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Avatar n tn There is a sore lump behind my right nipple, about the size of it's areola. It has a harder feel to it than that of my left areola. There's more resistance if you squeeze it. It is also considerably more sore around the sides than it is around the top and bottom. I've had this issue for about a month. It only became noticeable to me because of the soreness. Is there something I should be worried about?
Avatar m tn i am 37 years old,when i was a teenager i had a hard lump behind my right nipple,it went away now at this age i have a round lump behind my right breast,no discharge but nipple is sometimes sensitive! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/262047'>26 Year Old Male With Left Breast Lump</a>.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed a pain in one of my nipples. It's sore, and I had to actually roll over to lay on my other side so it wasn't touching the bed when I slept. There's a lump under it. Not under it visibly, but I felt I guess "behind" the nipple and there was a lump there that wasn't behind my left one (behind as in, inside the breast). It's sore even when I'm not touching anything. I'm only 17, my grandmother's had cancer, my mother's had cancer removed, I'm scared.
Avatar m tn In late December I woke up with a tight feeling around my nipple. I looked down noticed a lump under my nipple. To describe more clearly, it appeared to be an ingrown hair or a swollen lymph nod. I immediately thought it was from the cologne I was using, so I stopped using it. After a week, it was still there. I looked up my symptoms and discovered that the lumpy nipple could be from gynecomastia. The next day, however, the lump decreased in size.
603838 tn?1238538575 should I be concerned about hardening behind my right nipple? I noticed it a couple weeks ago when I rolled over in bed it felt like I rolled over onto something but there was nothing there. I can't feel a defined lump per se... but when I push on the left nipple it is squishy and kind of "boings" if that makes sense. When I do it to the right one it is firm and does not push in like the other. This is not normal for me.
Avatar n tn And it feels like i have something that is swollen inside my breast. It feels like a lump right behind my nipple and the entire left breast seems to feel tight with soreness sensation. I don't have any discharge, i am on a birth control (for about 12 years-never had a problem) and i just finished my period (about a week ago). So it's not hormonal and i didn't do anything abnormal. Should i be worried?
Avatar f tn Okay so for about 2 weeks now or maybe more. My right nipple hurts when i touch it & sometimes when it touches with something or when i take of my shirt sometimes. Its only my right one. It also feels like there is a lump behind it. It is also pointier than my left one. My left one doesnt hurt at all. I am an 18 year old male. What could it be? Some guy on yahoo answers said it could be nipple cancer? It concerned me. Should i let this slide & see if the pain goes away by itself?
Avatar m tn I am really concern about my god's son is complainting about a small lump is behind his right side nipple area. His recent physcial by his family doctor is saying, that is muscle mass building up from working out at the gym on the weight machine. My concern could this small lump be anything else? My god son is 16 years old, and he's in good physical condition. Please someone out there have any suggestions for me. Thanks.
1725062 tn?1309813724 i think there is like a smaller lump behind my right nipple as well. there is no discharge or discoloration or any other symptoms. although sometimes it feels tender.
Avatar m tn I am a 50 year old male, I feel a hard lump behind my right nipple extending upwards above the nipple a little bit. Can men get breast cancer? If so, what's the difference from a cist compared to a cancerous lump? My lump doesn't hurt, but has a slight itch from time to time. I've had this lump for a little over 6 months now, it was smaller when I first found it. Could you please respond ? Thx for reading this.
Avatar n tn had to be removed behind where the milk ducts were. Then again another MRI showed behind the nipple was another mass which had to be removed (same breast). So take every precaution and talk to your doctor about everything. Do not let anything go by, can't take chances with your Life. Good luck, I hope this helps. I have LCIS (left breast), DCIS (right breast), radio. and now Tamoifen along with alot of pain.
Avatar n tn hi im 14 and a few months ago i got a firm lump behind my right nipple. it didint hurt.
Avatar n tn I have a lump in my right breast behind my nipple. I had a mammogram and ultrasound done that was listed as a 4. The radiologist said it was very suspicious looking. I had a needle biopsy done it was negative. I have taken two rounds of antibotics. This all happened about 3 months ago. The surgeon wanted to remove it, but I have no insurance coverage.
Avatar n tn Another possibility is mastitis, infection of the milk ducts. sometimes (in the case of my mother) it can leave behind a lump which will be completey harmless, but does produce the symptoms that you described in your question.
Avatar n tn My 14 YO son has a pea sized lump behind his right nipple (a little above and to the inside). Is this a normal hormonal change or should he have a mammogram? It's painless and doesn't move.
Avatar m tn I was feeling around directly beneath it and found a hemispherical pea sized lump that is not too prominent and is not in my right nipple. Only my left nipple which, by the way has a fairly normal amount of breast tissue for a male, but more than the right. It is getting fairly obvious to me that it could be cancer and it is not resolving, but progressing. I am going to see my primary care doctor ASAP. What do you make of my syptoms, can cancer be ruled out? Is it likely?
302467 tn?1214056034 I knew it was there because my right breast is slightly larger than the left. Though, it's normal for women to have one breast larger than the other, it's NOT normal for me. I touch my breast all the time (self breast exam), I look at em, I like em a lot : ) So I know when there is something 'off' about them. My boyfriend noticed that one was larger than the other one day. He said that he thought it was strange (he knows my breast well too). I downplayed it.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 male and for the last three months or more i have had a tender reasonably sized lump in my right nipple. It looks no different to my left nipple but something is definitely wrong. After reading a few things, i thought it may be something to do with hormones, It may not be related but i am very far behind puberty compared to people around me, eg leg hair, height, so on..........
Avatar n tn My 15 yr old daughter noticed a lump in her right breast, not behind the nipple but in the upper right area outside the nipple. It feels hard, almost like a bee-bee. In addition, her right nipple appears to be inverted, which has never been inverted until now. She said that she noticed it almost a week ago. Should I be concerned? I have an appointment scheduled for her, but it is not for another week. Concerned if I should push to get her in sooner than that to be evaluated.
Avatar n tn My right nipple has been discharging a thick, sticky, yellowish substance spontaneously. I figured it was an infected milk duct and wasn't worried. Then, my breast (around and behind my nipple) got very itchy. I found the "bump" I thought was infected and was "expressing" the infection - it relieved the itching. Well, all of a sudden, the "bump" felt like it "popped." Now, no more expressing and no more bump. Have I totally screwed up?!?!
Avatar n tn He has discovered a small lump which seems to feel like a mass of soft tissue right behind the left nipple. He has some tenderness there however no pain. He has been touching it alot wondering what it is, to the point there is a small amount of secretion relieved when he did this.I asked if the secretion was of any smell, thinking it was possibly a cyst, and he said he didnt think so.
Avatar n tn The left nipple and areola are dark, but not as dark as the right nipple. The left nipple/areola also swells and then has watery yellowish discharge from the pores. (I really hope I am describing this correctly) The left nipple is sore to painful depending on where I am within my monthly cycle. The right nipple is always painful in areas where I have sensation. About 6 years ago I had a lump removed from my left breast (benign) with the incision along the areola line.
Avatar n tn But about a month ago I discovered a lump beneath skin of my right areola/nipple. It seems to be connected to the 'milk line'. There is a milky discharge from both nipples (when squeezed hard). A month ago it happend mostly in the left and a little in the right. Now it happends more in the right (probabaly because I have been feeling the lump alot and leaving the left nipple alone). It seems the more squeezing I do, the more easily the fluid comes out.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old son showed me a solid nodule behind his nipple. It is hard to the touch and is under his right nipple. He said it has been there about 2 weeks. It hurts to "flex" his muscles. Is this normal for a boy or should I see his pediatrician asap? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 male and for the last three months or more i have had a tender reasonably sized lump in my right nipple. It looks no different to my left nipple but something is definitely wrong. After reading a few things, i thought it may be something to do with hormones, It may not be related but i am very far behind puberty compared to people around me, eg leg hair, height, so on..........