my sternum, right between my breasts. I've had no injury to the area, it is not discolored & have had this bump for a couple of years. During a mammogram a couple years ago, a "marker" was placed over this area, however the marker moves with my skin, and since the lump is fixed on my sternum, it doesn't show in a mammography.
Avatar n tn 73 year old female who had bilateral mastectomy at age 50 due to small calcifications seen on mamogram has suddenly appearing walnut size , painless, firm, fixed lump anterior chest wall area of sternum. Does this sound like breast cancer recurring? Is fixed or pliable lump more of an indication of cancer?
Avatar n tn I am a 44yr old woman, yesterday in the shower I thought I felt a hard lump situated on the bottom of my right breast right on the bone in cleavage. I do check my breasts regularly and had not felt this. The more I examined the more I can not decide if is the breast bone or a lump attached, seems stupid, surely I should know?? The more I examine the more painful it is, I am menstruating at the moment. I am worried over not much or should I be worried. Please help!!
Avatar n tn I have a hard lump on the top of my sternum that is a little smaller than a golf ball.I have had pain in my chest in that area for 2 days.I do not regularly work out so I know it isn't from that. I have had nausea and the pain radiates.Any ideas? There hasn't been any injury for over a year and that was just from a vehicle collision. Have had some trouble breathing but I do have asthma so didn't know if its connected.
Avatar f tn The best way to get out of this anxiety is to get the lump examined. A lump on the sternum could be a swollen lymph node, a lipoma (localized collection of fat), a neurofibroma (localized collection of nerve and fibrous tissue) or a scar tissue from a surgery (may be the melanoma surgery if it happened there). A lump in the lower sternum that comes and goes is often due to acidity. It is normal to be scared after you had melanoma. So the wisest thing to do would be to get this lump examined.
Avatar f tn Hello I'm 25 years old and I have a small pea sized movable lump to the left of my sternum. The lump is not visible I have to find it. It's been there for a while but I recently have been getting random sharp pains where the lump is. It is also painful when I move it around. My first thought was that it could be costochondritis because I do lift heavy at the gym but I'm not really sure. Any thoughts?