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Avatar n tn Today my son (12 years old) found a small lump under his left nipple. He has been ill with a cough and sore throat (caught from me) since the 26th of January. Is this anything to do with breast cancer and should i take him to see a doctor? If not what is the cause and will it die away? Thanks.
Avatar f tn A lump under the nipple of a young boy is most likely gynecomastia, which is common in boys around the age of puberty and is usually temporary.
Avatar n tn my brother is 14 years old.. he has a lump under his right npple.. he can move the lump arou nd like a marble.. but when he touches it it hurts him badly.. its alsokinda squishy if you squeeze it yet it is hard to the touch.. it keeps his nipple hard and im really worried please can anyone give me any ideas on what it could be?
Avatar f tn Hi, My 13 year old son has a Hard, painful lump under his right nipple that has been hurting for about three weeks. We called the doctor and spoke to the triage nurse last week, and she said that it was most likley hormones and that it was a breat bud, because some boys will get them in puberty. I insisted on seeing a doctor to verify this. We took him on friday, and the doctor was concerned that when he felt it, it was Hard and about pea sized.
Avatar n tn Hi. That hard and painful lump under your right nipple may just be a breast bud, which is part of the normal changes which happen as your body begins to mature during puberty. There is a chance that the lump could be some sort of infection (cellulitis), so you may also want to have it checked by a doctor, just to be sure it's not anything serious.
Avatar m tn I am a 14 year old and have a small hard lump under my left breast. I have heard it may be cancer...i really hope not. It is not visible but i can feel it and it hurts if its touched.
Avatar m tn me and my friend (were 12 and boys) both have a lump under our left nipple. it only hurts to push in on it, and if we hit it of something. and sometimes it looks bigger than the right nipple. could it be puberty???
Avatar n tn However,teenage boys going through puberty commonly develop a tender lump under the nipple of one or both breasts. This condition is called “gynecomastia.”caused by hormone changes during puberty, is very common, affecting many teenage boys. It is normal, temporary, and not a sign of breast cancer. If the pain and swelling of the nipple persists,a visit to the doctor would be a good idea so that you can be reassured and have peace of mind. Best wishes to both you and your son.
Avatar m tn I am a 24 year old man. i'm having a lump in my left chest around the nipple. It's been about 2 months. The lump is not visible but can be felt on touching and it pains on touching too... I'm really worried about this and please reply immediately...
Avatar f tn My 6 year old daughter just noticed a pain and lump under her nipple. The lump feels like a little marble under her skin. The doctor said her hormones coud be causing this and just wait and see is signs of pubertal hair begin and then we can go from there or it will go away on its own and it could just be gynomastias. She is having a lot of pain and we are very concerned. Should I get a second opinion? Any other ideas of what this could be?
Avatar f tn It's normal for babies (boys and girls) to have mild or even swollen, enlarged breasts and/or lumps under the nipple. They are almost always benign and due to exposure to maternal hormones in the womb. The same hormones that cause the mother's breasts to swell and milk glands to be stimulated can do the same to the baby's breasts. These lumps and enlarged breasts in the baby may be quite noticeable at birth. They might even continue to grow after birth for a while.
Avatar m tn Hi You don’t say much about your concern, but if you have a lump under your nipple, it could be one of two things. It could be an infection or a condition called Gynecomastia, which is common in young boys going through puberty.The swelling under the nipple can last for a while,but will eventually disappear in a few months without any treatment. The reason for this is "hormonal changes" in young males and nothing to do with breast cancer.
Avatar m tn The firm lump may occur under only one nipple, under both nipples, or under the two at different rates or sizes. The lumps are often tender when they are growing the fastest. In at least 90% of kids, these will go away on their own. They may disappear as quickly as in a few months, but it is not unusual for them to last up to 2 years (Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, WB Saunders, 1996).
Avatar n tn my 13 year old son has a hard lump under each breast. I had these when I was his age. they eventually went away by about 17. is this normal?
Avatar f tn A week ago I develop some soreness on my right pectorial area ( it feels like a bad sunburn) at the same time my right nipple became very sensitive ( almost feeling like somebody was pinching it) i also noticed that under my right arm armpit to rib cage area is really sore as well as my right shoulder blade back...
1663162 tn?1302927216 I have exactly the same symptoms as most people with IGM disease. My son is now 2 years old. I breastfed him for 4 months. During my pregnancy, I developed a lump in my left breast and had biopsy. The wound never healed and had constant leakage of thick milkish fluid coming out. I carried this large leaking wound until I had my baby and stopped nursing after 4 months. Things did not improve! Second day having the baby, I had a fever and my right breast developed mastitis.
1088527 tn?1425316975 During the process of waiting for the results from the genetic tests I found a lump and then had to wait a week or so for the mammogram and it all came back neg but the physiological effects of worrying that ok its negative this time and what if I find another lump and have to repeat the process all over again.
Avatar m tn Now, recently i have a bump just below my jaw bone in the back under my ear, under the skin, about the size of a pea. dont really have fatigue now, i work long hours and feel fine. in the beginning, i didnt wanna do anything from the time i got up to the time i went to sleep.But i think that was depression. Niether me or my wife, had a sore throat, runny nose, chest infection or anything like that. I started out with discharge and heart issues.
Avatar f tn hi everyone, i also have a lump under my arm, i am 19 and have no kids. i had blood taken at my doctors and i get my results back on Monday. the lump is about 2 cm big!It isnt sore but feels uncomfortable, im going to go and do sum exercise today and see if it changes or dissapears, fingers crossed.i am just happy that im not the only one!
517119 tn?1285874992 Ha! What a load. The other thing is that 20 years ago I had a lump there and bleeding from the nipple. The breast surgeon I went to - who was apparently one of the best in Philadelphia - took me off the pill and I never had a problem again. But why didnt my gyno tell me to get a mammogram earlier? Was this lump hiding all this time and because of my hormonal shifts and stress (from moving into a new-yet unfinished completely- house) flared it up? I am so crazed with worry.
Avatar n tn underneath, and she has also applied deodorant to the under breast fold. Baby powder with cornstarch may also help. I would also suggest using a solution of Grapefruit Seed Extract and water and rinse the inframammary fold area with that a couple times of day, until at least a week after the odour clears up. Grapefruit Seed Extract is known for its ability to help with yeast. You can buy it at a health food store. Good luck! S.
Avatar f tn I too have small breasts (b cup) and had a lumpectomy. My lump was not near the nipple. My breast looks normal but is definitely a different size to the good breast. I insert my implant (I call it a chicken fillet as that is what it looks like) into the pocket of the special bra and it balances me up nicely. I can remember back when I was diagnoised and the reason I did not need a mastectomy was because the lump was just under 2cm and away from the nipple.
324911 tn?1276284982 The little kicks or punches I feel are like little taps on the inside, kinda like how it felt wehn my boys had their hiccups when I was pregnant with them!! I mean they are not forceful kicks yet, but I know its coming, movements get stronger every week I tell yeah.
Avatar f tn Most of the time my left arm is affected. I have had all the heart test run and when I felt a lump under my left armpit I had a mammogram done. They said it was just lympadema or something like, basically a fatty tumor and nothing to worry about. I feel like I am going crazy. I have hormone problems which I am sure doesn't help. When I use my left arm the next day the pain is worse and I almost never never get it on my right side.
Avatar n tn but my right nipple has been a lil itchy, and is sore and my left one has like a lump or something at the top also my areolas look a lil tubes have been tied for 11 yrs ...someone please help..
Avatar n tn Presence of cluster of microcalcifications in the left outer quadrant. They are somewhat pleomorphic. Possibility of intraductal carcinoma. Bi-Rads Category 4. Is cancer probable with these findings and a bi-rad 4 ?. What is the % that it's cancer? I just want to be prepared for the biopsy findings.