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Avatar n tn hi! i have a lump on my right breast under my nipple and its painful.. its like an oval worried about this i found the lump 10days ago...3 days before my nipple discharge, no skin changes..just the size of my right breast..
Avatar f tn i am 21 male, with a painful ball under my left nipple. its been almost 5 months that iv had it . i was told by a nurse its normal but iv had this as a teen it went away after weeks .. it has gotten bigger since the first and second month.. it hurts on contact and is very sensitive ... often gives me chest pains.
Avatar f tn i am 21 male, with a painful ball under my left nipple. its been almost 5 months that iv had it . i was told by a nurse its normal but iv had this as a teen it went away after weeks .. it has gotten bigger since the first and second month.. it hurts on contact and is very sensitive ... often gives me chest pains.
Avatar m tn after a few day, i dont think my left nipple have a lump under it. but it is still present in my right nipple. But the good thing is, i think it has stop growing. The condition is still the same as a few days ago. No visible changes is detected.
Avatar n tn the one under my right nipple has gone but there still is one under my left nipple. Is this normal or should I be worried about cancer?
Avatar m tn Hi there, Please don't worry...The kind of lump that you describe sounds to me as if it is the result of a condition called gynecomastia.This condition is actually a very common complaint associated with male puberty. In general terms, gynecomastia is a swelling of the breasts,but it could be restricted to the nipple/nipples just like the symptom you have described.The reason for this is due to the hormonal changes that are occurring within your body due to puberty.
Avatar n tn Hi. My son recently found a hard lump directly under his left nipple. He is 13. The lump is very small, only 1 cm x 1cm and it is not painful. Also, his left and right nipples seem to be inverted a lot. They are not always inverted, and this happens moreso on the left. Should he go to the doctor for this? Thanks.
Avatar n tn my boyfriend has a lump under his left nipple it has been there for a week or longer its painful to touch he also has pain in the surrounding area of the nipple. Please give us advice.
Avatar f tn i have a 12 year old son who has a small pea sized lump under his left nipple. what could this be? should i take him for a medical exam?
Avatar m tn I'm a twelve year old male and I found that I have a small lump right under my left nipple that hurts when I put pressure on it. I left it alone for a week thinking it was nothing but I got kinda paranoid after it didn't go away. I browsed the web for a little and I believe it to be gynecomastia, though I'm not sure. Help.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed a pain in one of my nipples. It's sore, and I had to actually roll over to lay on my other side so it wasn't touching the bed when I slept. There's a lump under it. Not under it visibly, but I felt I guess "behind" the nipple and there was a lump there that wasn't behind my left one (behind as in, inside the breast). It's sore even when I'm not touching anything.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend has a lump under his left nipple. It started out small but keeps getting bigger. He sas it hurts when you touch it and he has not gone to the doctor over it yet. Hes not really wooried about it but i am because ive read about men getting breast cancer. Please tell me what this could be or what you think it is.
Avatar n tn My daughter, who is 10 years old, just came to me this morning complaining of pain when she presses on her right nipple. It has a lump that is hard. (Her left nipple is soft.) She is not in puberty yet and I am very concerned. I have a history of cancer in my family. I plan on calling our doctor tomorrow for an appointment, but I'm just wondering if you can share your thoughts on what could be causing this.
Avatar n tn About two months ago I started seeing a brownish discharge from my right nipple with a small lump under the nipple. The lump was very painful, but after about 2 weeks all the symptoms went away. It's been 2 months and the discharge is back with larger lump under nipple and red area under the areola that is slightly warm. I am calling for an appointment on Monday. Afraid!
Avatar n tn Does this also affect the lump or can this be the reason why a lump appeared under his nipple. i to know about this. thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn A few months ago, I noticed a small hard lump under my left nipple, it is mildly painful to touch and over the last few months since I First noticed it, it has grown, now I can feel it under my whole left nipple, which is a little swollen and bulgy, now I feel another lump just like that one forming under my right nipple, I am 14 years old and I am a guy please help!
Avatar m tn Hi, It is not unusual, particularly in young women to get a lump under the nipple which is mostly due to hormonal fluctuations. Also nipple discharge is rarely a sign of breast cancer and at your young age, this possibility is highly unlikely. Usually these lumps tend to get better on their own providing that the area around the nipple doesn't look red and swollen. You could schedule an appointment with your physician and get yourself evaluated clinically if this lump persists or enlarges.
Avatar n tn Hi. That hard and painful lump under your right nipple may just be a breast bud, which is part of the normal changes which happen as your body begins to mature during puberty. There is a chance that the lump could be some sort of infection (cellulitis), so you may also want to have it checked by a doctor, just to be sure it's not anything serious.
Avatar f tn can u let me know what the doctor said about ur daughter as my eight year old has the same a sml lump with an inverted nipple which hurts her xx This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/8-yr-old-daughter-has-lump-under-left-nipple/show/257981">8 yr old daughter has lump under left nipple</a>.
Avatar f tn A lump under the nipple of a young boy is most likely gynecomastia, which is common in boys around the age of puberty and is usually temporary.
Avatar m tn Have a breast lump about a year ago that looked clear and now is black under nipple skin. Feeling tingling under left armpit and in left nipple. Sometimes have a hard time breathing.
Avatar f tn MY husband is 30 years old has a lump under his left nipple im so frightened as i dont no what it is,,,,,,,,,, with another baby on the way this stress is not good for the baby.........................
Avatar n tn I can feel something similar under her left nipple, but it is not nearly as big. The lump under her right nipple feels about the size of a large marble. Is this part of normal development or something of concern?